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Super Reads AvX: Week 18

Written by SuperginraiX on Friday, August 24 2012 and posted in Features

Man, this didn't look so dirty when I was scanning it in...Let's watch as two more of the Phoenix Five lose their cool.  Avengers #28!  Wolverine and the X-Men #14!  X-Men Legacy #270!  X-Men #'s 134-136!

Spoilers Ahead!

Super Reads AvX: Week 18

This week: Rulk becomes a rogue assassin!  Kitty Pryde tells Colossus that it's not her, it's HIM!  Rogue attempts a jail break!  We behold... the Dark Phoenix!

If this is your first time rocking it out Super Reads style, welcome aboard!  Let me tell you what you've just stumbled into.  I read every AvX comic and then I break them down.  The nutshell gives you a quick, short sentence summary.  The bullet points... are probably self explanatory.  With the summarizing all done, I go insane and write up a detailed report on just what happened in an issue and try to relate why it's important.  I might also go off on any continuity or story incongruities.  It's what I do.

This ain't my first rodeo.  I've been covering Marvel events since Secret Invasion, back when I was a wide-eyed young fanboy with hope for the future.  :)  When this site gets everything back in order, you might be able to look at all of this work by checking out the Super Reads section.  For now, a quick Google search can reveal a LOT of past work.

It's time for a couple fun facts.

They're Russian but they usually aren't this red.Of the Phoenix Five, two of them are siblings.  Piotr and Illyana Rasputin are Russian mutants that have an incredibly storied history in the Marvel Universe.

Piotr, better known as Colossus, is one of the All-New, All-Different X-Men.  His mutant power is to change his skin into organic steel.  This also increases his strength to super-human levels.  Like most mutants, Piotr has died and been brought back.  Colossus sacrificed his life in order to cure the Legacy Virus.

It took Piotr a couple years to swing back through the revolving door but he was brought back to life during Joss Whedon's run on Astonishing X-Men.  There's was a classy, throw-away reason given for his return but, y'know, it didn't really matter.  Since his return, Colossus has served on the premiere X-Men team (usually Astonishing) and because of Fear Itself, he became the latest avatar of Cytorrak (which makes him sort of Juggernaut).  The Phoenix powers apparently stack on top of the Cytorrak ones.

Illyana Rasputin is another story all-together.  She was still a little girl when Colossus joined the All-New team.  Illyana ended up staying with the X-Men after playing hostage to the assassin, Arcade.  Shortly after this event, she ended up lost in Limbo.  Because time and reality works only haphazardly in Limbo, Illyana ended up growing up in the hellish dimension, returning to the X-Men as a teenager.  This also gave her the benefit of magical abilities (she took up the name "Magik"), but left a dark mark on her soul that continued to expand until the events of Inferno.  During this storyline, Magik went all demony until finally disappearing and being replaced by the little girl that had been lost in Limbo to begin with.

Not being satisfied with this death, the little girl Illyana eventually contracted the Legacy Virus and died (Colossus' sacrifice was AFTER his sister's death).  Fifteen or so real-time years later, another variant of Magik left Limbo, joining the X-Men once again.  This version was missing some crucial pieces of her soul and spent most of Zeb Wells' run on New Mutants planning their retrieval.  Her actions have put her at odds with the rest of the X-Men but Illyana was still given a spot on Cyclops' Extinction Team.  Again, Phoenix powers are just a bonus to all of her other powers.

Now, both of them are quickly losing their sanity.

Now THIS guy IS usually this red.And then we have the Red Hulk.  Rulkie is... well, you know when you have an idea that works?  And then you're like "hey, maybe I should copy that idea again so that I can make more money."  That's Red Hulk.  The mystery of just who IS the Red Hulk led to a lot of awesome Mary-Sue moments as Rulk punched out the Watcher and kicked the snot out of every big hitting the Marvel Universe would pit him against.

When the dust and smoke... and gamma rays... cleared, Red Hulk was revealed to be long time Hulk cast member, General Thaddeus Ross.

The only Avenger that knows this fact is Captain America but it was enough to convince him to put Red Hulk on the roster.  It's always fun having a Hulk in the Avengers and it's especially nice to have one that doesn't talk in the third person.

Avengers #28Avengers #28
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler: Walter Simonson
Inker: Scott Hanna
Editor: Tom Brevoort

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The issue in a nutshell:
Rulk decides that the reason he's on the Avengers is to assassinate people, specifically Cyclops.  He tries to do this but the mission gets completely FUBAR.  Realizing that the Red Hulk is too powerful to contain, the Phoenix Five send him back to Wakanda with an "X" burned into his chest.

This issue by bullet points:

• In the middle of Avengers vs. X-Men, the Red Hulk starts to wonder why Captain America has him in an Avengers squad.  Besides being a Hulk.

• I think it's pretty much him being a smart Hulk.

• Anyway, Rulk decides it's because he's willing to murder Cyclops.  So he plans to do that.

• After making sure that the rest of the Phoenix Five are off of Utopia (especially Emma Frost), Ross infiltrates the island and get a perfect sniper position to off the mutant leader.

• When he tries to pull the trigger, he finds that he isn't able to.  It's not for any moral reason.  It's because Emma Frost wasn't as "away" from Utopia as he would have believed.

• Emma tries to make Ross kill himself but he turns back into the Red Hulk and gets all up in her grille.

• Cyclops, Magneto, and Magik join the fight and Rulk is contained.

• Because they believe that the Red Hulk can't be imprisoned, the X-Men send him back to the rest of the Avengers but not before Cyclops carves an "X" into Rulk's chest.

• Yes, he seriously did that.

This issue in EXTREME detail:

General Thaddeus Ross is the Red Hulk.  If you didn't know before and you refused to read my ramblings above, now you know.  He's also an Avenger which, I gotta admit, is pretty damn awesome.  I know, I know. "RED HULK BAD RAWR" and all that jazz but, seriously, a smart, combat-oriented Hulk on the Avengers.  That's pretty sweet.

The problem with having Rulk on the Avengers is that it's General ROSS.  He's the man who's been chasing down Bruce Banner for over a decade without success.  He's Wile E. Coyote.  The smart guy in the room who SHOULD win but continues to fail over and over again until you stop taking them seriously.

So maybe it's no wonder that he starts to question WHY Captain America invited him to join Earth's Mightiest.  Sure, there's the whole Hulk-Factor.  It's nice to have a powerhouse on your roster and Ross has had some wins since he turned red and got glowing blood.  He has a lot to bring to the table as the Red Hulk.

But Captain America KNOWS who he really is and Thaddeus gets the impression that he's here for MORE than just his vicious strength.  In a montage depicting his battles with Colossus and Iceman and continuing on to an Avengers staff meeting, Ross realizes that he's the most military-experienced Avenger that has ever existed.  He's certainly brought a General's strategy to the war meetings and Cap is depending on that expertise during AvX.  But there's still more to it.  General Ross decides that Captain America is subconsciously nudging him to do something that even Wolverine has been unable to do.

Red Hulk must kill Cyclops.

Rulk plans and plots and bides his time.  He's waiting for a perfect opening to get his kill on.  See, taking on all five PhoeniX-Men would be impossible, even for a dude like Red Hulk.  He's got a hell of a lot of power but Colossus was already meeting those levels BEFORE getting Phoenix powers.  It's important to take on Cyclops alone and EXTRA important to do it while Emma Frost is away from Utopia.  Emma's telepathy would give away Ross before any assassinations could happen.

After making sure that Frost is away from Utopia, General Ross moves into action, making his way to Utopia in Red Hulk form.  Once he reaches the island, Rulk switches back to his human form and suits up for assassination ACTIONactionaction.

Ross races around Utopia, always on alert for the next mutant.  He gets WAY too close to Magneto for comfort but none of his gear is made of metal and the Master of Magnetism doesn't detect him.  Eventually, the Avengers assassin locates Cyclops.  Summers is all alone on a random platform with his back turned away from Ross's position.  It's the perfect kill shot.

In the red narration boxes that litter this issue, Ross gives us his unique perspective on his life and the Marvel Universe.  Before lining Cyclops in his sights, the General tells us that killing Scott Summers isn't an off-the-cuff decision.  He realizes WHO Cyclops was and who he IS.  The fact of the matter is that this whole Phoenix business is bad for the world so the mutant leader has to die.

Ross sets up the shot...

...and can't pull the trigger.

This is not a him second guessing himself.  It just turns out that Emma Frost isn't away from Utopia anymore.  That's right, people.  Ross just pulled the latest in a long line of Wile E. Coyote maneuvers.

Interrogations are a whole lot easier when you're  telepath and can just rip into people's minds.  It only takes moments for Emma to suss out the entire situation, including the fact that this isn't an officially or even unofficially sanctioned Avengers mission.  Thaddeus is completely under her control right up until the moment she tries to make him kill himself.  Even though she's "suppressing" the Hulk, the Red Goliath breaks to the surface before Ross's knife can cut through his throat.

I always knew this day would come.  When I was forced to make a joke about a Hulk's pants being the only thing not destroyed when he transformed.

Emma's thrown off guard as the Red Hulk counter attacks.  Unfortunately for Ross, he's on an entire floating island full of X-Men.  Cyclops, Magneto, and Illyana are just the first responders and they take Rulk down pretty quickly.

As a great robot hero once said, "It's not getting them down, it's getting them to STAY down that's the trick."  Sure, Rulk is "captured" but he's also the RED HULK.  As the X-Men discuss his fate, the Ross breaks out of Magneto's metal prison.  He runs amok for a page and a half before the X-Men get the situation back under control.

The decision is made to send the Red Hulk back to the Avengers but Cyclops wants to "send him home with a message."

In Wakanda, Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Panther discuss AvX strategy right up until Red Hulk lands in their front yard with a massive BOOM.

And now I hit "pause" so I can rant.  Clearly, the Avengers are still in Wakanda so that means this issue takes place BEFORE Namor stormed the place at the end of Avengers vs. X-Men #7.  During this time, the X-MEN WERE ACTIVELY TRYING TO FIND OUT WHERE THE AVENGERS WERE HIDING.  So for the Avengers to SEND RULK TO WAKANDA... I don't even know how to justify that.  I mean, Brian Bendis is one of the forty-nine writers on the main AvX books.  I'm pretty sure he has SOME grasp of what's going on in the big event.  As I've said before, there is no continuity that Bendis contradicts more than his OWN.

And... "unpause."

The Avengers run on over to check on the Red Hulk and they find that Cyclops has carved a giant "X" into Rulk's chest using his optic beam.  That's a taunt at the Avengers and pretty out of character for Cyclops.  That's ok.  He's possessed by the Phoenix and is losing it by leaps and bounds.  Besides, Cyclops hasn't been in character for a couple of years now.

For Red Hulk, it's a sign.  Scott Summers was unwilling to kill him.  That means Cyclops loses.

Wolverine and the X-Men #14Wolverine and the X-Men #14
Writer: Jason Aaron
Penciler: Jorge Molina
Inker: Norman Lee
Editor: Nick Lowe

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The issue in a nutshell:
Colossus and Shadowcat have a date at the bottom of the ocean... or a lake.  When Kitty tells Piotr that she's just not that into him anymore, she finds herself defending the Jean Grey School from him (with the help of the rest of the remaining faculty).  Iceman, Angel, and Rachel return after realizing that the Phoenix Five are nuts.

This issue by bullet points:

• No one but me notices that Kitty is standing in an impossibly awkward position on the cover of this comic.  I don't even think that pose is possible.  Try it at home!

• Piotr takes Kitty Pryde on a date at the bottom of a not-so-deep body of water.  He parts the waters so that they're dining with breathable air.

• We take our story back a few hours to a poorly planned school faculty meeting where we learn that Kitty is in WAY over her head as co-headmaster of the Jean Grey School.

• Colossus shows up and dates are planned.

• Thing is taken prisoner by Illyana, Angel, and Iceman.  Bobby starts questioning what the hell he's doing.

• Iceman tries talking to Cyclops but Scott is too busy playing god to quell Bobby's fears.

• Piotr and Kitty's date falls apart and they return to the Jean Grey School.

• Colossus attacks the school.  After a particularly violent display of rage, Piotr temporarily comes part way back from the edge and flies away.

• Iceman, Angel, and Rachel return to the school after realizing that the Phoenix Five are insane in the membrane.


This issue in EXTREME detail:

WHO is Kitty's HOT DATE?  It's Colossus.  I know.  We're all VERY surprised.

These two have a long history of on-again, off-again romance.  Currently, they're off-again but it looks like old Piotr is trying his best to change that.  To do so, he's decided to try and impress her with his powers and accomplishments.  He lists off what the Phoenix Five have been doing while placing as many overt hints as possible about the love he and Kitty once shared.

Oh, and power.  Let me tell you how he's showing power.  Their date is taking place at the bottom of... well, it's at the bottom of some body of water.  It's not the ocean unless it's a very shallow PART of the ocean.  Heck, it's not even deep enough to be a decent lake.  

But the waters are parted and that's very Old Testament.

The meal, of course, is seafood.  It's close at hand.

As Piotr winds up for a premature proposal, Kitty stops him.  She needs to talk and maybe she should be doing more of the talking than him for a while.

As is typical of almost every Jason Aaron book I can think of, we follow this opening scene by taking a step back in the story to the beginning.  Kitty is at the Jean Grey School in the middle of poorly planned staff meeting.  It's poorly planned because there are classes still going on and all the teachers are HERE.  AvX has taken its toll on the school faculty.  Wolverine and Beast are still with the Avengers.  The rest of the senior staff is with the Phoenix Five.  There just aren't enough teachers to go around and Kitty's starting to crack under the pressure.

While lamenting how the school is falling apart, Kitty suddenly finds herself facing a vase of unexpected flowers.  Colossus has come calling for a date and attendance is mandatory.  Even though substitute teacher, Deathlok, gives her poor odds of this date going well, it's really not like Kitty has a choice.

In New York City, the ever lovin' blue-eyed Thing faces off against three X-Men.  Two of them (Iceman and Angel) are Wolverine and the X-Men cast members.  The other one is Phoenix Five member, Magik.  Thing is breaking the "No more Avengers" law and that means it's time for him to be captured.

Bobby, being a reasonable kind of guy, wants to talk this out with Grimm but there isn't any room to talk.  Thing forces Iceman into a "fight or get clobbered" situation.  Drake curses while putting Ben on ice.  The battle is won but Iceman's misgivings about the X-Men's actions have only just begun.

Later on, Bobby takes his concerns to Cyclops but the X-Men leader doesn't have time for his long-time friend and comrade.  Scott is too busy playing god, currently sealing up the San Andreas Fault.  After listing the rest of his god-like schedule, he turns around to find Iceman gone.

We were in the middle of a very tragic date between Kitty and Piotr.  Let's get back to that!  

You see that look in Colossus' eye?  That's madness, that is.  Every one of the Phoenix Five is losing it and this is the first time we see the cracks in Piotr's sanity.  

He can be two things at once.  That's the power of the Phoenix.

Love is still on his mind but it seems to be the last thing on Kitty's.  She expresses her concerns about the X-Men hunting down Avengers and is worried that Piotr is losing himself in the Phoenix.

Things go from bad to worse as this date nosedives to a point of no return.  Kitty suggests that she return to her school and Colossus smashes the table at the very idea.  It's clear to him that the Jean Grey School is the real problem.  If it no longer existed, Kitty would be with him.  Shadowcat tries calming Piotr down but it's too late.  It's time to return to the school.

You can tell that the Jean Grey School has problems when the janitor (Toad) is teaching classes.  Mortimer is in the middle of tongue lashing training when Colossus and Shadowcat return.  Piotr makes his desire to destroy the school painfully obvious.  Before he has the chance to do that, Kitty phases him into the Earth, leaving Colossus two miles down.  This barely even slows the Phoenix-powered X-Man down.

In quick succession, Colossus swats every remaining faculty member down.  Only Kitty is left standing.  She tries threatening Piotr by phasing her hand into his chest, intending to squeeze his heart if he doesn't relent.  In response, Colossus starts her on fire.  Even injured, Shadowcat stands her ground against her ex-boyfriend.

After one final hissy fit where Colossus knocks Kitty to the ground and repeats the whole "I am fire and life incarnate, now and forever!  I am PHOENIX!" line, Piotr seems to become suddenly aware of his own actions.  After looking at the damage he's caused, he flies away.

Later in the day, Iceman, Angel, and Rachel return to the Jean Grey School.  I'm pretty sure Rachel is back to calling herself "Grey" instead of "Summers" again.

Bobby explains to Kitty why they've returned and it basically amounts to the Phoenix Five not being the fun loving people he remembers.  He asks why the school grounds are a disaster area but Kitty just snipes him about taking down Avengers before handing out jobs to the newcomers.

Before Drake walks off, Kitty tells him that if he EVER gets the courage to ask her out, NO SEAFOOD.  Does EVERYONE want to date Iceman?  When did that happen?

In a snow filled landscape that might be his Russian home, Colossus walks in somber silence.  It looks like he's either ashamed of his actions or sad that he wasn't able to rekindle his romance with Kitty.  Maybe it's both.

X-Men Legacy #270X-Men Legacy #270
Writer: Christos Gage
Penciler: David Baldeon
Inker: Jordi Tarragona
Editor: Daniel Ketchum

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The issue in a nutshell:
Illyana shows Rogue around her wonderful "crime against humanity" of a prison.  When Magik is called away, Rogue tries to break Ms. Marvel out.  When the prison break fails, Illyana drops Ms. Marvel back into a cell and teleports Rogue off-world.

The issue by bullet points:

• Ms. Marvel is dropped into Limbo Prison and placed in a little slice of private hell.

• Rogue gets a tour as Magik shows her just how impossible it would be to break someone out of this prison.

• Illyana is called away, leaving Rogue alone.

• After stealing the powers (but mostly the LOOKS) of a local Limbo demon, Rogue walks into Ms. Marvel's cell.  There's a power struggle with the demon but Rogue wins.

• After convincing Carol that she's really Rogue, the X-Men and Avenger come up with a longshot plan to escape.  It involves luring Illyana back to the prison and Rogue stealing Magik's teleportation power.

• This plan fails spectacularly.

• Carol is put back in prison.  Rogue is sent on a "mission" off-world.

The issue in EXTREME detail:

Remember last issue?  Me, too, but let's go over it anyway.  Let's see how quickly I can do it... Rogue was all excited about this whole Pax Utopia deal right up to the moment when she was confronted by Ms. Marvel.  After she captured the Avenger, Rogue tagged along with Illyana to the prison where the X-Men were storing their Avengers prisoners.  It turns out Magik brought a portion of Limbo to the Verkhoyansk Mountains in Russia.  So, right, the Avengers are serving time in a close approximation of Hell.  So maybe Rogue isn't as sold on Pax Utopia anymore.

Hey.  That was pretty fast for me.

We begin this issue by reshowing Ms. Marvel getting tossed into the Limbo Prison.  Rogue asks Illyana what is keeping the Avengers from teaming up and busting out of this jail.  That's the kind of invitation that'll get Rogue a personal tour through the Hellish prison.

First, we get a look at Carol Danvers' "cell."  Ms. Marvel is being tortured by demonic versions of the Brood, Deathbird, Rogue, and others.  The rest of the Avengers prisoners have also been transferred to this Prison.  We see Spider-Woman, Luke Cage, Hawkeye, and Quicksilver (not sure WHEN he was captured) being occupied by their own demonic torturers.  When Rogue mentions that this might be seen as "cruel and unusual punishment" (it certainly is unusual), Magik uses the excuse that "this is war" and that no one is getting killed.

Because those are legitimate reasons for torture.

But let's'just say that the Avengers break into this prison and try a good old fashioned jail break.  What would happen then?  Illyana shows Rogue by temporarily removing Magik's protection over the X-Man.

Rogue is suddenly surrounded by demons.  They're pretty hostile.

Before anyone loses an arm, Magik steps in and asserts her authority.  With that kind of protection, these prisoners are... OK, let's face it.  IF the Avengers get half a chance to rescue the X-Men's captives, these demons are just cannon fodder and we all know it.

The real line of defense is the LAST one.  If any prison break occurs, Illyana will know immediately and thanks to her ability to teleport, she'll be here almost as quickly.  Nothing like a little Phoenix powers to shift the odds WAY in the X-Men's favor.

Magik is called away to assist the rest of the PhoeniX-Men in taking down one of Dr. Strange's secret bases.  Rogue is left to her own devices and tells Illyana that she'll call in Ariel for a pick-up back to Utopia.

Of course, Rogue's not making any calls.  She's gonna do some jail breaking.  First up, if she's going to be walking around a slice of Limbo, Rogue is going to have to fit in with the locals.  She walks in, gets the attention of the nearest demon, and touches it's skin.  This allows her to absorb the demon's likeness but it also works as a sort of possession.  The whole trek to Ms. Marvel, Rogue is engaged in a battle for her soul.

Worse, it looks a whole lot like she's losing.  The demon decides to kill Ms. Marvel while Rogue watches, helplessly.

This isn't the first time Rogue has been drowned out by other voices in her mind.  That's one of the drawbacks of Rogue's original powers.  So she has some experience in this kind of situation.  Rogue's also fighting for a friend's freedom on top of freeing her own soul from a demon.  There's a lot of motivation, there.

Most important, this is HER book.  So she wins.  THIS time.

And now, let's see about freeing Carol.  It takes a little convincing on Rogue's part because Ms. Marvel has been fighting friends for quite a while in her prison (Limbo time is even more confusing than Marvel time).

The plan is thus: escape is hypothetically impossible.  They're going to USE that.  Carol attempt at escaping will lure Magik back to the Limbo Prison.  Rogue absorbs Illyana's teleportation power (the Phoenix, being a sentient power, is NOT absorbable).  Teleport and escape.  Done!

Rogue has a list of X-Men she hopes to recruit to the Avengers' side, too, so this could be a serious game changer for the AvX event.  The only snag in her plan is that she'll need some powers (like flight) to reach Magik.  Since Rogue is asking so nicely, Ms. Marvel offers her an ungloved hand.

Rogue and Ms. Marvel waste no time with their plan and it only takes a moment before Illyana returns to take charge.  Rogue rushes the PhoeniX-Man, touches Magik's cheek, and prepares to make a hasty retreat.

That would be GREAT except Rogue never got those precious teleportation powers.  In fact, she got NOTHING.  Magik explains that no part of her is NOT the Phoenix which is her double-negative way of saying that even 'Yana's teleporation ability is part of the Phoenix and therefore out of Rogue's reach.

Everything goes badly from here on in.

I think everyone in comics attaches fire resistant runes to their costumes.  But I've probably just played too much Dragon Age.

Carol is put back in a cell but instead of facing twisted demonic versions of past friends and enemies, Ms Marvel just has to contend with some demon worms... which is probably enough.

Magik tells Rogue that she left Rogue here as a test of loyalty.  Rogue gets an "F."  

The southern X-Man is still pretty defiant.  Sure!  Go on! Throw her into a Limbo Prison cell!  See how well that goes over with the non-Phoenix members of the X-Men.

Illyana thinks Rogue is overstating her importance, especially since guys like Magneto have waited their whole LIVES for something like Pax Utopia to happen.  What's one more compromise for the Master of Magnetism?

Still, this prison isn't for Rogue.  It's for Avengers, not misguided X-Men.  Illyana just thinks Rogue is confused, not a threat.  Instead of doing time, Rogue is teleported to a brand new world where she can continue the heroic lifestyle to which she's become accustomed.

It looks like Magik dropped her right in the middle of a battlefield.  Two VERY alien armies look seconds away from tearing each other apart.

The Uncanny X-Men #134The Uncanny X-Men #134
Writer/ Co-plotter: Chris Claremont
Penciler/ Co-plotter: John Byrne
Inker: Terry Austin
Editor: Jim Salicrup

The issue in a nutshell:
Phoenix breaks free of Mastermind's control and helps free the other X-Men.  After the team fights their way through the Inner Circle, Cyclops orders a full retreat in order to get Phoenix to Professor X before she goes insane.  They don't even make it out of New York before Phoenix changes into Dark Phoenix and blows up their airship.

The issue by bullet points:

• The Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club gloats over the captured X-Men.

• Wolverine attacks.  The Black Queen takes him on while using the diversion to free Cyclops.

• Scott Summers has two pages of complete bad ass actions, effectively turning the tables on the Inner Circle.

• The X-Men split up to mop up the Inner Circle.  Mastermind fades into the background.

• After fighting their respective X-Men opponents, Pierce and Shaw escape to fight another day.  Leland's gets hospitalized after a fight with Wolverine.

• Phoenix takes sweet, sweet revenge on Mastermind.

• Cyclops orders a swift retreat to get Phoenix the help she needs.

• On the way to Professor Xavier, Phoenix goes nuts, turns into Dark Phoenix, and trashes the X-Men's airship.

The issue in EXTREME detail:

I'm dropping you smack dab in the middle of the Dark Phoenix Saga because this is the first issue where an Avenger appears.  Don't worry.  It's all been set-up before this point and it's only in THIS issue where the Dark Phoenix even shows up.  This IS the finale of the Hellfire Club storyline and the issue where Mastermind finally gets his comeupance for all that manipulation he's been doing to Phoenix.  Really, if you're one of the eight comic book fans who's never read the Dark Phoenix Saga (and all eight of them are apparently writing Avengers. vs. X-Men, natch!) then do yourself a favor and just go get the trade.  It's some of the best X-Men comics you'll ever read and one of the REASONS that Uncanny became the best selling comic for the rest of the eighties.

So let me sum up what you've missed.  The X-Men have been captured.  Phoenix is rocking her Black Queen of the Hellfire Club guise thanks to Mastermind's hard work at manipulation and being the creepiest guy in the room.  Wolverine is free and fighting his way to the rest of the team through a bunch of Hellfire Club goons that'll go on to become cyborg members of the Reavers (that's a little bit of long-term continuity for X-Fans).  Cyclops utilized his psychic rapport with Phoenix to fight a battle for her soul but Mastermind intervened and killed Scott in Jean's mind.  This nearly killed Summers in real life.

Comic life.


And now you're kind of caught up.  Let's take it from there.

The Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club stands around and gloats over the captured X-Men.  You probably know these guys but let's go through the role call.  Sebastian Shaw is the Inner Circle Black King and leader.  He absorbs energy, especially the kinetic variety and transforms it into strength and endurance.  Harry Leland is the Black Bishop with the mutant ability to manipulate the mass of objects.  Donald Pierce is the White Bishop and is a cyborg.  Jason Wyngarde is just trying to get IN to the Inner Circle, banking all his efforts on turning Phoenix against her fellow X-Men as the Black Queen.  Wyngarde is really Mastermind and creates illusions.

In mid-gloat, the Inner Circle is interrupted by the arrival of the Wolverine, who slashes the doors open while two security guards try their damndest to tackle him.  Wyngarde tries to use Wolverine's arrival to question Sebastian Shaw's leadership abilities while setting the Black Queen against Logan.  Phoenix DOES attack Wolverine but at the same time, she breaks the lock holding on Cyclops' ruby-quartz muzzle and reconnects their psychic rapport.

Scott acts like a pro, blasting the mask at Donald Pierce, turning to his right and shooting the rest of the X-Men's shackles off(with some psychic direction from the Phoenix), and then striking Leland out of the room, over the balcony, and down into the hall.  Shaw comments on this later on as an impressive bit of awesome by Cyclops because it totally is.  

Wolverine follows Leland out of the room, in the mood for a rematch.  Sebastian Shaw takes off his prim and proper Inner Circle clothing in preparation for a battle with Cyke.  Instead, Scott aims for the floor beneath Shaw, sending the villain into the basement.  Colossus gets a hold of Pierce but makes the mistake of facing the cyborg in his human form.  Piotr gets knocked to the ground by a well placed kick.  Scott yells at the Russian and orders him to armor-up.  Nightcrawler and Storm are sent to deal with Shaw.  Cyclops scans the room, looking for Mastermind.

He won't find Wyngarde.  Jason has used his powers of illusion to blend into the wall, cursing himself for getting so involved with the X-Men and hoping that fate turns the battle back towards the Hellfire Club.

Fate's not going to work for the Inner Circle any more today.  Wolverine takes out Leland mostly off panel but the parts we see are pretty hilarious.  Leland instinctively increases Logan's mass just as the Canucklehead is leaping above the White Bishop.  This just sends Wolverine down on Harry Leland harder.

Shaw is running through one of the lower secret passages when he runs into Nightcrawler and Storm.  They've learned their lessons from earlier and don't attack the villain head-on.  Instead, Kurt starts spinning Shaw around with his feet while Ororo lowers the temperature in the tunnel in an attempt to freeze the Black King.

All of this activity in a townhouse in the middle of Manhattan is certain to cause a panic.  The Hellfire Club is full of guests who have no clue that the Club they're attending has so many evil Inner Circle members.  When the X-Men start attacking, those guests freak out.  The police are called.  The police monitor at Avengers Headquarters starts clanging.  

On monitor duty is everyone's favorite bundle of blue fur, the Beast.  He's deep in thought when he hears the alarm and reading it does nothing to help his mood.  The X-Men?  Terrorizing people?  Should Hank call in the rest of the Avengers or handle this alone?  Beast erases the police message and heads on out for the Hellfire Club.

Back in the stately townhome, Colossus' battle with Donald Pierce is about to reach its conclusions.  Pierce has a serious hate-on for mutants which has never made sense to me since he's so loyal to Sebastian Shaw.  Maybe he's just crazy.  In any case, Piotr snaps off one of Donald's robotic arms and Pierce shoves some of the exposed wires into Colossus' face, temporarily blinding the mutant.  Pierce is too damaged to continue the fight so he just escapes instead.

Nightcrawler and Storm's fight with Shaw reaches its own end shortly after the Pierce/Colossus fight.  Shaw ends up getting the better of Kurt but realizes that Storm has been spending her time quick-freezing the tunnel.  He has just enough strength to throw Nightcrawler and Ororo.  With the X-Men thus entangled, the Black King makes his getaway.  He meets up with Pierce soon afterward and tells the Black Bishop that the battle might be lost... but the war continues.

In the upper levels, Scott Summers is doing his best to calm the Hellfire Club's guests but Mastermind isn't doing him any favors.

Granted, now he's ACTUALLY evil but these panels were totally true for years.

So, yeah, he's not having a "calming effect."  

Due to some earlier activities, the power suddenly goes dead all over the building (Wolverine cut some wires in the lower levels and the tunnel has been slowly filling with water because of an out-of-control storm).  In the dark, Cyke prepares for an attack but is STILL startled when Wolverine lights a match right next to him.  Scott sends Logan to get Nightcrawler and Storm so that they can make their getaway.  In past issues, Wolverine would bitch at Cyclops for ordering them to retreat but now, he just grouses a bit before stating "you're the boss."

In another darkened room, Mastermind drops his concealment illusion and gets ready to make his OWN run for it.  Unfortunately for him, Phoenix is right there for a little payback.  She explains HOW she was able to break free from his mind control.  When Wyngarde killed the man she loves in her mind, it was just the push she needed to break free.  Mastermind claims to have covered that base but he must have seriously miscalculated.

Now, it's time for WYNGARDE to do some explaining.  Namely, how was a guy without any telepathic powers able to psychically manipulate her to such a degree?  Mastermind tells her that he was given a Mindtap Mechanism from Emma Frost.  Everything wraps up into a nice package or something.

Now, it's time for some revenge.  Or, as Phoenix calls it, a GIFT.  Mastermind wants power?  She gives him that in SPADES.  It's too much and leaves Wyngarde in a shambles, his mind broken.

That done, Phoenix rejoins the rest of the X-Men knowing full well that Mastermind's little stunt has her teeter tottering over the edge of sanity... and it's only a matter of time before she falls.  Because of their psychic rapport, Cyclops is aware of Phoenix's precarious position and one of the reasons the X-Men are in full retreat is so that they can return to Professor Xavier as quickly as possible.  Shaw watches the team race off, promising as much revenge as he can muster.

And this guy's rich as Nazis so that's a lot of muster.

The X-Men board their airship and speed on their way back to New Mexico and Professor Xavier.  The rest of the X-Men see how determined Cyclops is to get going but don't realize why.  They will learn soon.  Too soon.

It would have taken an hour or two to get to Professor X.  The X-Men barely make it two minutes.  Before their eyes, Phoenix transforms into Dark Phoenix.

Her first act is to destroy the X-Men's transport.

 The Uncanny X-Men #135The Uncanny X-Men #135
Writer/ Co-plotter: Chris Claremont
Penciler/ Co-plotter: John Byrne
Inker: Terry Austin
Editor: Jim Salicrup

The issue in a nutshell:
The X-Men lose a fight to the Dark Phoenix.  DP leaves Earth behind her and eats a sun for its energy, incidentally killing a planet in the process.  The Shi'ar assemble a counter force after she effortlessly destroys the best warship in their fleet.

The issue by bullet points:

• After surviving a sudden fall from their destroyed airship, the X-Men lose battle against Dark Phoenix.

• Sebastian Shaw suggests controlling the X-Men by building the next wave of Sentinels because Sentinels have NEVER turned against humanity every time they turn up.

• Dark Phoenix takes her leave of Earth.  

• Beast arrives in a Quinjet and helps to revive the X-Men after their defeat.

• Phoenix fires herself far, far away from the Earth.

• Needing to refuel, she consumes a nearby star.  The star super-novas, burning up a number of its planets.  One of them is D'Bari Four, a world populated by five billion sentient life forms.

• A nearby Shi'ar Imperial Battle Cruiser monitors this event and attacks Dark Phoenix in response to the fallen D'Bari.

• Phoenix destroys the Battleship but not before they send a message back to Chandilar, directly to Empress Lilandra.

• Back at Xavier's, the X-Men lick their wounds and try thinking about what a rematch with the Phoenix would look like.

• Through his psychic rapport, Cyclops senses Dark Phoenix returning home.

The issue in EXTREME detail:

This is where the Phoenix stops being huggable and starting being real.  And when I say "real," I mean this is where she commits atrocities that can't be undone.

The first one happened last issue and it's minor in terms of where's she's going.  Destroying an X-Jet?  The X-Men call that "Wednesday."  They are old hands at saving each other from an unbelievable plummet to one's death.  Colossus armors up and dives.  Nightcrawler teleports.  Storm grabs Wolverine.  Ororo notices Dark Phoenix heading towards the still falling Cyclops and decides not to risk it.  She pushes her former teammate away from the X-Men leader while Wolverine snatches him up.

As usual, it's not the prettiest way to fall out of an airship but everyone survives and that's the most important thing.

Now, they just have to survive a fight with Dark Phoenix.  THAT'S going to be tricky.  The cosmic entity formerly known as Jean Grey is in full insane mode and there will be NO reasoning with her.  In short order, Dark Phoenix makes the rest of the X-Men look like kindergarteners.  Colossus is forced into his human form just as he's lifting up a tree... for some reason.  The tree is heavy enough to pin Piotr to the ground but to make things more crazy, DP turns the tree into solid gold just in time to trap Wolverine under it as well.  Dark Phoenix returns one of Storm's lightning bolts to sender and another X-Man falls to the ground.  Before Nightcrawler and Cyclops can even THINK about a counter attack, Dark Phoenix gives them a telekinetic beating.

And then there were none.

Back at the Hellfire Club, fallout from last issue has only just begun.  One of Sebastian Shaw's guests, Presidential hopeful Senator Robert Kelly, is OUTRAGED at the X-Men's blatant attack on this venerable old clubhouse.  After offering his condolences to Shaw and yelling at a policeman who's unwilling to give chase to the X-Men, Kelly is kind of at a loss at what to do about these mutant outlaws.  It's Sebastian Shaw who makes the suggestion that will have lasting repercussions for our cast of X-Men.

Government-funded Sentinels.

See?  It's revenge against the X-Men and a sweet paycheck from the United States all in a one-two punch.  That's why Shaw is richer than you are.

Before Senator Kelly can even mull that thought over, the sky lights up with massive bolts of lightning, all touching down in Central Park.  When this is done, a massive firebird takes off, heading skyward.

All around the world, those sensitive to these sorts of things gets the inkling that something bad has just happened.  In the Baxter Building, Reed Richards sounds the alarm when his sensors detect a power that "could RIVAL that of Galactus."  Spider-Man's Spider-sense goes into overdrive.  Doctor Strange picks up the emanation of power and evil but since he's inside his library, he doesn't know what to make of it.  Silver Surfer also picks up the presence of the Dark Phoenix and decides to pay her a visit.  He won't get a chance.  Where the Phoenix goes, no one is going to be able to follow.

There's still a visible streak of flame in the sky when Beast lands his Quinjet in Central Park.  You've gotta wonder why he took the Quinjet, considering the Hellfire Club is only a few blocks away from Avengers Mansion.  Anyway, McCoy has X-Men to check on to make sure his fellow mutants are still alive.  After making sure Cyclops is breathing, Hank lifts the golden tree off of Wolverine and Colossus.  Everyone seems fine if thoroughly exausted.  Everyone boards the Quinjet as Beast explains how he erased the police alert and left the Avengers to help the X-Men.

At the New Mexico mountain-top home of Warren Worthington III, Professor Xavier is teleconferencing with Moira MacTaggert, calling in from Muir Island, Scotland.  The subject for the day is the Phoenix and they're talking about how Phoenix's powers have increased to "cosmic" levels.  They are simply off the charts.  EVERY chart.  And still growing.  When Angel asks Charles what's going on, the Professor tells his former student that Jean Grey's powers have expanded too quickly for her to control.  That's too simple for what is actually happening but maybe it's the dumbed down version Professor X is giving Warren.

At least Chuck uses the whole "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" line.

Let's journey into outer space to see what Dark Phoenix is up to.  Right now, she's flying into near orbit of the sun in order to slingshot away from it and cruise into the cosmos.  Witnessing this but without any context of WHAT he's actually seeing is Nobel Prize Winner, Doctor Peter Corbeau and the rest of the scientist aboard Starcore One, the UN Space Station tasked with observing the sun.  Before they can get any hard data on this crazy phenomenon, Dark Phoenix is gone, baby, gone.

After performing that slingshot around the sun, DP decides to get REALLY away from it all and creates a stargate that shoots her even further away from Earth.  This isn't the first stargate she's created and just like the last time, this one wears her out.  Even at her current insane power levels.  She's famished and there's only one thing that'll quench her appetite.  

Eating a star.

Dark Phoenix plunges to the center of the nearest flaming ball of gas and starts consuming the power.  This causes the star to super-nova.  As it balloons outward, the star engulfs the planets in orbit around it.  The fourth one is the one we're most interested in because it not only supports life, it supports INTELLIGENT life.  The entire population is killed in moments.  This was D'bari Four.  We met one of the D'bari back in Avengers #4 which I covered HERE.

It just so happens that a state of the art Shi'ar battleship is on patrol in the area.  They are astonished that five billion lives were just snuffed out by a star that shouldn't have super-nova'd for another six billion Earth years.  D'bari was an ally to the Shi'ar so they have all the more reason to investigate.  The answer to this mystery shoots in front of the ship's monitors and then the Shi'ar have a brand new problem.  They are honor bound to avenge the dead D'bari.

Dark Phoenix has just consumed a STAR.  She's back to peak strength and she doesn't take kindly to being attacked by a Shi'ar battleship.  Her counter attack is ruthless.  The Shi'ar know that their fate is sealed.  There's no chance to run away from this battle.  The only chance they have is to get word to the Empire of this incident.  Captain Jubèr orders a direct communications link with none other the the Shi'ar Empress.

That'd be Lilandra Neramani.  We know her.  She's sleeping when the call comes in but she's knows the captain and knows that he wouldn't contact her unless it was important.  She gets dressed and to the viewing room just in time to get a swift debriefing by Jubèr before the finest ship in the Shi'ar fleet is destroyed by Dark Phoenix.

Lilandra might have a different set of priorities.

It turns out Dark Phoenix going nuts was something that the Shi'ar had given some thought into.  While the act of destruction is tragic, it wasn't entirely unexpected.  Lilandra orders her Chamberlain to call in her Ministers.  It's time to take care of this situation.

Meanwhile, back on Earth at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, the X-Men are recovering from their battle with the Phoenix.  They're not even sure if Dark Phoenix will RETURN to Earth but they don't like the odds on a rematch.  Only Beast, who arrived AFTER the fight, is at all optimistic.  He figures he can put together some devices that just might give them a chance.

Cyclops has been pretty unresponsive since returning to the mansion.  It's no wonder.  Phoenix was his girlfriend and he could do NOTHING to save her.  Suddenly, he bolts upright.  Through the psychic rapport he still shares with Dark Phoenix, he can sense that she's headed back to Earth for some reason.

"And she's HUNGRY!"

The Uncanny X-Men #134The Uncanny X-Men #136
Writer/ Co-plotter: Chris Claremont
Penciler/ Co-plotter: John Byrne
Inker: Terry Austin
Editor: Jim Salicrup

The issue in a nutshell:
Dark Phoenix returns and returns to Jean Grey's childhood home.  After terrifying her family and getting disowned, the cosmic entity is attacked by the X-Men but hands them another defeat.  Professor Xavier shows up and after a telepathic war, locks Dark Phoenix's powers and restores Phoenix's sanity just in time for everyone to be teleported off planet.

The issue by bullet points:

• Lilandra meets with her Council of Ministers and orders the Phoenix destroyed.

• The X-Men prepare for a rematch with Dark Phoenix... with a lot of mixed emotions.

• Dark Phoenix heads to her parents place to freak the hell out of Jean Grey's family.

• The X-Men arrive and after getting their Mnemonic Scrambler in place, the proceed to lose to Dark Phoenix anyway.

• Cyclops, not involved with the earlier fight, shows up and ALMOST convinced Phoenix to stand down.

• Professor Xavier arrives and challenges Dark Phoenix to a psychic battle.  He wins but believes this is because Jean Grey threw the fight.

• With her Phoenix abilities sufficiently held in check, Phoenix accepts a psychic proposal from Cyclops.

• Jean's family shows up and John Grey yells at Professor Xavier for this whole incident.

• The X-Men (and Beast) are teleported away by a mysterious source...

The issue in EXTREME detail:

Empress Lilandra has had her Council of Ministers called together to discuss the Phoenix Situation.  Minister Tuoks'enhaamin gives the rest of the Ministers all the relevant information on Phoenix's latest atrocities.  Super-nova'ing the D'bari sun which led to extinguishing all life on D'bari Four.  Swiftly destroying the responding Shi'ar Battle Cruiser.  Looking crazy.  All that stuff.

Lilandra tells her Ministers that she knew Phoenix when she was just the relatively sane Jean Grey.  Phoenix saved the entire universe not too long ago.  Now, it looks like she's going to destroy it.  The Shi'ar Empress believes Dark Phoenix to be a greater threat than even Galactus.  Because of all of this, "Phoenix must be DESTROYED."

Speaking of the Phoenix (and we're doing that a lot lately), she's headed back towards Earth.  Starcore One has picked up her return and noted that she's even more powerful than when she left.  Doctor Corbeau calls up the President of the United States (Jimmy Carter) and gives him the news.  President Carter in turn calls in the Avengers.  

Or at least he's TRYING to call them.  Remember, Beast was on monitor duty and he abandoned his post to aid the X-Men.  The Avengers' butler, Jarvis eventually hears the President's call and answers.  Carter is annoyed at having to wait for a response for so long but he relays Corbeau's information and all but shouts "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!"  Jarvis promises he'll call in the team to deal with this possible intergalactic threat.  When the call ends, the butler wonders what happened to Hank McCoy.

We know what's happened to him.  He's hanging out with his former team, the X-Men, and working on a device that will prevent Phoenix from using her powers.  It's called a Mnemonic Scrambler and we'll see how well it works soon enough.  Hank tells Cyclops that his device is finished and Scott congratulates Beast on a job well done.

Storm can tell that Cyclops is in deep, deep emotional pain.  It shows in his voice and, y'know, the circumstances MORE than make it apparent.  Ororo tries to give Scott comfort but Cyke's not in the mood.  He can't confront his feelings right now or he'll fall apart... and right now, he needs to keep it together.

While Beast, Storm, and Cyclops work on devices and strategy, Wolverine, Colossus and Nightcrawler work out their frustrations in the Danger Room.  It's hardly a help but at least everyone gets a chance to announce their powers and abilities for the reader's benefit.  When they're done, all talk moves right back to Jean Grey.  Phoenix has gone evil and has royally kicked their asses once.  As Wolverine says, she'll probably do it again.  The X-Men will fight the good fight, either way.  Hopefully, they can save her.  They're going to try.

Let's move over to Annandale-On-The-Hudson, New York.  This is Jean Grey's home town and Dark Phoenix has decided to come home.  DP flies into her childhood home and does a walk around.  Everything is familiar but totally different at the same time.  This is because Dark Phoenix is a completely different person than Jean Grey but they still share all the same memories.

Jean's father finds Dark Phoenix walking around the house and is pleasantly surprised at the visit.  It's pretty late in the night, however, so Professor John Grey is also worried about her daughter and what would bring her here at this hour.  At this point, Dark Phoenix is so powerful that she can no longer shield herself from other's thoughts.  She can read her father's mind.  Everything.  Nothing is a secret anymore.

The same is true of her mother and sister when they join the party.  Sure, Phoenix can sense their love.  It's quite powerful.  But... deep down... WAY deep down... there's also fear.  Even though it's a tiny thing, it grates on her.  Instead of acting on the love she senses and hears, it's that fear that moves the Dark Phoenix's actions.  Hurling threats, DP turns a potted plant into crystal, claiming she could do the same to her family.

This terrifies the rest of the Greys.  John Grey kicks Phoenix out of the house and disowns her.  I mean, it's THAT quick.  Maybe that fear was bigger than I was describing...

No matter, Dark Phoenix notices that a sudden fog has covered the window and flies out to investigate.  She correctly identifies Storm as the source of this unseasonable weather but isn't able to detect the X-Men until Nightcrawler teleports on top of her and slips that Mnemonic Scrambling on her head.

This weakens Dark Phoenix but doesn't COMPLETELY shut off her powers.  That's too bad because she's still a match for the X-Men and Beast can tell that Dark Phoenix is burning out the Scrambler during their fight.

Wolverine realizes this, too, and seeing how no one is capable of CAPTURING Dark Phoenix, Logan decides it's time to handle this problem in a more permanent way.  Tackling the red head, Wolverine pops his claws and gets ready for some slice 'n dice action, apologizing to Jean before he gets underway.

Coming back from the edge of insanity, Jean tells Logan kill her.  He doesn't want to hurt anyone.  This doesn't HELP Wolverine.  In fact, it makes him pause long enough for Dark Phoenix to reassert her control.  Logan is telekinetically launched away.  Worse, the Mnemonic Scrambler just burned out.

Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Wolverine, and Beast are all stopped in their tracks.  With just a gesture, Storm's fog cover is removed.  Dark Phoenix begins to gloat over the X-Men and laughs at Colossus' attempt to appeal to her humanity and their friendship.

You'll notice that one important X-Man has remained absent so far.  Cyclops.  Scott Summers walks into the scene and tells Phoenix to stop.  Dark Phoenix laughs at THIS, too, so Cyke tells her to kill him.  She doesn't and claims that none of the X-Men are worth killing.  Scott calls BS on that.  She CAN'T kill him OR the X-Men because she loves them.  Sure, Dark Phoenix would LIKE to do that but Jean Grey won't let her.

When Dark Phoenix claims that she "knows nothing of love," Scott lists off all the amazing things that she's done for love.  It's a pretty awesome list.  In fact, Cyclops claims that she's pretty much DEFINED by love.

Irreconcilable differences.

All of this is reaching her.  Clearly.  Scott is getting through to the love of his life and she's starting to stand down.  Then, Professor Xavier and Angel show up and ruin everything.  You can actually see their airship fly in during Cyclops and Dark Phoenix's conversation.

Cyclops is just as surprised as Dark Phoenix.  After the initial mind blast, Xavier tells Scott to get out of the way and let him end this thing.  DP does even better than that, shoving her lover aside and engaging in a hell of a psychic battle with her mentor.

The battle is incredible but most people just experience it as a massive lightshow.  In the end, it's only through Jean Grey's help that Professor Xavier is able to lock down Dark Phoenix's powers in "an unbreachable network of psionic circuit breakers."  Yeah... it's not so unbreachable as anyone would like...

Phoenix drops to the ground, naked.  Cyclops rushes in to check on her.  In his mind, he wonders what will happen if this didn't work.  What if Phoenix gets back up and is STILL Dark Phoenix?  Scott decides that he'll still love her.  When she stirs, Jean picks up on Scott's thoughts and remarks how it all sounds suspiciously like a proposal.  Cyclops figures she's right and asks what her answer is.  Yes, of course.

With that, they kiss.  

The day is saved.  The rest of the X-Men are free.  Jean's family joins everyone and John Grey hands his daughter his robe, for decency's sake.  That done, he walks over to Xavier and demands some answers.  Before Professor X can even ATTEMPT to sum everything up, the X-Men are all teleported away in a flash of light.

Maybe things aren't as saved as everyone hoped...

You know it, I know it, we are done with another fantastic Super Reads.  I'm serious about the Dark Phoenix Saga, people.  Go pick it up.  It's all available on ComiXology and it's worth it.

Until next time: Have a good week!


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