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Super Reads AvX: Week 20

Written by SuperginraiX on Friday, September 14 2012 and posted in Features

Kissing sleeping people isn't wierd, right?The spiralling conclusion of AvX continues with a meeting of the Illuminati!  The New Avengers #29!  Avengers Annual #10!

Spoilers Ahead!

Super Reads AvX: Week 20

This week: Cap talks bro to bro with Namor!  Ms. Marvel learns that the Avengers are douches!

If you're a first time Super Reader, welcome aboard!  Let me tell you what you've just stumbled into.  I read every AvX comic and then I break them down.  The nutshell gives you a quick, short sentence summary.  The bullet points... are probably self explanatory.  With the summarizing all done, I go insane and write up a detailed report on just what happened in an issue and try to relate why it's important.  I might also go off on any continuity or story incongruities.  It's what I do.

This ain't my first rodeo.  I've been covering Marvel events since Secret Invasion, back when I was a wide-eyed young fanboy with hope for the future.  :)  When this site gets everything back in order, you might be able to look at all of this work by checking out the Super Reads section.  For now, a quick Google search can reveal a LOT of past work.

Let me tell you some vital information.

They usually just stand around posing.Marvel's version of the Illuminati is comprised of the big movers and shakers in the Marvel U.  They each represent a certain branch of super-heroes.  Iron Man is the Avenger, Reed Richards is from the Fantastic Four, Professor X is the leader of the X-Men and represents the mutants, Black Bolt was the Inhuman rep.  Namor represented the Atlanteans.  Doctor Strange was Master of the Mystic Arts and held together the magical side the the Marvel U.

These dudes all got together to chat about their various adventures and made sure everyone else what up to speed on the threats to their world.  They also might have engaged in world changing activities behind the scenes.

The key to all of this is that they were super-secret.  The Illuminati was only known to its members and they kept this secret from everyone else in their lives.  When the secret FINALLY came out, it... turned out to be not that big a deal.  Sure, Captain America was upset but this was post-Civil War and I think all of his disappointment in his fellow super-heroes was used up during that event.

Anyway, Steve Rogers decided to keep the group around because there's nothing like a hypocritical Captain America to get the fans excited about comics.

Awkward is an understatement.And then there was the story of Avengers #200.  This is one of the WORST COMICS EVER.

You may have never read Avengers 200 and I seriously don't recommend it.  Whatever the case, you have probably heard the story.  If not, here it is in very quick detail.

In Limbo, the son of Immortus, Marcus, was really bored so he decided to teleport Ms. Marvel into his world and with the help of famous people from throughout the timeline... and mind control... he made Carol Danvers fall in love with him.  After raping her (MIND CONTROL, PEOPLE), he put his essence into her womb and...

... she became rapidly pregnant and swiftly gave birth.  To him.

Once she had left Limbo, Marcus's machines took away all of her memories of BEING in Limbo. The entire pregnancy and birth (which took place outside of Limbo) was alarming to her.  When the baby was born, she didn't feel any connection to it beyond being violated.  Which is basically what had happened.

As swift as the pregnancy was, the growth of the kid was even quicker.  Marcus rapidly grew to adulthood.  This caused all sorts of temporal paradoxes to occur but that's why New York keeps a team of Avengers around.  When all the fighting was over, Marcus's crazy machine (that was supposed to fix everything) was destroyed by Hawkeye (who had some justifiable trust issues regarding Immortus's son).  The result was that Marcus had to return to Limbo.

And Carol decided to go with him.  She claimed that she had some serious emotional connection to him and wanted to explore that.  The Avengers let her go.  Even after Marcus admitted that he had mind controlled her into loving him.  He was also kind of her son.  So it's wrong on a lot more levels than most comics can accomplish.

So I recommend never showing this comic to anyone ever.

The New Avengers #29The New Avengers #29
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Mike Deodato
Editor: Tom Brevoort

Click HERE to see Super Read The New Avengers #28!

The issue in a nutshell:
Captain America calls a meeting of the Illuminati with the idea that Namor will show up and he'll be able to talk some sense into his old ally.  After every OTHER member of the Illuminati shows up and leaves, Namor makes his appearance.  No opinions are changed but no one is punched in the face either.

This issue by bullet points:

• The Invaders fight the Red Skull during World War II

• When Captain America is temporarily incapacitated, Namor saves the day and declares his "brotherhood" with Steve Rogers.

• In the present, Captain America calls a meeting of the Illuminati, hoping that Namor will show up.

• Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Professor Xavier, and Reed Richards show up, each on declaring that Namor WON'T show.

• Charles Xavier blames himself for the entire AvX fiasco and storm out.

• Reed explains why he hasn't built a Phoenix-destroying helmet and takes his leave.

• After Dr. Strange and Tony Stark take off, Namor shows up for a private conversation with Captain America.

• Namor doesn't change allegiances but he also doesn't murder Captain America where the Super-Soldier stands, so I count this as an Avengers victory.

This issue in EXTREME detail:

The Invaders!  During World War II, this was the Allies' premiere team of super-heroes with members like Captain America, Bucky, the Original Human Torch, and Namor the Sub-Mariner.  We join these olde-time heroes in the by-gone days of 1944.  Specifically, January 22, 1944.  This was the opening day in the Allied Operation Shingle, an invasion of Italy with the goal of capturing Rome.  It was also known as the Battle of Anzio (which is how it is listed in this book).

Facing the Invaders is the Red Skull, one of his famous battle robots, and as many Nazi soldiers as Mike Deodato can fit on panel.  The combat is mostly unimportant.  The German soldiers are mostly incompetent despite the Skull's superior combat orders (stuff like "KILL THE COSTUMED ALLIED INTERLOPERS! DO NOT LET THEM LEAVE THE BEACH ALIVE!").  What IS slightly effective is that Nazi war mech.  It lands a solid hit on Steve Rogers (right in the shield, of course) and sends the Sentinel of Liberty skidding across the battlefield.

The Red Skull sees an advantageous opening and tries to use it to shoot a slowly recovering Captain America.  Before this happens, Namor lifts the battle robot off the ground and tosses it right at the Nazi and his soldiers.  This maneuver apparently breaks the enemy combatants' will to fight and they all run off in defeat.

Cap still hasn't gotten his bearings and Namor offers the American hero a hand.  Steve compliments the Atlantean on winning the fight and saving his life and the Sub-Mariner simply responds "Of course, Captain, we're brothers."

It's a friendship that'll never die.

Captain America reaches down and grabs his shield, noticing his own reflection in it.  This transitions us to the present where Cap is sitting down at a table at Funtime, Inc (a Stark Enterprises Subsidiary) admiring his own grumpy reflection in his own grumpy shield.

Now, when I say "present," you should always note the invisible asterisk next to it that tells you that just because this passes for the present in THIS book, it doesn't mean it's the present in the REST of the AvX books.  In fact, this issue takes place BEFORE Avengers vs. X-Men #7.  That's before the action actually heats up to a fever pitch.  It's very possible that this takes place before Cyclops declared "No More Avengers."  It DEFINITELY takes place before Namor goes nuts and attacks Wakanda.

Captain America has called a meeting of the Illuminati even though he heavily disapproves of the entire concept of the secret group.  When Iron Man shows up, Steve snipes him a bit for forming the Illuminati in the first place.  Tony is quick to point out that Cap JUST CALLED A MEETING OF THAT SECRET GROUP TO WHICH HE TOTALLY DISAPPROVES.  So the kettle is black and all that.

The reason for THIS meeting is not to rally the Illuminati against the X-Men.  It's to see if Namor will show up so that Captain America can talk some sense to his Invaders bro.  None of the other Illuminati members believe that the Sub-Mariner will show up but Steve Rogers is certain that Namor will make it.  Eventually.

The next Illuminati member to show is the master of the mystic arts, Doctor Stephen Strange.  Dr. Strange is a New Avenger and a Defender because being on only one super-hero team in the Marvel Universe is a sign of an underachiever.  Because of his Avenger status, he's already been involved in the AvX action and doesn't have much to add to this meeting.  When Tony sarcastically explains why Steve called this meeting, Stephen thinks it's a fine idea even though the Sub-Mariner will never show up.

The fun starts when Professor Charles Xavier shows up.  That's because he's the founder of the X-Men.  Chuck does NOT approve of what his former students have been doing and he carries a lot of guilt over it.  When Tony accuses Professor X of running a horrible school that teaches its students to go crazy and villainous, Xavier can tell that Stark is only MOSTLY joking.  Iron Man DOES think that the Professor bears some responsibilty.  So does Charles but both of them acknowledge that Scott Summers is an adult and can make his own decisions.

Y'know.  Unless he's possessed by a cosmic entity that has a history of casual acts of destruction.  Then, maybe you should cut Cyclops a little slack in the blame category.  Just a little.

Xavier puts on the table a terrible idea.  Because of a past secret adventure, each of the Illuminati possesses one of the Infinity Gems.  These gems are just another source of ULTIMATE POWER.  Professor X suggests that they uses these gems to make the Phoenix cease existing.  

Reed Richards enters the room and agrees with Captain America that using the Infinity Gems is pretty much the worst idea any of them has had in a long time.  And in this room, that's saying something.

I bet it mostly involves no one inviting him.

Earlier, Xavier mentioned that he'd met with Scott Summers and tried to reason with his First X-Man.  Tony Stark has spent most of this issue acting just a TEENSY bit drunk but he rallies himself into super-serious mode long enough to ask Charles what the Professor and Cyclops talked about.  Iron Man is looking for some sort of opening, trying to find a way to resolve the Phoenix situation.

Professor Charles Xavier uses the opportunity to tell everyone that he devoted his life to training the X-Men to be heroes.  Good guys.  Cyclops was not only the First X-Man, he was also the one that Xavier was "most proud of."  The fact that the Phoenix is warping his students into the OPPOSITE of his dream of peaceful coexistance is MORE than hurting the Professor.  

Tony apologizes for being a jerk earlier.  Reed joins in with a "no one is BLAMING you" line that totally sets Xavier off again.  He's reading their minds (which is against Illuminati rules) and they ALL blame him.  He blames HIMSELF.  Xavier spent his life fighting for the dream that mutants and humans could exist peacefully in the world and it turns out that his own STUDENTS are crapping all over that dream in the name of "Pax Utopia."  

Xavier swears that he is ready to fight against the X-Men, even if the battle ends with permanent casualties.  At the SAME time, he's conflicted because Scott Summers is the closest thing he has to a son (yes, I'm including his ACTUAL son, Legion, in this statement).  There's a large part of Charles that hopes that Cyclops will come to his senses.  Professor X curses everyone for judging him and walks out of the room.

This is just a little more backstory on why Xavier reacted so emotionally when Cyclops and the PhoeniX-Men showed up in Wakanda right after Namor was defeated.  It turns out the Professor already had a lot of emotions in play regarding the X-Men's direction.

There's only one thing that can possibly follow such a strong character performance.  It's time to learn why Mr. Fantastic has remained on the sidelines for this entire event.  I'll give you a hint: he's not an Avenger.

In actuality, Reed explains that he's not convinced that the Phoenix Five are the bad guys.  Sure, absolute power corrupts absolutely and all of that jazz but at this point in the conflict, the mutants haven't yet gone nuts.  This is the part of AvX where the PhoeniX-Men are truly out to make a better world and none of their madness has surfaced.  Richards isn't here to preserve the status quo.  His mission has always been to get the world to the future as fast as he could... even though he continues to deny people flying cars and suits made of unstable molecules.

The point is, this looks like the future to him and until it goes terribly wrong, he's willing to let it go.  So at this point, Mr. Fantastic isn't readying a last minute device that will save the world.

Reed leaves.  Dr. Strange teleports away soon after.  Tony Stark waits around in silence before trying to get Captain America to leave.  Steve isn't leaving yet.  Namor hasn't shown up.

Cap knows that a victory over the X-Men is impossible.  The Phoenix Five push the odds so far against the Avengers that it's ridiculous.  His only chance of turning his own projections around is to have a chat with Namor and convince the Sub-Mariner to stop being insane or something.  Tony leaves.

Remember that glossy shield with its pretty Captain America reflection?  It returns!  Behind the Cap reflection appears a Namor reflection.  The Sub-Mariner has arrived at last.  Everyone was wrong except for Captain America!

Namor is pleased that he didn't just walk into a trap and Cap expresses his belief in never setting a trap for a bro.  Now, it's time to get down to business.

The Sub-Mariner is a former Avenger.  He's was also in the Invaders.  Captain America lays down both titles in his plea that Namor drop out of this event.  In response, Subby tells Steve that the Phoenix Five are creating Utopia and wonders why the Sentinel of Liberty is so resistant to the world getting better.  Rogers tells his friend that he's always fought against guys who believe themselves better than everyone else... which means fighting against the X-Men in this scenario.

Later on, he'll pick a fight against himself.  :P

After a moment of quiet, Namor tells Captain America that he SHOULD have planned a trap.  Steve responds with the bro line again.  The Sub-Mariner says that because of their status as brothers, the Illuminati is still a secret from the rest of the X-Men.  It's also why Namor will leave this room without murdering the hell out of Steve Rogers... or even taking him prisoner.  

With what looks a whole lot like regret, Namor says "Who knew we would one day be fond of those horrible days of war..."

The Sub-Mariner leaves.  Captain America's mission to turn him away from the X-Men has failed.

The Avengers King-Size Annual #10The Avengers King-Size Annual #10
Writer/ Co-editor: Chris Claremont
Penciler: Michael Golden
Inker: Armando Gil
Co-editor: David Anthony Kraft

The issue in a nutshell:
Rogue permanently steals the powers and memories of Ms. Marvel and then goes on to temporarily steal the abilites of Captain America and Thor.  Mystique tries to break her fellow Brotherhood team out of jail but is foiled by the Avengers.  Carol Danvers tells the Avengers off for Avengers #200.

The issue by bullet points:

• Spider-Woman rescues a comatose Carol Danvers from falling from the Golden Gate Bridge.

• Realizing that Carol's mind is empty, Spider-Woman calls in Professor Xavier who mind probes Danvers and gets an image and name of her attacker: Rogue.

• Rogue attacks Captain America and steals his powers and experiences with a kiss.  She throws the unconscious Avenger right through the Avengers Mansion's front window.

• The Avengers call Iron Man who calls Doctor Don Blake.  Because the Avengers like to play telephone.

• Iron Man is incapacitated by Mystique who was pretending to be Janet Van Dyne.

• Rogue attacks Thor and steals his strength.  She takes off when Spider-Woman, Vision, Wonder Man, and Hawkeye all show up.

• Mystique and Rogue start a jail break at Ryker's Island specifically to break out her Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.  Since the Avengers have started tracking Rogue's power signature, they're on the scene to try and PREVENT this jail break.

• After lots of action and suspense, the jail break is foiled.  Mystique and Rogue make their escape before the rest of the Brotherhood is defeated.  

• Weeks later, the Avengers meet Carol Danvers at the X-Mansion and learn that they did her VERY wrong in Avengers #200.

The issue in EXTREME detail:

This is one of those classic Annuals that everyone should read.  It's written by long-time X-Men writer Chris Claremont and not only does it feature the Avengers fighting the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, it's also the first appearance of Rogue.  While the X-Men make an appearance and even get full scenes, this issue is actually a NEAR MISS crossover.  There's not even one point where an X-Man and an Avenger show up in the same panel unless you count a Quinjet flying over the X-Mansion.

This issue also serves as a promotional issue for Spider-Woman who still had her own ongoing series at the time.  Jessica Drew serves as the main protagonist for much of the story and the mystery of what happened to Carol Danvers is hers to solve.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Our tale begins in San Francisco at the Golden Gate Bridge.  It's nighttime and someone has just been pushed off the edge.  You would hardly notice this because the woman hasn't screamed out or anything.  Fortunately, Spider-Woman is there to save the lady, gliding down and snatching the victim at the last minute.

Unfortunately, she IS gliding and the extra weight combined with a sudden loss of wind cause Spider-Woman to fall into the water with the woman she just saved.  Since the lady is unconscious and the water freezing, Jessica has to fight her way to shore quickly... and she has to do that while pulling the woman with her.  This struggle happens off panel but I'm sure it's awesome.

When we catch up with the story, Spider-Woman has brought the unconscious victim to the Emergency Room and waits to see if the woman will live.

Before I go much further, lets look at this first look at the emergency room.  We see police detective, Lt. Sabrina Morrel, walking in to start her investigation on the woman that Spider-Woman rescued.  That's just part of the story.  What we ALSO see is a little girl leaving the hospital with a nun.  To the officer opening the door for her, the little girl says "H'lo.  I'm Maddy Pryor.  I been sick.  But I'm better now."  While this was originally intended as a throwaway bit of setting a scene, it's also the name of Jean Grey's clone who becomes Cyclops's first wife.  Time has connected those dots and declared this the first appearance of Madelyne Prior.

Anyway, Lieutenant Sabrina Morrel and Spider-Woman check on the status of the victim Jessica brought in and discover that while the lady is physically fine, her mind has been scrubbed clean.  The doctor believes the woman escaped from a mental institution but Lt. Morrel has a different story.  She tells them that the lady's name is Carol Danvers and then lists off all of the exceptional accomplishments to which Carol is credited.  Sabrina ends with telling everyone that Danvers dropped off the face of the Earth six months earlier.

Jessica Drew knows just who to call when she finds someone with a blank mind: Professor Charles Xavier.  She phones up Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and gets to talk to the newest X-Man, Kitty Pryde.  While she brings the phone to the Professor, we see that the X-Men are busying themselves with repairs to the Danger Room after it was banged up in Uncanny X-Men #143.  Xavier agrees to join Spider-Woman in San Francisco and we see that the X-Men will have to fix the Danger Room all over again when Nightcrawler tries to start it up and the control panel explodes.

We skip ahead a bit in time to after Xavier and Storm have flown to San Francisco.  Charles is busy probing Carol's mind.  Lt. Morrel informs Spider-Woman and company that Danvers' parents are on their way out to look after their daughter.  Carol's mom left vague hints that tie this whole mystery to Ms. Marvel and Sabrina has made a leap from THAT super-hero straight to the Avengers.  This makes a bit of sense since Ms. Marvel is still known to be part of the Avengers roster even though she's been absent from the team for a while.  The Lieutenant doesn't seem to be the type to keep track of who's currently one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Since Lt. Morrel doesn't intend on visiting Avengers Mansion, she enlists Spider-Woman's aid.  Someone's gonna get some frequent flyer miles, at least.

Xavier has finished scanning Carol's mind and discovered that, yes, her mind is blank but he should be able to restore most of Danvers' memories by copying them from her subconscious.  One such memory quickly blasts to the surface.  It's recent, depicting Ms. Marvel's fight for her mind against a woman with two stripes of white running through her hair.  This is Rogue.

Right now, Rogue is busy taking on another Avenger in New York City.  Captain America.  To be honest, Cap lost this fight before we even showed up.  Rogue used all the power and memories she stole, permanently, from Ms. Marvel.  She knew JUST how to defeat Captain America while the Sentinel of Liberty had no CLUE what he was facing.  

Rogue is still getting used to her powerset.  Permanently taking Ms. Marvel's power and mind wasn't the plan.  When she steals from Captain America with a kiss, she makes certain not to make skin-to-skin contact for too long.  Steve Rogers will eventually wake up and his strength and memories will be returned.

For now, however, Cap is taking a long nap which means he's not gonna be on time for the regularly scheduled Avengers meeting.

The Avengers are part of the 1%.

Steve arrives eventually but not under his own power.  Rogue tosses him through the Avengers Mansion's front window.  The Avengers waste no time in calling up Iron Man.  Tony is absent from the Avengers Meeting because he's busy working on his armor (which is basically the Iron Man equivalent to "washing his hair").  The Avengers know this and are really only calling him so that HE can get a hold of Doctor Donald Blake (because the Avengers don't have a copy of the Yellow Pages).

Tony makes a call to Dr. Blake and then armors up so that he can speed off to Avengers HQ and help the Avengers figure out what's going on.  Before he can leave, Stark gets a surprise visit from Janet Van Dyne, one of the few founding Avengers who doesn't keep her civilian identity a secret from the rest of the team.  He greets her as Iron Man and catches her up to speed on Cap's condition, expecting her to join him at the mansion and possibly bring her husband, Hank, with her.  Instead, she pops an inhibitor device on his armor...

...and changes shape.  This is Mystique, leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.  Mystique made her grand first appearance in Ms. Marvel #16 and made Carol Danvers her first super-hero enemy.  Since Raven's the one directing Rogue's attacks, it makes sense that Ms. Marvel had a target on her head.  Why the rest of the Avengers are being dragged into this conflict is one gigantic mystery that will eventually lead to the foiling of Mystique's "big plans."  Still, she and Rogue have already taken out two of the Avengers Trinity.  So that's at least a good start.

But it also makes their NEXT target PRETTY obvious.

Storm uses the X-Men's Blackbird to fly Spider-Woman across the country as swiftly as possible.  Jessica handles the next leg of her journey without X-Man accompaniment, taking a taxi to Avengers Mansion just in time to witness Rogue sneaking behind the building.

Just what is our southern mutant doing back there?  Well, it turns out Thor has just arrived at the Mansion and has landed behind the building in order to change into his Donald Blake form.  No sooner does he change than he is attacked by Rogue.  Blake drops pretty easily but is temporarily saved by Spider-Woman's arrival.  Jessica fights Rogue long enough for Don to tap his walking stick on the ground and return to his Thor form.

This is no key to victory.  Thor ends up grabbing Rogue and the mutant uses the opportunity to place a hand on his face.  Powers and memories stolen.  Rogue now has the combined strength of Ms. Marvel, Captain America, and Thor mixed in with their memories, experience, and battle prowess.  That makes her ridiculously powerful.  Spider-Woman's attacks just make her laugh.

This prolonged fight attracts the attention of a trio of Avengers (Vision, Wonder Man, and Hawkeye) and they decide to investigate.  Because her powers only work on organic life, Rogue realizes that Vision and Wonder Man will both be immune.  She still believes she could win the fight but there's a time table to be kept and fighting much longer would ruin everything.  Rogue flies off to meet up with Mystique.

That gives Spider-Woman a chance to catch the Avengers up on Carol Danvers' condition.  In turn, the Avengers tell Jessica how Ms. Marvel left the team.  Their version is almost a straight up retelling of The Avengers #200 but a LOT lighter on the creepy bits.  That's because the Avengers seriously thought they were doing the right thing when they let Carol go to Limbo with her rapist/son, Marcus.  Since Carol is no longer in Limbo, that relationship clearly didn't last.

Beast has enough of the plot figured out that he's found a way to track Rogue.  It turns out that absorbing Ms. Marvel's powers also popped a spotlight right on the southern mutant.  They find her flying right towards Ryker's Island.

Ryker's Island doesn't just house REGULAR criminals.  The prison also has a complex set up to hold super-villains.  That's right, people.  This whole plan is Mystique's convoluted attempt at a prison break!

Rogue tosses the captured Iron Man right towards Ryker's main power generator.  Before any back up generators can kick into gear, four well informed villains use the opportunity to break out of their cells.  These criminals are Blob, Avalanche, Pyro, and Destiny, the remaining members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.  Mystique lands a specially designed VTOL and... wastes time getting her crew properly costumed instead of, y'know, making a getaway.

That mistake will cost them success.  The Avengers (and Spider-Woman) arrive by Quinjet and get down for a brawl.  Spider-Woman glides deeper into the prison in an attempt to locate Iron Man.  Mystique believes that adding Iron Man to the Avengers' fighting force will tip the odds against the Brotherhood and she follows Jessica, leaving command of her team to Destiny.

Destiny can see the future (kind of) so she's the best person to leave in charge.  By following her directions, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants gains an early lead over the Avengers, taking Wonder Man, the Scarlet Witch, Beast, and Vision out in quick succession.  Hawkeye is buried beneath some rubble, courtesy of Avalanche, but lasts long enough to fire a screamer arrow that incapacitates the Blob temporarily.

Inside the Main Generator Room of Ryker's Island, Spider-Woman finds Iron Man and is about to remove the Inhibitor Device keeping him immobile when Nick Fury walks into the room.  Clearly, this isn't REALLY Nick Fury.  Iron Man knows exactly where the REAL Fury is and the fact that they're dealing with a shapeshifter most likely rules out the possibility of this being a Life Model Decoy.  Raven doesn't even wait for her cover to be completely blown.  She changes back to normal and opens fire.  Since she was pre-warned, Jessica leaps away before being riddled with bullets and they all harmlessly strike Iron Man's shell.

Drew lets loose with a Widow's Sting but Mystique ends up dodging and running off.  The battle is lost, anyway.  Iron Man is freed and immediately takes the fight straight to the Brotherhood's heaviest hitter, Rogue.  It turns out the Rogue's extra abilities are fading at this point and all she's left with are Ms. Marvel's powers.  Now that Iron Man knows what he's up against, that won't be enough to win the day.

Mystique has made her way to the her VTOL and orders Rogue back to the ship so that they can escape.  While they fly off, Iron Man notes all of the wonderful toys Mystique has at her disposal and wonders how she has access to it all.  He's ready to pursue the Brotherhood leader but the rest of the Evil Mutants are still busy causing trouble at the prison.  The rest of the Avengers recover to help take out the villains.

The prison break turns out to be unsuccessful though it IS possible Mystique got away with Destiny.

A few weeks later, we find an Avenger Quinjet touching down at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

Is Spider-Man the ONLY guy who didn't always live in a mansion?

In the time we just skipped over, Carol Danvers has been treated by Xavier at the X-Mansion.  Spider-Woman has also been hanging around with the X-Men, aiding Carol's recovery.  The former Ms. Marvel's powers are gone but her memories have been restored.  Later on, we'll learn that her emotional connection to those memories has been separated.  Right now, we'll learn that some emotions are easy to re-establish.

And so, Carol meets with the Avengers for the first time since Avengers #200 as the X-Men team (and Spider-Woman) make themselves scarce.  The Avengers totally mis-read the situation, believing Carol to be upset for all the wrong reasons.  They don't realize that maybe THEY did something wrong until Danvers gives Thor a slap.

It's then that Carol explains that she was raped and violated in multiple ways all throughout the course of Avengers #197-200 and no one really cared how SHE was handling things.  Everyone was focused on EVERYTHING ELSE except for HER.  And when Marcus pretty much admitted to violating her mind, the Avengers just let her go off with him without interfering.

Well, it turns out that once he was back in Limbo, Marcus aged rapidly until turning to dust.  It was only then that Carol realized the extent of what was done to her.  When she returned to Earth, she COULDN'T return to the team that had betrayed her trust.

The Avengers realize that they WERE in the wrong and some of them even have the sense to apologize.  This saves us from any 12 part mega series where everyone fights nonsensically.  Beast asks Carol what she's going to do next and Danvers replies that she's going to put her life back together again.  When Wanda tells Carol how sorry she is, Danvers smiles through her tears.

The Avengers return to Avengers Mansion.  On the way back, the Scarlet Witch holds her husband, the Vision, close and tells him how frightening it is to see exactly how wrong her actions were.  She's worried about repeating this mistake again.  The Vision comforts her as best he can, trying to express that they will learn from their mistakes and they will do it RIGHT next time.  Should there BE a next time...

And that is that, Super Readers!  Thanks for hanging out and I hope I'll see you very soon!

Until next time: Have a good week!


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