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Revolution- No Quarter

Written by Dr. Improbable on Tuesday, October 02 2012 and posted in Features
Revolution- No Quarter

Three episodes in and this show still makes sense! Well, as much sense as it's going to, anyway.


Hello, everyone, and welcome to another round of Revolution. This week’s episode takes us on a journey of character development and gunfights (always gunfights). I bet you can all hardly contain yourselves, so we’ll begin presently.

As usual, spoilers ahead:

We open with Miles, Nora, and Charlie wandering somewhere in apocalyptic future Illinois (which looks remarkably similar to present-day Indiana) and discussing Nora’s rebel tendencies. We’re tantalised with a hint at their past relationship, and Nora accuses Miles of being scared of confronting the militia.

Flashback to eight weeks post-blackout. Miles and Monroe (Anyone else watch Grimm? Because there’s also a character named Monroe on there. It kinda bugs me.)  have been hanging around their marine base. Miles is packing up for Chicago. Monroe points out that this is not the greatest plan, as Chicago is not located particularly near the east coast. Miles says he must go, his people need him, and Monroe says that he is his people, so he shall go, too. (My shocking twist prediction for season finale: Monroe was in love with Miles the whole time!)

In the present we enter the rebel base, which is in an old restaurant. I’m pretty sure the plaza it’s in was called Lone Pine Mall- it was hard to read the sign for sure, but I am going to assume it’s a Back to the Future reference regardless. The current leader of the rebels is named Nick, and he and Nora seem to have a thing. Wait, Nick and Nora? Really? Miles introduces himself and Charlie as Stu and Franny Redman. Inside, many of the rebels are wounded and dying after a failed gun raid.

In the woods, the rebels’ missing member is being held at gunpoint by a militia leader, aka Mark Pellegrino, aka Jacob from Lost or Bishop from Being Human (the American one, which isn’t bad, but is definitely inferior to its BBC counterpart). He does some threatening until he is told where the base is. He then shoots the captive and they roll out to finish off all the rebels.

Over at the militia camp, Cap’n Neville is hanging out while some guy taunts Danny as payback for killing his friend in the Pilot episode. He spills Danny’s water, but our plucky young hero goes over his head to the captain and asks for water. Neville obliges him, to his tormenter’s agitation.

Back at the rebel base Charlie tells Nora they’ll wait until the rebels are ready to leave. Miles disagrees (as usual), but Charlie decides this is her call because they’re looking for her brother. I mean that seems like weak logic- Miles clearly kicks intense levels of ass, and while Charlie’s no damsel herself, she’s also only 16.

Aaron and Maggie reach Grace’s farm, which is obviously ominously vacant after last week. They find the smashed remnants of her computer in the attic. Aaron is incredibly excited, as he suspects no one would bother making a homemade computer unless they have the power to run it. Maggie wants to leave since something blatantly terrible happened here, but Aaron is too busy nerding out to care. Someone misses his Internet porn.

Charlie is flirting with some boy while she tends his wounds. Be careful, Charlie! We know how well that panned out for Robb Stark. Miles, meanwhile, is jealous of Nick, as he thinks Nora became a rebel so she could fight alongside this guy she loves. She corrects him, pointing out that Nick is a Catholic priest (and yes, Miles makes a subtle pederast joke here) but also says that she did become a rebel for a guy. Lots of smouldering gazes are exchanged. The rebels get their act together and are about to scatter when the militia attacks. Miles gets all tactical (foreshadowing!) and sends a man named Trevor to the roof with their brand-spanking-new sniper rifle while he and Nick set to work digging tunnels to get out. Because the rebels are mole people.

Somehow they make it to the night, mostly thanks to Trevor and the fact that he doesn’t have to reload a musket every time he snipes someone. Mr. Pellegrino (his name is Jeremy here, but we don’t technically know that yet) is sacrificing his men one by one, hoping they’ll run out of ammo. Inside, Nora and Charlie have a heart to heart. Nora admits she cared for Miles, but left him and dated a guy named Frank after. Frank didn’t know what a hardass she was; one day, he tried to defend her from some show-off militia types, and she ended up beating the shit out of them. He dumped her because she was frighting; she also lost the baby she’d been carrying for five months. Her unborn son was the “man” she went to war for. I can’t decide if I’m supposed to think it was Frank’s or Miles’s.

Over at the militia camp, that soldier who hates Danny comes over and beats the shit out of him with a burlap sack of like potatoes or something.

Flashback: six months after the blackout. Miles and Monroe find a dead couple outside their tent. They were killed for food, probably. Monroe tells him to forget about it, but Miles is displeased.

Back to the Future (yup, went there), where Charlie also accuses Miles of being afraid to fight. She says that was her dad’s problem, too- he was a coward. Miles gets just so pissed and tells her to shut her whore mouth. Okay, really he just tells her not to talk about her dad that way. RIP, Ben.

They’re out of ammo, the walls are caving in, and the militia is attacking. There is a battle! Swordfights! Muskets! Lead pipes! Jeremy recognises Miles, and Miles takes him hostage, leaving the militia disoriented. We get to hear why Miles is so relevant- he was second-in-command of the Monroe Republic, right below Sebastian Monroe himself! Okay, I admit, while not totally unexpected, that’s a good development. The rebels obviously don’t trust Miles now. Charlie demands an explanation. Miles exposits that the reason the militia is what it is today- ruthless, efficient, soulless killing machines- because he made them that way.

Aaron is having an emotional breakdown over the computer parts.

Miles ends up offering himself rather than Jeremy as trade for the rebels’ lives. He is marched away.

Danny is having an asthma attack. His torturer comes over to check him out, but psych! (or is it sike? I never know. Stupid colloquialisms.) He pulls a Charlie and fakes out the soldier, then kicks him over and pulls a Jaime Lannister and strangles him with his chains. He lets the guy go, but not before Neville sees him. Holy shit, guys. If I saw Giancarlo Esposito glare at me like that, I’d just make it easier for everyone and kill myself right there.

Jeremy is marching Miles away. He tells him that Monroe believes he can turn the lights back on. He also says Monroe has been more unstable lately. Before they can rekindle their bromance, one of the soldiers trips some explosives. Charlie and Nora jump out and get Miles free. The three run off, and a well-aimed flaming crossbow arrow by Charlie blows the bridge.

Last flashback for the night. It’s presumably a short time after the last one. Miles and Monroe come across two guys beating up one. After a bit of a standoff, Miles kills the assailants, to Monroe’s horror. Somewhat predictably, the guy they saved was Jeremy.

In the present, Miles expects Charlie to be upset with him. She disagrees- she thinks he still cares about his fellow man, as he did end up saving the rebels. He tells her to think again. Aww, you can talk tough, Miles, but you do want to help people. That’s how you got to where you were- you wanted to fix the anarchy that was destroying the world. You just let it go too far. Also I think he genuinely cares about how Charlie thinks of him, which is sweet.

At Grace’s farm, Aaron tells us that he used to get beat up as a kid. But then he grew up, and was successful because he was smart, and he found a wife who really loved him, and he was rich and happy. And the blackout ruined all that- now he’s just the nerd getting beat up on the playground again by the bigger, tougher kids. Oh, man. Right in the feels. Without warning, the USB/necklace/I need to come up with a slang name for it activates. Marvin Gaye starts playing from a Walkman (that’s pretty anachronistic for 2012, show) and Maggie quickly turns on her phone. Wait, how is it still charged? Even if it’s been off, shouldn’t the battery be dead? I guess the magic USB can also provide energy besides being able to reboot an electrical current. After too short a time, the power goes off.

Okay guys! Look at that! Solid character development! Plot moving forward somewhat coherently! People reacting approximately normally to situations! I am most definitely intrigued. Touché, Revolution, touché. I remain optimistic for now. 


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