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Revolution- The Plague Dogs

Written by Dr. Improbable on Monday, October 08 2012 and posted in Features
Revolution- The Plague Dogs

Can we please put someone else in charge of episode titles?


It’s Monday night, so obviously time for our favourite post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller drama! It’s… it’s something of a niche market. I hope you all have your hankies ready, because (spoilers) we’re going to lose someone tonight!

After our standard rapid recap (for any late adopters), we find Charlie running from an unidentified militiaman. She trips and falls and tumbles, and the guy says he’ll have to take her in for stealing a week’s rations. Miles storms in and interrupts his plan with a light threatening session. He asks about Neville. The dude (not The Dude) confirms they were heading to Noblesville. Miles lays him out and they head off. Charlie wants to know what exactly Miles is/was up to, and he is typically taciturn on the topic. (Bonus points for alliteration?)

Lowell, Indiana: Aaron and Maggie are waiting and worried that the others aren’t there yet. Maggie flashbacks to her offspring. They are British! Why are tiny, useless humans so much more endearing  to me when they have accents? She’s in Seattle (evidenced by the Space Needle- thanks, years of Frasier viewing!) when suddenly, Blackout Time. Back in the present, Aaron says they can’t tell about the pendant (is that the word we’re going to use?) Miles and Charlie and Nora show up. Hugs! You know, Charlie has very pretty blue eyes. Anyway, since Noblesville is close by, they’re already going to head out and get Danny.

They walk until nightfall though the sketchy town. Feral dogs attack! Run! Dramatic commercial break!

Maggie shoots a dog that is gnawing on Aaron.

Danny is being hauled off- apparently he’s not in trouble for beating up that dude. He is a bit concerned about the oncoming storm, which I’m sure is not a metaphor or anything.

Sebastian comes to talk to Rachel; she asks him what he wants. Interrogation mode activated. He asks about Ben’s work. She says he was an algebra teacher, he counters with the idea that he had full SAP clearance for department of defence. He also points out that he hasn’t killed or imprisoned her due to friendship or something. But Strauss comes in with torture devices and a black Dr. Horrible/Simon Tam coat in order to change that.

Aaron is concerned about contracting rabies. Maggie says it’s unlikely. Meanwhile, in a private tête à tête with Miles, Nora sticks up for Charlie. Miles says he’ll go real easy on Charlie and depart. Nora calls him a coward as usual. She points out that Charlie is his family. Then, in a totes awk moment, they see Charlie is listening.

Charlie has a flashback to Rachel leaving for supplies. Rachel hugs Charlie and Danny and says she’ll be back in a few months. Crap, that girl looks a lot like Charlie in the face, except for her eyes. Ben looks sad. Rachel says she will be gone for months.  We are left to wonder why. Aww, Charlie has a sad. Nonetheless, the group breaks through a fence and travel through an abandoned amusement park, my personal favourite type of abandoned landscape (which, spoiler, will be terribly underutilised). Someone feeds the dog. It is a sketchy man.

A storm is coming! Thunder! Lightning! Why doesn’t Danny’s shirt have arms anymore? Is this going to become Twister? He eyes an escape route and a nail.

Aaron ambles along, dragging his leg, and commenting that he had a King Charles, which are the most pretentious of dogs (but also, I love their lovely silky coats!). Nate/whoever is eying them still. Miles attacks! They roll down stairs. Charlie interrupts their scuffle. She tells Miles about chaining Nate up and offers maximum guilt trip to Miles. He responds with douchery.

Flashback: somehow Maggie made it most of the way across across I90E to Buffalo. She wants to get to mother England. There aren’t any boats for that, woman!

Danny escapes. It’s hella twister out there, or else the smoke monster is back. He is tackled and assaulted by Neville. That guy just does not give up. And seriously, a tornado is coming. They must get to the cellar! Wizard of Oz! (This is relevant later thanks to transparent symbolism.)

At the amusement park, everyone is grumpy but at least not being windswept. Maggie also calls Miles a coward and guilt trips him for being a shitty family member. He seems more receptive to Maggie’s criticism than Nora’s- I guess that’s the power of an accent. She tells him about how she gave up, and her children probably died. She went nomadic in Wisconsin and tried to kill herself. I went to Wisconsin a few months ago- Lake Geneva is pretty nice and they have some great beers. Don’t give up, Maggie! There are breweries to find! Ben come across her- Maggie asked him to leave her alone. (Because filling up his water will take so long…) Ben invites her along with his kids. It’s like he knew what she was going to do. Miles rolls his eyes, acknowledging Ben’s compassion. Maggie loves Danny and Charlie. What is it about a British accent that packs such an emotional punch?

The dogs are back! Run to Johnny Rockets generic abandoned diner! (Seriously, isn’t it always Jonny Rockets in an amusement park? Or is that just Cedar Point?) Dog owner dude (he might have a name) has Maggie captive and is trying to stab her. Success! He gets her thigh. Miles comes to kill him but he runs away, and Maggie passes out. In the diner, she reveals that he told her he did it because she killed his dog. He managed to snag her artery. (Femoral I assume, though anatomy on a macroscopic level isn’t my thing.)

Neville asks Danny if he’s a monster for wanting a future for his child. Danny points out his dad wanted the same, but managed to do it without all of the “merciless killing” stuff. Neville goes all PTSD on him and does some yelling/proselytising. Yum, self-righteousness.  

Maggie tells them to leave and save Danny. Charlie tries to fix her. Maggie sounds upset but is also probably kind of delusional from blood loss. Charlie apologises for being moody teenaged girl.

Weather update: still bad. The house crashes in on Danny and Neville.

Sewing circle! Sterilise all the things! (With Miles’ whiskey, which I’m sure he’ll love.) Charlie is grabbed by the dog-loving man, who was hiding behind the soda fountain.

Miles returns. Nate (who, in case you forgot, is all bound up and being dragged along with them) gives him info on Charlie’s capture. Miles takes him with him for her retrieval. Aaron and Nora will have to stitch up Maggie. They’re both a little peripheral right now.

Neville is about to die via kitchen sink. He asks Danny for help, though the kid appears to be seriously contemplating a scotch-free escape. Neville asks for mercy, though it’s less of a “beg” and more of a “psychologically extorts” sort of way. Danny, being a non-douche, saves Neville. Who, obviously, immediately arrests him.

Charlie is tied up. She politely asks dog man to let her go. He rambles about his dead daughter he couldn’t save. They were captured by some people, but then also she stepped on a nail and got tetanus. Wait, did she die by rape/murder or by a nail? I feel like I missed part of this scene. But shit, I got deadlines and no DVR, so you can look it up yourselves. Anyway, Miles and Nate find their way in and Charlie calls for help. Duct tape solves this problem.

Dog man (should really figure out his name) tries to beat them up. He comes fairly close but Miles is 300% more awesome. However, he rigged up a weird crossbow/doorknob situation, so Charlie will die if they open the door! Dramatic commercial break!

Except she won’t die because she has enough room to dodge.

Aaron is stitching up Maggie. Maggie says Charlie saved her, but she doesn’t mean the artery. In her still blood-loss-induced-delusion, she has another flashback. Maggie reads Wizard of Oz to her offspring (told you the tornado was symbolic! Or…something). She remembers her children as she dies. (Hugging her iPhone- more Apple product placement!) Charlie has more sads, but on the bright side, Miles promises not to leave her.

Sebastian asks Rachel what kind of mother she is for abandoning her offspring with Ben. He notes lack of hesitation in her abandonment. He accuses her of not loving her children, but just in case she does, he also tells her all the ways he’ll torture Danny.  I wonder what Strauss did to her, because she doesn’t look all too broken down, either physically or psychologically. She does have another flashback, which completes Charlie’s from earlier. Rachel walks away from her family, and she is crying. She went to Miles. He promised her she’d see the offspring again. He arrests her without saying anything. We don’t learn what exactly they expected from her, or why she was an acceptable sacrifice rather than Ben.

Well, that’s it for my rather clipped version of a review. Again, still on board with this show. I wish everyone was slightly less melodramatic, but hey, that’s how American television goes. A little less plot development this week but a bit more tugging on the heartstrings with Maggie dying and all. I’d also like to point out that clearly all it takes to get JJ Abrams’ stamp of approval on a show is flashbacks. So many flashbacks.


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