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Super Reads AvX: Week 23

Written by SuperginraiX on Tuesday, October 09 2012 and posted in Features

Pull Cyclops's finger!

Swing on down for another round of AvX goodness! AvX: VS #5! Wolverine and the X-Men #15! Secret Wars #'s 1-4!
Spoilers Ahead!
Super Reads AvX: Week 23
Welcome back!  Let's watch a couple random fights, a bunch of original X-Men talking, and the Hulk rocking out with a bunch of heroes.
If you're a first time Super Reader, welcome to the insanity!  This is what you just walked into:  I read every AvX comic and then I break them down.  The nutshell gives you a quick, short sentence summary.  The bullet points... are probably self explanatory.  With the summarizing all done, I go insane and write up a detailed report on just what happened in an issue and try to relate why it's important.  I might also go off on any continuity or story incongruities.  It's what I do.
This ain't my first rodeo.  I've been covering Marvel events since Secret Invasion, back when I was a wide-eyed young fanboy with hope for the future.  :)  When this site gets everything back in order, you might be able to look at all of this work by checking out the Super Reads section.  For now, a quick Google search can reveal a LOT of past work.
Here's some vital information:

The bathrooms are Danger Rooms.  You can't even poop in peace!

The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning was built on a simple premise: Children should focus on their schoolwork instead of battle and they should live in the most wickedly dangerous school they can find.  James "The Wolverine" Howlett and Kitty "Shadowcat" Pryde Co-Headmaster the school on the grounds that used to house Xavier's School for Higher Learning so there's a lot of history and dead bodies involved.
Post-Schism, the school stood out as a beacon for what Wolverine's side believed, so you find a lot of X-Men that opposed Cyclops and his belief that children should fight for (and against) a world that fears and hates them.  You can SEE why Logan's stance makes sense because no one likes child soldiers.
Except for Professor Xavier, who taught a bunch of teenagers to fight evil mutants.
ANYWAY, it's a school and everyone goes off on wacky adventures.  And it shouldn't work.  But it does.  The Jean Grey School looks like it's one disaster away from falling into complete chaos but the chaos just seems to make it work.  It's weird.  
Weirder than Wolverine as a Headmaster.  Which is pretty weird.

AvX: VS #5

AvX: VS #5
Writer: Matt Fraction
Penciler: Leinil Francis Yu
Inkers: Gerry Alanguilan w/ Leinil Francis Yu
Editor: Nick Lowe
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The story in a nutshell:
Clint Barton vs. Warren Worthington III!  After a lot of fighting, Hawkeye threatens to shoot Psylocke with an arrow unless Angel retreats.  Just as Warren is backing up, Clint shoots the flying mutant with an arrow and runs away.
This issue by bullet points:
• Angel finds Hawkeye and starts dodging arrows, firing bladed feathers back at his opponent.
• After rolling down the mountain together, Clint and Warren run into Betsy Braddock, who is used as leverage by Hawkeye to ensure Angel will back away from the fight.
• Just as Warren is ready to walk away, Hawkeye turns around and shoots Angel with an arrow in the gut.
• Barton runs off as Psylocke races over to her wounded friend.
• Back on Utopia, Warren tells the Phoenix-powered Emma Frost all about this fight.
This issue in EXTREME detail:
You people probably know the deal by now but just in case you haven't been paying attention to the whole "VS" format, this is your official signal to "turn your brain off."  AvX: VS is not only continuity negative, it's plot lite and filled with fights.  So sit back, watch me get a nose bleed from how these things ignore any established continuity, and enjoy!
Welcome back to Wundagore Mountain for our first bout between the Avengers' Hawkeye and the X-Men's Angel!  That match-up should tell you right away that this issue doesn't happen during the concurrent issue of Avengers vs. X-Men since Warren left the Cyclops's dwindling ranks in Wolverine and the X-Men #14.  As far as I can tell, this battle between mismatched foes happened during Avengers vs. X-Men #4 when the Avengers and X-Men were searching key Marvel locations looking for Hope.  In fact, there's ONE panel in that comic, featuring Angel and Psylocke fighting Hawkeye.  The dialogue from this story suggests that this fight happens after the rest of the Avengers headed out... except this doesn't make sense considering Hawkeye should have been well on his way to the Moon by then.  So, it takes place during AvX #4.  Nosebleed averted.
Don't pay any attention to the fact that the sun has gone down since AvX #4.  Oh, here comes the nosebleed...
IN THIS CORNER: The Avengers' Hawkeye!  Clint Barton was the archer that joined Earth's Mightiest Heroes just in time to watch the original team leave.  Hawkeye replaced Iron Man which is appropriate because Barton spent a lot of time fighting Shellhead before becoming a hero.  Boasting a billion different types of arrow heads (not literally), the archer is prepared for nearly any threat.
IN THIS CORNER:  The X-Men's Angel!  Warren Worthington III is one of the original members of the X-Men squad, but none of that really matters anymore.  That's because the Angel's mind has been erased after his turn at being more evil than Cyclops during Uncanny X-Force.  Worthington's NEW personality is... a bit different.  Until very recently, he thought he was a real angel... with metal wings that spray deadly flechettes.  
We've got a location, we've got two combatants, we've kind of got a reason for a fight... so let's go!
Hawkeye doesn't make his presence known very easily but for whatever reason, Angel... and his X-Men partner-in-crime, Psylocke, KNOW that he's still out on Wundagore Mountain and are actively looking for him.  To make it extra difficult, Betsy Braddock is unable to locate him with her telepathy.  That's why this isn't "Hawkeye vs. Psylocke."  No worries.  From the air, Angel sees the glint from Barton's ... maybe his arrows... and the battle is on.  
For a dude who never misses unless it's on purpose, Hawkeye is doing a lot of missing.  In response, Angel rains metal feathers on the battleground without actually hitting anything.  It's only when Warren swoops on down, slices one of Clint's launched arrows in two, and showers bladed hell down on the archer.  While these blades cut the Avenger up, there's no lethal damage so Hawkeye is able to get back on the attack moments later, clenching three arrows in each of his hands and using them like claws.
That leads right to Angel getting sliced right through the belly.  After that, the two take a tumble down the mountain, trading blows the entire way.  This is where Psylocke catches up with the action.
No one ever lays down the ground rules before these fights.
Instead of being used as a help for Warren, she's being used as the hostage.  Hawkeye trains an arrow on the telepatch and threatens to shoot her unless Angel takes a hike.  You might be thinking that Betsy's telepathy would stop Barton in his tracks but...
1. He's wearing something that's already made him INVISIBLE to Braddock's psychic powers.
2. He's betting he can fire an arrow before Psylocke can make him braindead.
Angel, being an upstanding citizen who's only trying to do the right thing (the "right thing" being not letting the ninja take an arrow to her chest), decides that he's going to back off.  That's when Hawkeye switches partners and fires an arrow right at Warren.  It sinks right into his belly, fitting in nicely right next to Worthington's earlier gut wound.  
Psylocke runs over to check on her fallen companion while Hawkeye races off, calling for an Avengers pick-up.
We catch up with Angel later on as he rests in the Utopia infirmary.  He's telling Emma Frost, now bursting with Phoenix powers at the conclusion of AvX #5, all about his encounter with the Avengers archer and how Clint lacked honor and heroism.  Emma makes a mental note to burn the heck out of Hawkeye at the first possible chance.
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Tom Raney
Editor: Nick Lowe
The story in a nutshell:
Storm and the Black Panther duke it out in the African nation of Wakanda.  After fighting, kissing, and fighting some more, they learn that Hope isn't even in Wakanda and they've been fighting for no good reason.  It still looks like their marriage is over.
This issue by bullet points:
• Storm vs. the Black Panther.  Yay?
• When Storm is cut off from her mutant powers, she gets into a fist fight with her husband.
• While they fight, we get a good look at their thoughts and see that while they don't have any real GOOD reasons to be fighting this intensely, they have some moderate problems with their marriage.  
• That justifies this level of violence.  Maybe.  
• But not really.
• Storm kisses Black Panther and then decks him.  Wakanda is sad.
• The rest of the X-Man walk by to tell Ororo that Hope isn't in Wakanda and that they can leave.
• Storm leaves but not before dropping her wedding ring.
This story in EXTREME detail:
Let's stick around during Avengers vs. X-Men #4 to look into the marital discord that exists between Storm and the Black Panther!  That sounds fun, right?
The arena is the nation of Wakanda.  This is well before AvX #8 which means the nation hasn't been obliterated by Namor and his Atlantean army.  Wakanda is the most technologically advanced country not only in Africa but in the entire world.  It's king and queen happen to be standing in two separate corners of the fight.  Which brings us to...
IN THIS CORNER:  The Avengers' Black Panther!  King T'challa is the ruler of Wakanda and one of the greatest tacticians in the Marvel Universe.  If there is a threat to the world, it's likely that T'challa has a strategy to deal with it.  Except the Phoenix, apparently.  Besides having an insane number of counter strategies at his disposal, Black Panther is also an impressive hand-to-hand combatant with a lot of wonderful toys in his costume.  He's happily married.  Or, at least he WAS happily married before AvX rolled along.
IN THIS CORNER: The X-Men's Storm!  Ororo Monroe was the second field leader of the X-Men after Cyclops left the team and has served the team in some sort of leadership capacity right up until her marriage with T'challa kept her mostly away from the mutant team.  We all know that Storm has control of the weather and SHE knows exactly what happens when a toad is hit by lightning.  She's such a capable fighter than even when she lost her mutant abilities, she still remained as the X-Men's leader.  Not only has she served on the X-Men for over thirty years, she was one of the most recent additions to the Avengers, quitting only after learning that the Avengers were targeting Hope.  She's still married to T'challa which makes her Queen of Wakanda.
So let's begin this super-powered domestic dispute.
To start things off, WATCH as Storm hits her husband with a focused lightning bolt!  WATCH as that bolt is redirected back to Ororo!  WATCH as the two heroes shoot the same bolt of lighting back and forth between them until it EXPLODES for some reason!
Ororo builds up the winds for another attack but T'challa uses his crazy technology to syphon all of Storm's mutant control of the weather away from her.  It'll be gone for the rest of this fight.  The X-Men drops from the sky, unable to hold herself aloft by using personal winds.  And now, it's hand-to-hand battle.
This whole joke turned out a bit dirtier than I intended.  I just thought they had gigantic heads.
You'd THINK this part of the fight would favor Black Panther since he's more KNOWN for his fists than Storm.  Well, Ororo spent over two years depowered without even slowing down.  She's got some chops.  
Since I don't actually like describing fights, I'll let husband and wife duke it out while I explain their state of mind as their marriage shatters into a seemingly unfixable mess.  They are both deeply regretting this fight but they aren't walking away, either.  Clearly, these two have some issues BEYOND just looking for Hope.  You don't get into a fight like this unless you're in a company mandated comic book event... um... I mean you don't get into a fist fight with your spouse unless there are more issues than leaving the toilet seat up.  Yeah.  
The two begin going over their regrets.  They don't have a lot.  Storm is hot-blooded, check it and see.  Black Panther is a wet fish.  T'challa doubts Ororo was ever happy in Wakanda while Storm sees just how happy she would have been.  When they both start thinking about kids, Ororo... regrettably thinks that if they would have had children, it would have fixed their relationship.
While that's something that a lot of people actually THINK, it's sad that such a strong, intelligent individual as Storm would think such a thing.  
While I've been describing Black Panther and Storm's inner conflict, the Avenger and X-Man have been kicking the crap out of each other.  T'challa has lost his mask.  Ororo races up to her husband, plants a romantic last kiss on his lips, and then plants a fist on his jaw.
With Black Panther on the ground, the citizens of Wakanda walk out and ask their Queen why they're fighting.  Before Ororo can think up a good answer, Rachel Summers, Danger, and Dr. Nemesis walk by and tell her that Hope isn't here and that they've just been wasting their time... and maybe created some rifts in their relationships.
T'challa gets back to his feet and places his hand on his wife's fist.  We get a good close-up of her wedding ring, which is important because it's that ring lying on the ground when the two heroes leave each other.
The WINNAH: Not one person.  In this fight, no-one wins.  Not Storm.  Not Black Panther.  And definitely not comic book marriages.

Wolverine and the X-Men #15

Wolverine and the X-Men #15 
Writer: Jason Aaron
Penciler: Jorge Molina
Inker: Norman Lee
Editor: Nick Lowe
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The issue in a nutshell:
It's the calm before the storm at the Jean Grey School.  Everyone has gathered for some last minute strategizing and maybe a character moment or two.  Angel graduates the school and gets naked.
This issue by bullet points:
• Hope and Logan talk things out and discuss how the Avengers and the X-Men are about to team up to save the universe.
• Iron Man, Iron Fist, Iron Beast, and Agent Iron Brand talk about the Phoenix and how Kung Fu fills in the gaps left behind by science.  Broo brings in a new perspective that delights Tony Stark.
• Iceman and Kitty talk about their intended date after AvX ends.
• The Utopia kids get used to living in the Jean Grey School.
• Rachel Summers and Charles Xavier telepathically talk about saving Scott Summers.  Xavier publicly endorses Quintin Quire for Student Council President as punishment for being surly to him.
• Husk and Toad date.  This is possibly the creepiest relationship ever in the Marvel Universe.
• Gladiator and his son leave Earth behind to escape the Phoenix.  Warbird is left behind to grow as a person and... I guess die when the Phoenix burns the world.
• Iceman apologizes for not backing Logan during the first round of AvX.  After sharing a drink with the alcoholic headmaster, Drake notes a lot of justifiable critisisms he has in Wolverine's leadership.
• Angel graduates from the school.
• The X-Men leave for war.
This issue in EXTREME detail:
Hey, look!  It's a tie-in issue that seems to be as close to the present as possible!  This issue happens right between Avengers vs. X-Men #'s 10 and 11.  This is the calm before the storm.
We start on the shore of Breakstone Lake, near the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning.  Hope Summers, the presumed savior of the mutant race, and Wolverine walk together.  Hope uses the time to apologize for calling Logan some bad words back in AvX #4 when Wolverine was turning her over to the Avengers.  This was a douche move at the time but it turns out that Hope WASN'T ready for the power of the Phoenix and that makes him totally right to have been a douche.
I have a Wolverine prejudice.  I apologize.  A little.
Logan has a heart-to-heart with Hope where he repeats his new philosophy that children don't belong on a battleground.  That was the whole point of his school.  Kids get schooling.  Adults get to fight inane battles.  Since Hope is going to be on the forefront of the end game, Wolverine has to at least LOOK like he's against it.  It's gonna happen, regardless.
The conversation moves on over to Jean Grey territory and her heroic sacrifice (the two walk through the cemetary for this part).  However you slice it, Jean Grey died as the Phoenix in New X-Men #150.  This time will be different, Logan claims.  While looking at a Quinjet and a Blackbird, Wolverine tells Hope that the X-Men and the Avengers will both be there to help her.
In Beast's crowded lab, Iron Man, Beast, Iron Fist, and Agent Abigail Brand of SWORD study the details behind the Phoenix and try to figure out the best way to kill the cosmic firebird.  The lab is more crowded than that because the whole school has a Bamf infestation.  Those are little imps that look like Nightcrawler.  
Beast's lab assistant, Broo, interrupts to give some new data scenarios to Hank.  He also gives the group a new perspective on how to defeat the Phoenix that they hadn't thought up on their own.  Don't expect details.  Broo types it all on the computer and it's not for our eyes.  It's enough to get Iron Man all excited and he offers Broo the greatest thing in his arsenal: friendship with Nova.
Nova's the greatest hero in the galaxy for anyone who gets off-planet.  It's kind of like how the whole world loves soccer except for the people in the United States.
In the back of Beast's lab, Shadowcat and Iceman are talking about what they're going to do when Avengers vs. X-Men is all over.  It involves them dating.  I guess Bobby has finally asked Kitty out.
Marvel time is wonky.
Interspersed into their talk are scenes of the former Utopia mutants joining the Jean Grey School.  This MIGHT be temporary because Kitty calls them "refugees" but I'd place money on this being part of the new status quo post-AvX.
Walking among the students are Rachel Summers and Professor Charles Xavier.  They are having a telepathic conversation about how Rachel still has thoughts about joining with Cyclops and the Phoenix Force and also how Xavier promises to save Scott Summers.  
Interrupting them is Kid Omega AKA Quintin Quire.  Quire is here to give Professor X the business and is punished for his words... just not in the way he would like.  Xavier decides that instead of giving Kid Omega detention, it would be better to endorse Quintin as Student Council President.  One telepathic announcement later and punishment is well served.  Quire promises Charles death.
In another match-up that screams "statutory rape," lets visit the Toad and Husk as they go on a date in the caverns below the Jean Grey School.  This might be their first date but it appears they've been making out in the Janitor's Closet before and... this is super creepy territory so I'm just moving on.
NEXT SCENE: This is the Recovery Room at the Jean Grey School and this is Gladiator, the injured ruler of the Shi'ar Empire, telling his son, Kid Gladiator, that it's time to get the hell off of Earth.  Kubark (Kid Gladiator) argues against leaving but it turns out his dad's word is pretty much law.  KG's bodyguard, Warbird, tells him to say goodbye to his classmates and after a moment of pure anger, Kubark uses his X-Ray vision to see through the wall and says "goodbye."
As Kid Gladiator teleports up to the Shi'ar ship, Warbird checks in with Gladiator.  The Emperor tells her that she's staying behind.  This isn't some sort of weird punishment even though Kallark (Gladiator) doesn't believe that the Earth will survive it's encounter with the Phoenix.  No, this is so that Warbird can reach her full potential.  Even if she's dead at the time.
We got Hope's apology to Wolverine earlier and now it's time to get Iceman's.  Bobby made the call to stand by one of his oldest friends right up until the point where he realized that Cyclops had lost touch with humanity.  Logan tells Iceman that it's cool.  Wolverine tried surrounding himself with people who WOULD question him.  After sharing a drink with the Headmaster, Bobby Drake takes this as an opportunity to share some OTHER problems he has with Logan's leadership.  They are almost all justified.
For our next meeting, let's look in on Hope Summers visiting with a former member of her Generation Hope team, Idie Okwonko.  Idie is kind of insane, FYI.  It appears she's interested in Broo and Hope doesn't find any problems with that.  It's a strange world, I guess.
At this point, Wolverine, Kitty, Rachel, and Iceman have gathered around Warren Worthington to tell him that he's the first official graduate of the Jean Grey School.  He's just too smart and talented for them to teach him anything.  Angel is joining their Graduate program.  To celebrate, Warren leaps into the sky, stripping off his clothes on his way up.
Inside the school, Beast stares forelornly at a picture of the original X-Men team before Professor X grabs his shoulder and tells him that "it's time."  Sadly, Hank McCoy agrees.
Professor X, Beast, Angel, Wolverine, Rachel, and Iceman stride out of the School for a little thing called "The Final Battle."  Inside the school, the students and Kitty Pryde watch them leave.  In space, Kid Gladiator looks depressed to be leaving Earth before it's all over.

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1 
Writer/ Co-Editor: Jim Shooter
Penciler: Michael Zeck
Inker: John Beatty
Co-Editor: Tom Defalco
The issue in a nutshell:
Various Marvel heroes and villains are brought together on Battleworld to fight for their greatest wish.  After getting some sense of the faultlines that may divide each group, we are treated to the villains getting settled in their base first and attacking the heroes with some of the tech they've found.
This issue by bullet points:
• Some heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe are teleported to two space constructs.  Introductions are made.
• The galaxy they are in is obliterated and the remains are pulled together into a makeshift planet called Battleworld.
• Ultron attacks the villains and is taken out by Galactus after being manipulated into position by Molecule Man.
• The Beyonder makes his presence known and tells the characters to attack each other for the chance to get everything they've ever wanted.
• Galactus decides to skip the contest and take what he wants from Galactus.  Doctor Doom follows the Devourer of Worlds and they both get swatted out of the sky and pushed down to Battleworld.
• The heroes and villains' constructs both land on the planet.
• Magneto, finding himself among the heroes, decides to leave before his presence causes a rift between the X-Men and everyone else.
• Doctor Doom awakens and decides to not play the Beyonder's game.  He is unable to convince the rest of the villains of his plans and ends up getting shot out of the sky by Kang when he attempts to contact the heroes.
• When the Marvel Heroes find Doom, the villain doesn't like the way Cap is looking at him and blasts his way free of them all.
• Just as the heroes are recovering from that sudden incident, they find themselves facing the rest of the assembled villains who have not only found themselves a base but have also mastered some of the base's weapon systems.
This issue in EXTREME detail:
Here it is, people.  This is the first issue of Marvel's first mega-event!  Sure, Marvel hadn't figured out how to tie every issue in their lineup into the maxi-series but they'd figure that out soon enough.  Secret Wars has it's own glorious history which can be boiled down into two sentences: "It was an idea spawned by a toy franchise." and "Marvel's Editor in Chief wrote it so that every Marvel writer could be pissed at HIM for messing with their characters."
What you and I care about is that a good portion of Marvel's heroes and villains got together to beat the crap out of each other for twelve issues.  Let's see how that went.
We begin in a distant part of the galaxy and watch the arrival of our heroes.  They're in an arena-type structure surrounded by a bubble.  They're also pretty damn surprised.  While some of these super-heroes actually entered a similar structure on Earth, the rest were simply taken away from whatever they were doing at the time.  For example, Cyclops was on his honeymoon and definitely out of costume before his sudden teleportation here in his super-hero gear.
Just in case the heroes had forgotten who they were, everyone announces who they are.  We've got Wasp and the Avengers (She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Captain America, Thor, and Hawkeye).  Iron Man's also listed as an Avenger but he's really not currently serving on the team.  That's because the usual Iron Man, Tony Stark, is busy getting drunk out of his mind and Jim Rhodes is wearing the armor.  Next up is Charles Xavier and his X-Men (Storm, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Wolverine, and Colossus).  Again, Cyclops is listed as an X-Man but is really a long-term guest in the book.  They've also brought along Kitty Pryde's pet dragon, Lockheed.  Next up are independent heroes, Hulk and Spider-Man.  Finally, we have three members of the Fantastic Four (Mr. Fantastic, the Thing, and the Human Torch).  The Invisible Woman is absent on account of being very pregnant with her second child.
Also among the heroes but trying to keep quiet is the Master of Magnetism.  Yep.  Magneto.
As soon as the clumsy introductions are over with, our heroes are SHOCKED to see another arena appearing in the distance.  This one is carrying some super-villains.  It is Doctor Doom who handles all of these villains' intros.  We have the Enchantress, Ultron, the Absorbing Man, the Wrecker and his Wrecking Crew (Thunderball, Piledriver, and Bulldozer), Kang the Conqueror, Doctor Octopus, the Lizard, Molecule Man, and Galactus.  One of these things is not like the others and that would be the Devourer of Worlds.  It's interesting that a cosmic force was put on the side of villainy but the big guy serves a necessary function to this series.  A couple, actually.
On the heroes' construct, everyone has suddenly noticed Magneto and their reaction isn't pleasant.  While Magnus will make a slight transition to something resembling a "good guy" in the X-Men book, he'll never really be treated as a hero by the Avengers and his heroic turn hasn't happened just yet.  The Master of Magnetism tries to explain that he's not really a villain and that his belief in mutant supremacy/equality is noble.
Interrupting this exchange is the extinguishing of all other matter in this section of the galaxy.  We're left with complete blackness as the stars are sucked up.  The two constructs are zipped forward as a planet is assembled in orbit around a remaining star.  This is Battleworld and it is composed from bits of other planets.  It will serve as the perfect planet for our heroes and villains to beat the snot out of each other.
After such an awe-inspiring display of power, most of our characters are still stumbling for their brains to catch up with events.  That's not so with Ultron.  He sees the impossible happen and just blocks it out in favor of living up to his mission to destroy all humans.  With a body made out of Adamantium and a death ray at his command, there's not much that can stop the killer robot.
Not much except for Galactus.  Doom, convinces Molecule Man to slighly push Ultron in the Devourer's direction and then everyone watches as Galactus gets pissed off and sucks up all of Ultron's energy.  Crisis averted.
A tear opens in the fabric of the universe and out of it, a voice speaks, "I am from beyond!  Slay your enemies and all you desire shall be yours!  Nothing you dream of is impossible for me to accomplish!"
Our assembled characters know that the voice is speaking the truth but just in case the reader isn't convinced, it's time for Galactus to do a little jobbing.  The Devourer knows that his wish to not be so hungry for planets could be granted by the Beyonder (the voice) but he has no patience for this little game.  Galactus decides to fly out to the tear in space/time and... I guess... take his wish by force?  He blasts through the villains' floating arena and soars on up to the space rip.  Before the construct can repair itself, Doctor Doom flies out to join the Devourer.  
Doom is pushed back by a barrier of energy before Galactus but his instruments keep on recording the confrontation.  Galactus is finally repulsed and both he and Doctor Doom are pushed down to the planet surface.  Likewise, the two bubble-encased constructs land on the surface.  Our heroes don't even get a choice before they are teleported off the construct and onto Battleworld.
Wolverine runs around with his claws out for every issue of this series.  It's like he doesn't know how to retract them.
They are now free to go back to yelling about Magneto and what they should do with him.  The X-Men have already started to warm up to their fellow mutant and they try to calm down the mounting tensions between Mags and the rest of the heroes.  In the Mighty Marvel Manner, this just leads into a fight.  To prevent a rift between the heroes (but mostly to prevent the X-Men getting their butts kicked), Magneto decides to leave and forge his own path.
With the bad guy out of their midst but with a resentment for mutants forming, the heroes need to work out who's going to lead them in the coming battles.  A lot of names are passed around.  Mr. Fantastic declines because for the first time in his life, he's distracted by his wife being absent.  Hulk's name is brought up because he's currently rocking with Bruce Banner's mind but he has no interest in being the boss and hands the leadership reigns over to Captain America.  Steve isn't the current leader of the Avengers but Wasp (who IS) decides that the WWII vet would be the most ideal choice during this event.
Captain America is tactful enough to suggest Professor Xavier but Xavier turns down the offer, putting his faith in the Sentinel of Liberty.  That doesn't sit well with Wolverine.  Logan believes Rogers to be inferior because of a lack of super-powers.  It's only when Thor stands up for his fellow Avenger that the matter is well and truly settled.
Meanwhile, after a rough landing, Doctor Doom wakes up right next to a still comatose Galactus.  He sees a structure on the horizon and guesses (correctly) that his fellow villains have taken up residence within.  Doom decides to pay them a visit to convince them NOT to play the Beyonder's game.
He finds the villains have settled the matter of leadership while he was away and their choice for boss is... him.  That's touching but it only lasts as long as he is willing to actually LEAD them into battle against the heroes.  When they learn that he's not interested in fighting heroes when the full power of the Beyonder could be his, they decide to attack the dictator, believing Doom to be a coward.
With a blast from his gauntlets, Doctor Doom crushes the villains beneath this section of their fortress.  If the bad guys won't listen to him, perhaps he'll have more luck getting the heroes to hear him out.  Doom takes a sky sled from the fortress and flies off to find the good guys.  Before he gets too far, Kang the Conqueror (who wasn't with the other villains when Doom leveled part of the fortress on them) shoots the Latverian dictator out of the sky and to an apparent death.
The heroes see the explosion and race off to investigate.  When they find Doctor Doom alive (thanks to his forcefield), they move in to help.  Suddenly, Victor Von Doom isn't feeling like allying with the heroes because he believes they are showing him pity.  PITY!  For that, they must be killed!  Or at least blasted!
After scattering the heroes across the battlefield, Doom flies off.  The heroes are still getting to their feet when the villains show up and start their first attack.

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #2

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #2
Writer: Jim Shooter
Penciler: Michael Zeck
Inker: John Beatty
Editor: Tom Defalco
The issue in a nutshell:
The heroes fend off the first villain attack and take some prisoners.  Doom reprograms Ultron and asserts leadership over the villains.  Magneto breaks into the heroes' base and ends up kidnapping the Wasp.
This issue by bullet points:
• The bad guys attack and knock out half of the good guys in seconds!
• Doctor Doom watches as Galactus rises from his sleep and walks off.
• Doom infiltrates the villains' base and takes the place over while also reprogramming Ultron to do his bidding.
• The heroes beat the bad guys and take most of them prisoner.
• Storm finds the good guys a base to play in.
• Doom uses Ultron to take control of the villains.
• Magneto breaks into the heroes' headquarters and kidnaps the Wasp.
• A storm rolls in, preventing a quick rescue.
This issue in EXTREME detail:
The villains are attacking!  The villains are attacking!  Unlike the heroes, who have done nothing but kick Magneto out of their team and pick a leader, the villains have found a base of operations and started learning how to use the arsenal at their disposal.  That's why Piledriver and Bulldozer are manning a walking gun stand.  Even without an effective leader, the villains take out half of the heroes in seconds.  
Actually, I'd pit Kang's leadership skills against Doom's any day but it seems that even the Conqueror is upset that Doctor Doom isn't calling the shots.  That's interesting but he says that while declaring that it was HE who killed the green cloaked villain.
Except Kang didn't actually KILL anyone.  Right now, Doctor Doom is flying AWAY from this battle that he missed by mere moments.  His destination?  A flashback of what you might have missed last issue.  Since we just went over that issue, we'll just skip over that and get to his OTHER destination.  Galactus.  The Devourer of Worlds.  
Galactus is just waking up after getting knocked the F@#$ out by the Beyonder in the first issue.  Doom witnesses the cosmic force float up and then right himself before striding off.  Victor tries to get Galactus's attention but the Devourer doesn't even notice the dictator.
Doctor Doom doesn't waist time shouting curses.  Instead, he heads on off to the unoccupied villain base.  It's a small matter for Doom to destroy the base's defenses before he continues his journey inside.  When he finds the inert body of Ultron, the villain decides to reprogram the robot to do his bidding.
Back at the big battle, the heroes have finally rallied and start doing some major damage on the villains.  Thor is able to take Kang, Thunderball, the Wrecker, and the Lizard out of the fight with a well placed hammer smash.  Hulk and Cyclops smash up Bulldozer and Piledriver's gun walker.  She-Hulk uses her full strength to deck the Enchantress.  With their numbers dwindling, the remaining villains make a run for it back to their base.  The heroes let them go.
Captain America orders Storm to fly up and find the heroes a base to settle into and she does just that.  The place is GIGANTIC.  As everyone walks inside, Colossus notes that Lockheed has gone missing.  Unfortunately, searching for Kitty Pryde's dragon isn't on the agenda right now.
Time passes.  The heroes' prisoners are locked up.  Reed even found a device that can repair injuries and put the Enchantress within it (her fight with She-Hulk got a little TOO physical).  With that handled, Cap calls a general meeting.
Meetings are fun!
Steve Rogers lists off the heroes' objectives... and we learn that Wolverine is going to be riding Captain America in the same way that he usually rides Cyclops.  Cap's used to this since he used to take even worse abuse from Hawkeye and he doesn't even give the X-Man any acknowledgement.  Nope, Rogers is strictly business, sending Iron Man, the Human Torch, and Thor out to guard the perimeter and setting up two teams to investigate their new headquarters.
Far away from the heroes' base, we find that Magneto has found a base of his own.  We don't stay with the Master of Magnetism long but we DO learn that he's begun to have sympathies for regular Homo Sapiens.
The villains must have taken the long way home because they are just getting back to their base now.  It's no longer "their" base, however.  Doctor Doom has planted his flag and when the returning bad guys complain about it, he sics Ultron on them.  This isn't the normal evil robot, of course.  Doom's reprogramming has pretty much removed Ultron's personality, leaving the robot under his complete control.  AND upgraded!  Doctor Doom had the time to add some of this alien weaponry to Utron's combat suite, making certain that even the Absorbing Man couldn't stand against him.
The villains decide to stand WITH Doctor Doom instead of AGAINST him.  The dictator wastes no time sweet talking Molecule Man.  Owen Reece was the only villain who wasn't interested in challenging Doom's command and we learned earlier that he's not all that interested in fighting in the first place.  Doom is probably sweet talking him in order to get results later on.
The only villain who isn't completely sold on following Doctor Doom is Doctor Octopus.  Doc Ock keeps those thoughts to himself, however.  Instead of rocking the boat, he asks his new leader about Galactus.  Doom shows Octopus an image of Galactus on top of a mountain but no one guesses what the Devourer is doing up there.
As night falls, Magneto finds the heroes' base of operation and easily breaks inside.  He flies right to the fortress's power core to fulfill whatever mission he's on.
Meanwhile, our heroes have broken up into smaller groups to talk.  Wasp confides in She-Hulk, telling the green lady how freaked out she is by this entire event.  Cyclops expresses his frustrations to Mister Fantastic about being unexpectedly separated from his new bride and Reed shares his own frustration for being away from Sue.  Reed and Scott are almost interrupted by the Thing but Ben turns around when he hears them talking about their wives.  Ben just realized that he's been separated from his OWN girlfriend, Alicia Masters, but he wonders if that's not a good thing for her.  Spider-Man and the Human Torch are in the middle of talking about this strange battle on the edge of the universe...
When Magneto's manipulation with the power core finally gets Spider-Man's attention.  He swings on into action, telling Johnny to assemble the rest of the heroes.  By the time the rest of the heroes (minus the X-Men who are conspicuously absent) are at the power core chamber, Spider-Man has already been wrapped in a metal cage and defeated.  The heroes fare no better as Magnus drops a lot of metal components right on top of them.
While Magneto MEANT to get the heroes' attention, this isn't how he expected things to play out.  He decides to take off but not before trapping Wasp in a metal prison and taking her with him.  The Thing tosses a ball of metal at the Master of Magnetism but... metal doesn't actually work too well against Magneto.
Not only that but for some unexplained reason, Ben has just reverted to his human form.  The heroes don't have time to figure out what happened to the Thing because they're too busy fretting over the missing Wasp, how Magneto just played them for saps, and how the X-Men didn't show up to help.
They'd head right after Magneto right now, but it looks like one big monster of a storm is going to make travel outside their base impossible.  Oh, and Galactus is probably up to something as well.

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #3

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #3
Writer: Jim Shooter
Penciler: Michael Zeck
Inker: John Beatty
Editor: Tom Defalco
The issue in a nutshell:
With the fights on hold because of rain, Magneto makes a temporary truce with the Wasp that leads to a temporary romance.  The X-Men leave the heroes to join up with the Master of Magnetism.  When the storm ends, the villains push the heroes into retreat with the help of their two newest members, Titania and Volcana.
This issue by bullet points:
• As a mega-storm rages over Battleworld, Magneto frees his prisoner and gets her to call a time out as he tries to convince her that he's not a bad guy.
• Thor saves the Hero HQ from almost certain peril.
• Spider-Man overhears the X-Men talking about defecting to the Master of Magnetism's side and gets a mindwipe when he tries to inform Reed Richards.  The X-Men leave.
• Magnus starts romancing the Wasp.
• Doctor Doom makes two new villains to join his ranks: Volcana and Titania.
• With Captain America napping and Hulk not paying attention, the heroes are asleep at the wheel when the villains attack.  
• The heroes retreat.  The villains win.  THE VILLAINS WIN!
This issue in EXTREME detail:
As the mega-storm roils across the landscape, we join Magneto back at his fortress.  He's enjoying the rain fall over the alien landscape but pulls himself away from the wonders of nature long enough to free his Avenger prisoner from that metalic prison.  Janet Van Dyne grows back up to her regular size to find that Magneto is no where in sight.  She's left with free run of the fortress, however, so Janet searches around until she finds him.
Magnus is busy eating some of the local cuisine and believes himself well protected from attack.  Wasp proves him wrong when she blasts the plate he's holding and spills food on the Master of Magnetism's nice clean clothes.  IN YOUR FACE, MAGNETO!
After dropping a few threats, Jan finally agrees to a temporary peace.  Magneto is obviously quite taken with the Wasp and compliments her on her brains and looks.  With that said, he tries to convince Janet that he's not Super Hitler.
In the heroes' base, we find Ben Grimm (still in human form) and Johnny Storm enjoying the mega-storm that is keeping them inside.  While they watch, a massive chunk of mountain is blasted loose by a bolt of lighting and threatens to destroy their entire fortress.  Luckily, Thor, god of thunder, is outside, getting soaked, and in a perfect position to repel such deadly attacks.  The rock is successfully smashed and Thor exalts in his victory over it.
That's why it's a good idea to keep a Thor around in case of emergencies.
Inside, we find that Hawkeye was about ready to let an explosive tipped arrow loose on the rock.  She-Hulk doubts that this would have done a lick of good.  The two are just about to start bickering but Clint Barton's heart isn't in it.  He tells Shulkie that he misses his new wife (it was the eighties-- everyone was getting married) and just wants to get off this Battleworld and back home.
Iron Man and Captain Marvel are in another section of the heroes' gigantic fortress, checking the place for signs of damage.  They're also flirting.  This is, after all, not the Captain Marvel of the sixties and seventies.  This is Monica Rambeau.  It's also not the IRON MAN of the sixties and seventies... not that that would matter.  I'm pretty sure Tony Stark would be flirting with Monica just as much as Jim Rhodes is.
For bonus points, Rhodey is using the Iron Man's built-in roller skates.
In the command center, Hulk, Captain America, and Mr. Fantastic discuss command-related things.  Hulk tells Cap that repairs have almost been completed after Magneto's attack.  Reed has less success to report.  He's got Galactus on a dedicated monitor but doesn't know WHAT the Devourer of Worlds is up to.  On ANOTHER monitor is the villains' base.  It seems like the bad guys are absorbing the energy of the storm but that's all supposition on Reed's part.  At any rate, the heroes should be able to see the bad guys coming since they can continually monitor the villains' HQ.
Reed mentions how much he misses his wife with Cap offering his sympathies and Hulk wondering if he should call Mr. Fantastic a Wambulance.  Hulk might be a lot smarter than usual but he's certainly not as likeable.  
Captain America lists off their advantages, wich mostly amounts to having already captured a good deal of the villains.  He believes that an attack will come as soon as the mega-storm abaits.  So it's all about being ready.  Reed decides to take a break, leaving Cap and Hulk to mind the store.
Spider-Man watches Reed sulk off and then goes on a swing around the fortress.  He's lost in his own thoughts when he accidentally walks into the X-Men's section of the hero headquarters.  Spidey notices that Professor X is walking now and is JUST ABOUT to swing off and give the mutants their privacy when he overhears the X-Men talking about leaving to join up with Magneto.
Uh oh.
Xavier probably should have detected the wall-crawler earlier but he only senses Spidey AFTER declaring their intentions to join up with the Master of Magnetism.  In response to this, the web-slinger leaps into battle with the X-Men and makes them all look like chumps.
Yes, seriously.  There was a time when Spider-Man didn't even take Wolverine as a serious threat and it's right here when he's giving the canucklehead a backhand while shouting "Dummy! NOBODY can sneak up on me--!  Those pigstickers may scare the bar room bullies, but to me you're a JOKE!"
I have never loved Spider-Man more.  I might have a Wolverine prejudice.  Did I mention that?
The X-Men aren't actually trying to kill Spider-Man.  They're just trying to calm Spidey down so that they can explain their plans to the Wall-Crawler.  They're just doing this with as much violence as you can imagine instead of... y'know... trying to calm him down.  Comics are crazy.
Spider-Man swings his way over to Reed Richards who is still sulking his way down the corridor.  When he tries to explain the X-Men's nefarious scheme, he suddenly forgets what he was doing and swings off.  Cyclops shows up just in time to smooth things over with Mr. Fantastic.
Yes, that was Charles Xavier with the mindwipe.  At least he'll regret it later.  With Spider-Man dealt with, the X-Men find a flying vehicle and head out into the mega-storm.  Ororo's weather manipulation will assist them in getting through this weather without getting killed.
Over in Magneto's base, Magnus is taking a call from Doctor Doom, declining an offer to join up with the villains.  Doom reminds the Master of Magnetism of the whole "those who aren't with me are against me" thing before hanging up.  Magnus walks out of the communications room to rejoin his guest.
OK, Magnus's cards are on the table.  He's not just looking for an alliance.  He's also looking for love in all the wrong places.
And... deleted.
Yeah... this issue takes place almost three decades ago and I still can't believe Wasp and Magneto kissed.  But they do.  And it's awkward.
Over in Doombase (the villains' HQ), Doctor Doom is working on a way to bolster his ranks.  This involves using this alien technology to transform two normal women into super-villains!  Where did the two girls come from?  We'll probably explain that later.  It's a twelve issue series, after all.
This is the moment that "Skeeter" MacPherran and Miss Rosenberg become Titania and Volcana.  Titania, in particular, is destined to become an important villain within the Marvel Universe.  Volcana gets a pretty good deal of fire power when she transforms into a form made up of "ionized plasma."  Titania's powers are less sophisticated.  She gets super-strength, durability, and the attitude that only comes from being picked on for being a ninety pound weakling.  Captain America not withstanding.
The two new super-villains are introduced to the rest of the gang.  Titania tries to pick a fight with the Absorbing Man but he won't rise to her bait.  Volcana immediately begins flirting with Molecule Man.  Love is in the air.
Doctor Doom knows exactly when the mega-storm will subside and starts making plans for an attack at dawn.
Back at the heroes' base, Thor walks through the detention area to find the Enchantress.  It appears that all this time among humans has given the god of thunder a hankering to talk things out with a fellow Asgardian.  Since there are no good one to converse with, it looks like he'll have to chat with Amora.  She's not interested in talking in prison, however, and takes Thor away from the Heroes' base.  The thunder god still claims that she's his prisoner but that's only as long as the Enchantress wants to be.  Clearly.
In the heroes' command center, Captain America has decided to take a nap, leaving Hulk on monitor duty.  Unfortunately, Hulk isn't all the good at paying attention.  His intelligence seems to be fading and he's more concerned about that than looking at the giant screens behind him.  As such, the heroes are caught with their pants down when the villains attack.
With their reinforcements, the villains kick some serious ass all over the heroes.  Reed, Johnny, and Ben find themselves facing the powerhouse Titania.  She-Hulk has a run in with Volcana.  Captain Marvel is taken unawares by Doctor Octopus (which is amazing because Doc Ock had to stay quiet long enough to knock Monica out).  
The heroes start rallying at this point but it's far, far too late.  Hawkeye ends up fending off Doctor Octopus but Iron Man and Spider-Man are taken out by Ultron almost as an accident as the killer robot looks to be randomly destroying the heroes' base. When Hulk tries taking the fight to Doctor Doom, Banner has to face the threat of the Molecule Man and is pummeled by gigantic rocks.
Captain America has no choice but to call a retreat.  The villains have defeated the heroes.  Doom is upset that there weren't any deaths but he's still satisfied with a win.  Now, it's time to completely obliterate this base.

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #4

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #4
Writer: Jim Shooter
Penciler: Bob Layton
Inker: John Beatty
Editor: Tom Defalco
The issue in a nutshell:
After their base is destroyed, the Marvel Heroes are buried underneath a mountain, courtesy of the Molecule Man.  The X-Men join up with Magneto just in time to fail at stopping Wasp from escaping.  After freeing themselves from their mountainous prison, the heroes find a village to recover in that is right next to Galactus.
This issue by bullet points:
• The heroes' base is destroyed.  Molecule Man buries them under a mountain range.
• After his talk with the Enchantress, Thor return to the heroes' base to find it overwhelmed by villains.  After a fight, he is "destroyed" by Ultron.  He actually survives.
• The X-Men enter Magneto's base, intent on forming an alliance even after listening to Mags talk about killing their enemies.
• Wasp escapes.  Xavier convinces Magneto to let her go.
• Hulk holds up a mountain.
• Reed Richards uses components from everyone's tech as well as Torch and Captain Marvel's powers to blast a giant hole in the side of the mountain.
• Captain Marvel flies over the planet, looking for a place that the heroes can call a refuge.  She finds a village right next to Galactus.
• The villagers eventually let them stay. One of them even heals the injured heroes.
• Ben Grimm turns back into the Thing.
• Galactus raises his hands.
This issue in EXTREME detail:
Remember that swanky headquarters that the heroes had called their own?  It's dust.  Doctor Doom and his band of merry villains have just blow'd it up.  Sure, they didn't kill any heroes in the process but Doom isn't concerned.  He's got the good guys on the run.  They've just liberated the heroes' prisoners and they've got numbers on their side.  It's only a matter of time.
Doc Ock uses a hi-tech pair of binoculars to locate the retreating heroes.  Maybe time has already run out for the good guys?  Titania picks up a huge chunk of debris from the fallen fortress and tosses it right at the heroes' location.  The rest of the bad guys follow suit, tossing their own rocks and fortress sections at the protagonists.  The villains decide that aerial bombardment isn't enough and get ready to follow after the wounded heroes.
Instead, Molecule Man just drops a mountain range on top of the good guys.  I'm pretty sure he did that to impress Volcana.  Whatever his reasons, it's pretty bad ass.
Let's step back a pace or two and see how the heroes handle this predicament.  They look ROUGH.  Mr. Fantastic, Spider-Man, She-Hulk, Ben Grimm, and Captain Marvel are unconscious.  Hawkeye, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and the Human Torch are still on their feet but even they have seen better days.  Johnny Storm's arm is broken, for example.  They don't know what happened to Thor or the X-Men but you can bet they aren't very trusting about those mutants.
You may think I'm making up the mutant paranoia in this comic but I'm not.  It was a real thing in the Marvel Universe and even the heroes weren't all that trusting of the X-Men.  They were, after all, an outlaw band of heroes.  That doesn't really say that they were invited to all the hero cookouts.  Whenever the X-Men aren't around, SOMEONE is going to say something about trusting them.  Captain America, for his part, tries to stop that line of thinking but the X-Men leaving to join up with Magneto isn't going to win them any friends.  Guaranteed.
Spider-Man wakes up because his Spider-Sense just went nuts.  He's able to warn everyone about the projectiles coming their way.  Hawkeye is finally able to use his explosive tipped arrow and smash some debris before it kills them all.  Iron Man is able to help out with some well placed repulsor blasts.  So far so good.
But the mountain range?  No one has any defense against that.  That's just going to land on top of them.
The villains cheer as the heroes are crushed.  Molecule Man is a man of the hour.  Only Doom has any doubts that the heroes are dead but even he is pretty sure that finished things off.  Now, they just need to hunt down Magneto, the X-Men, Thor, and figure out how to take out Galactus.  So they've got a ways to go.
Speaking of Thor, he and the Enchantress are sitting down on the other side of the world, enjoying a conversation between immortals.  The Enchantress claims that she has been trying to win Thor's love for centuries.  Thor tells her that she's doing it wrong.  When the mountain lands on top of the heroes, the shockwave reaches even here.  The Enchantress teleports herself and Thor back to the heroes' base...
And right into the midst of the villains.
Thor thinks for one fleeting moment that Amora will stand by his side but one look at her tells him that he's fighting alone.  Taking on an Asgardian is no small task and it takes the combined might of the villains to even give him pause.  We learn that Titania's strength limit is a bit BELOW the god of thunder's when he ends up sending the new villain flying through the air.
Thor ends up besting the villains with a personal lightning storm.  That's when Doctor Doom pulls out all the stops, ordering Ultron to unleash a disintegrator beam on the hero.  After the blast has done it's business, all that's left is Thor's helmet and some shreds of his cape.  The Enchantress cries.
Before the villains head back to their base to make further plans, Doom has some revenge to dole out.  In the first issue, Kang the Conqueror tried to kill the dictator.  Kang tries to explain his actions but how do you explain away attempted murder?  Doom orders Ultron to kill Kang and the time conqueror is destroyed by Ultron's disintegrator beam.
Now, the price of betrayal is known.  They can all return to Doombase as a happy band of psychopaths.
Of course, one guy who was hit by the disintegrator beam isn't ACTUALLY dead.  As the villains take their leave, we see a hand with the distinctive wristband of the Mighty Thor.
Let's head on over to the X-Men.  They're still on their journey to Magneto's base and many of them are deep in their own thoughts.  Colossus is thinking about how much he misses Kitty Pryde.  Rogue, who was a villain quite recently, wonders if this war might see her return to the bad guys.  Wolverine sees this as an opportunity to unleash his berzerker fury on the bad guys.  
And Xavier?  He regrets mindwiping Spider-Man.
The X-Men arrive at Magneto's base.
Inside that base, Magnus is using his abilities to create a comb for his new girlfriend, Janet Van Dyne.  As the Avenger busies herself with her hair, Magneto finds that his base has an X-Men infestation.  Fortunately, the mutant heroes are here to form an alliance.
Magneto goes over his plans to win this war.  These are plans he has already discussed with the Wasp and has found that she totally agrees with him.  They need to "slay their enemies."  Kill.  Or be killed.  The Master of Magnetism has decided to kill.
Oh, and the agreeable Wasp?  Not really.  She was just playing Magneto to learn his plans and then escape.  It seems like she's not only learned what Mags is up to but also that the X-Men have joined him.  Now, she's got to make her escape and inform the Avengers and the other heroes.
The X-Men can add Wasp to the list of heroes that have made them look like amateurs.  Janet makes her way to an air ship and flies off, trying to learn the controls as she goes.  
Magneto is about to end Wasp's escape with a magnetic attack but is stopped by Professor X.  Xavier is still feeling pretty guilty about the Spider-Man incident and has decided that they will no longer harm the good guys to get what they want.  This is a big rule and their alliance depends on it.  Magnus lets the Wasp go.
Remember those heroes that were crushed under a mountain range?  They're still alive.  I know!  I was worried, too.  Hulk is holding up the section that they're in with a little help from Iron Man.  This is a temporary solution at best.  Banner can't keep this up forever.  Hawkeye is about to throw in the towel when Captain America comes up with the most brilliant plan of his entire career.
"Help me revive Reed!"
That's why he's a leader, people.
They quickly tell Mr. Fantastic the situation.  Reed decides they need to make a powerful gun to break them free.  All he'll need is everyone's tech gear.  Iron Man lends his armor systems.  Spider-Man hands over his web shooters.  Hawkeye throws in his arrows. 
When the Hulk begins to whine, Reed fuels the fire, making the Hulk angry.  Mr. Fantastic isn't an idiot or suicidal.  He knows that the madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets.  If you want the big green guy to hold up a mountain, you may want to get him pretty angry.
Now, it's just a matter of power.  Iron Man's gauntlets are modified to accept the energy from the Human Torch and Captain Marvel.  With one incredible blast of repulsor beams, Iron Man has just blasted a way to freedom.
When everyone is out, Reed apologizes to Hulk but Bruce understands exactly what Mr. Fantastic was trying to do.  He may be slowly losing his intelligence but that doesn't mean he's dumb.
Greeting them is Thor.  The thunder god was trying his best to dig the heroes out but they were WAY too deep for him to do any good.  He explains how he survived Ultron's disintegrator ray but it'll still leave you wondering why he wasn't killed.  Apparently, Thor lit up the area with a lightning blast so he could escape.  And I guess he threw his helmet up in the air?  I don't know, it sounds pretty iffy to me.
Cap sends Captain Marvel out to find them a new base of operations.  Monica soars over the planet but all she can find is an inhabited village.  It appears that one of Battleworld's composite parts was inhabited.  Captain Marvel sees them as potential colateral damage but she also doesn't see much choice but to make this place their new home.
Oh.  It has one more problem besides being full of innocent people.
Real Estate is pretty cheap, here.
Some of the villagers are too hyped at a group of heroes horning in on their territory.  The good guys witness a public debate in a language they can't understand.  When it's done, the heroes are made welcome.  One of the villagers (the one who fought for them to remain here) is even a healer.  She takes a look at She-Hulk and even heals up Johnny Storm's arm.
The Human Torch starts flirting with her almost immediately even though no one can understand what she's saying.
Ben pulls Reed aside and mentions his concern about being so close to Galactus.  In the middle of this conversation, Ben reverts to his Thing form.  There doesn't appear to be a rhyme or a reason for these transformations except to make Ben depressed.
Left by himself, Reed doesn't get much time to think over Ben's problem before he notices that Galactus has just raised his hands in the air.  If the Big G starts waving them around like he just don't care, we are in trouble.
According to Reed's panicked look, the heroes are ALREADY in trouble...
And that's game, peeps!  I hope you enjoyed this rollick through all things AvX!  I'll see you again... soon.
Until then: Have a good week!



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SuperginraiX is the biggest sap on The Outhousers' payroll (wait, we get paid?). He reads every issue of every crappy Marvel crossover so you don't have to. Whats worse is that he pays for his books, thus condoning Marvel's behavior. If The Outhouse cared for his well being at all, they'd try and get him into some sort of rehab center. But, alas, none of us even know how to say his name. For a good time, ask Super why Captian America jumped off the Helicarrier in Fear Itself. Super lives in the frozen wastland that is Minnesota with 15% of the state's population living under his roof: a wife he makes wear an Optimus Prime mask, two gremlins, and his mother-in-law.


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