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RUviews: AvX Is Finally Over!

Written by GHERU on Wednesday, October 24 2012 and posted in Reviews

RUviews: AvX Is Finally Over!

Too many comics for one episode; part 1 of 2 (hopefully) -
Avengers vs. X-Men #12, Wolverine and the X-Men #17 & #18, Uncanny Avengers #1, Detective Comics #13, Batman #13, and Fables #121


Hello there, Internet people, its your good buddy, RU, here with part one of a rare two part RUview.  It’s been so long since we last saw each other, and I’ve read so much that I have to split this up.  Good news, more RU, bad news, more RU.

Here we go:

Avengers vs. X-Men #12 – Anybody who has watched enough of these knows that I am a fan of fun comics, action, and absurdity; that being said, the whole AvX event has left a bad taste in my mouth.  Lets forget for the time being my previous rant about how Jean Grey was never the Dark Phoenix, thus making the Avengers’ whole argument baseless and focus on how Marvel did everything they could to paint Scott Summers as the villain without ever having The Avengers, especially Captain America, admit that they caused everything.  They brought the army to Utopia to kidnap/murder an innocent child for crimes she hadn’t committed yet (see Civil War for how Cap feels about that), they used the word of a sociopath who always wanted Scott’s wife as a character witness, they blew up a universal force – right next to Earth! – Thus creating the Phoenix 5.  The Avengers caused everything that happened, but Scott is the bad guy.  The Avengers brought in the genocide Scarlet Witch because she was forgiven for misusing a power that she never asked for and lost control of…. and yet, Scott is in prison while she was allowed to live in the Alps as her betrothed, Dr. Doom, killed Cassidy Lang.  Yea, whatever.  AvX was the quintessential square peg round whole story that will not hold up.  It’s not Fear Itself annoying, but its close.  Oh, and by destroying the Phoenix, the M’Krann Crystal’s protector, The Avengers probably put the Universe in jeopardy, so there's that. In the end, The Avengers used Scott’s plan from the beginning; trust Hope.  Scott probably wouldn’t have destroyed the Phoenix because he knows what it can do…so does Wolverine, but he’s a murdering sociopath, and probably didn’t care enopugh to share.

Wolverine and the X-Men #17 & #18 – What is it that Doop does for the school? Read Marvels best single issue of 2012, Wolverine & The X-Men #17, to find out.  Jason Aaron, who seems to be able to bring out the best in any artist, and Droop’s creator, Michael Allred team up to tell Doop’s story, and it is a beautiful one.  I loved this book so much that I don’t want to spoil anything, just go and find this issue, read it, and bask in its awesomeness.
            #18 returns us to the AvX event from the school’s POV.  Really, nothing important regarding AvX happens, except we see the events of AvX #11 through the student’s eyes, and how they react to the death (yea, right) of a legend.  What does matter is the side story and how Jason Aaron is a monster.  If you have been following this book from the beginning, prepare to be pissed off – which is a testament to how good a writer Aaron is, I was physically shaken by what I saw and had to put comics down for the night.

Uncanny Avengers #1 – Now we move onto AvX fallout crap.  Hope restarted the X gene, like we all knew she would three months before this even started, so now Steve thinks he should start caring about the mutants.  He was able to ignore Sentinels, Ravagers, Friends of Humanity, politicians who wanted to put mutants (including his team mates) in camps, and everything else – but now that the X gene is back he suddenly decides to care.  Blah blah blah, Thor, Havoc, Rouge, Scarlet Witch, and Cap are all in the issue doing whatever it is that they do, and pissing me off – for the most part.  The only redeemable “hero” in this comic is Rouge, and that’s because she sees thought the BS that the Avengers, and Marvel, have spoon-fed all of us.  The book does have some nice moments, and does feel like a Silver Age story, especially when the villain with a goat face is named “Goat Faced Girl"; that is just classic, and I love it.  This might be a great comic, and I’ll keep trying it, but with the abomination that AvX turned these characters into, it will take a lot for me to thick Captain America isn’t anything but a pandering douche-nozzle who sold out the X-Men and now thinks he can make up for it.

Detective Comics #13 – this is John Layman’s (Chew) first issue, and the first issue of the New 52 that I have picked up and it was ok.  It was an interesting take on the founding families of Gotham and the rivalry between the Cobblepots and Waynes.  Predictably, this becomes a cluster as The Penguin tries to keep Batman busy as he goes after Bruce Wayne, and hilarity ensues (not really).  Anything is better than the Daniels written garbage, and I’ll stick with this for a while.  The back-up story was fantastic, and I’d rather read that story again before I read the main story.

Batman #13 – You know what, just once I’d like Scott Snyder to write a bad comic just so I could criticize him, just a little.  Death Of The Family starts here, and its creepy as fuck, and the back up is pretty sweet to.  I shouldn’t have to tell you what happened; you should have read this by now.

Fables #121Cubs in Toyland is, by far, my least favorite storyline of Fables yet.  That includes The Great Fables Crossover.  This was awkward, uneven, mean, and just bad.  Then again, a few bad issues in a 121 issue run is really no big deal.

Next episode: A bunch of trades, including Incognito, which I am mad at everyone for not making me read earlier.

Till then, later peeps.


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