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Arrow - "Lone Gunman"

Written by ThanosCopter on Thursday, October 25 2012 and posted in Features
Arrow -

A recap of the latest Arrow episode!


Arrow continues to provide generous helpings of action, melodrama and geekiness in its third episode.  While the last two episodes has shown how Oliver is at fighting small armies of goons, this episode pits him against a different type of adversary who arguably isn’t that much unlike the CW’s favorite adversary.

“Lone Gunman” opens with Oliver getting his workout on and lifting some cinderblocks fastened to a wooden plank.  While you’d think that Ollie could afford a Bowflex or something, maybe the cinderblocks helps him hone his vigilantism or something.  Anyways, Oliver’s target of the night is James Holder, the manufacturer of faulty smoke detectors that were put into low-income housing.  A lot of people died because of those smoke detectors, which means that he’s in Oliver’s Book of Shame. 

Conveniently, Holder is chatting on the phone besides his highrise rooftop pool, basically waiting to be confronted by dangerous vigilante types.  Oliver shows up and yells at him a bit, but is surprised when Holder is gunned down by an unknown sniper wearing an interesting eyepiece.  Oliver dodges a few rounds of sniper fire before and escapes, but not before he’s hit by a ricochet.

Back at the Arrowcave, Oliver pulls out the shrapnel out of his arm and stitches himself up, giving himself another scar in the process.  Oliver then realizes that the bullet was poisoned when he starts to stagger around the Arrowcave.  He quickly staggers to his wooden chest and pulls out a clump of grass, which he quickly eats before passing out. 

A flashback reveals that’s not the first time he’s eaten grass.  Back on Purgatory Island, Oliver wakes up in a cave with an arrow still in his chest (remember that from last time?).  An Asian fellow shows up and insists that he eats a clump of grass before pulling the arrow out.  As Ollie wreathes in pain, he asks Asian Arrow why the man shot him, to which the fellow ominously replies: “To save you.”

Oliver wakes up in the Arrowcave, apparently cured of all poison aftereffects.  When he arrives back at Queen Manor, he discovers that the police have dropped off his sister Thea after picking her up for breaking into a dress store while drunk.  While Moira successfully pays off the store owner, she’s not so successful at getting Thea to go to school, causing Oliver to comment what a crappy parent she is.

Meanwhile, Detective Lance and the rest of Starling City’s finest are investigating Holder’s murder.  Quentin’s partner thinks that Oliver (whom they’re now calling “The Hood”) was behind the murder, but Quentin’s not so convinced.  After all, why would Oliver murder a guy with bullets when arrows are so more convenient?  Oliver, meanwhile, discovers that the bullets were laced with a poison called ‘queari”, which is the M.O. of a notorious international assassin named…Deadshot.  What sort of dude is Deadshot?  He’s the sort of guy who tattoos the names of his victims, which we see him doing right before the commercial break.

Later that day, Oliver takes Tommy and Diggle to the factory that houses the Arrowcave and talks about his plans to convert the factory to a club.  Ollie’s secret reasoning is that the club would help cover his tracks better and explain where he runs off to all the time.  Tommy insists that they check out a club owned by Max Fuller, whose fiancée Ollie slept with the day before the wedding.  That won’t come back to bite him.  Nope, not at all.

Coincidentally, Laurel is caught reading up about Oliver’s plans to open up a club by a co-worker and gets chided about how she hasn’t gotten over Oliver.  Her co-worker insists that they go out that night to get drunk and dance with strange men, a plan that Laurel begrudgingly agrees with.

While Moira unsuccessfully tries to parent Thea, Oliver parkours up a building to retrieve one of Deadshot’s bullets.  That bullet links Deadshot to the Russian mob, which Oliver apperantly has some past dealings with.  Oliver flashes his chest tattoo to convince a mobster named Leonov to give him some information on Deadshot.

After Deadshot kills a second person (and tattoos his name on his abs), the police realize that the assassin is killing potential buyers of Unidack Industries, an energy company specializing in alternative energy sources.  Lance drops by Queen Manor to warn/accuse Walter Steele of the murders.  You’d think there’d be more than one detective in this city to help out with these things.

That night, Tommy and Ollie head to the club and bump into Laurel and Thea.  After Oliver gets all judgmental on Thea, his little sister spills that Tommy and Laurel were an item after they thought Oliver passed away.  Immediately after, Max Fuller arrives and drags Ollie to the VIP area to beat the crud out of him and Tommy.  However, Laurel follows them and quickly incapacitates Fuller with some nifty self-defense moves and clears up the fight before it really starts.  Laurel then tells Oliver that she’ll sleep with whoever she wants to before storming off.  That somehow triggers a flashback to Oliver waking up on the island next to a sleeping Asian Arrow and running away, only to be captured by a net trap.  Those flashbacks always pop up in the most inopportune times.

Diggle takes Oliver and Tommy to the Big Belly Burger to clean themselves up.  Diggle’s sister-in-law owns the place, and asks Diggle why he’s bringing rich white boys into her establishment.  She doesn’t seem too happy about Diggle’s line of work and reminds the bodyguard that his brother (her husband) was killed while protecting people.  By the way, one of the names tattooed on Deadshot’s chest was Andrew Diggle.  Coincidence? 

Anyways, Tommy apologizes to Ollie about sleeping with his ex, but Ollie doesn’t seem too concerned (in part because he found out about it two episodes while creeping around on a fire escape).  Oliver excuses himself to take a phone call from Leonov, who tells him that Deadshot is staying in a crappy hotel room in the city. 

Oliver tries to sneak up on Deadshot, but the assassin is wearing wrist-mounted machine guns and manages to escape through a window.  However, Deadshot leaves his laptop behind, albeit riddled with bullet holes. Oliver takes the laptop to Queen Industries IT department and leaves it in the hands of Felicity Smoke, who tells Ollie that the computer belongs to Walter Patel, a rival of Queen Industries.  She also finds blueprints of the building where the Unidack auction is taking place.  Oliver realizes that Deadshot’s planning on shooting up the joint and brusquely asks Detective Lance to help him protect everyone.

Moira and Steele arrive at the auction closely followed by Thea, who shows up to show her mother that she’s not an awful parent after all.  As Lance keeps his eyes peeled for Deadshot, it’s revealed that the assassin has already infiltrated the perimeter. 

Tommy and Laurel have a little chat about their relationship and how it affects Oliver.  Laurel points out that Oliver had already figured out the truth, which leads Tommy to take another pass at Laurel while promising to clean up his act. 

Speaking of Oliver, Oliver arrives at the auction and speaks with Diggle and Lance (basically revealing that he knows what’s going on) as Deadshot gets ready to shoot Steele.  Luckily, Lance notices the red dot on Steele’s chest and pushes him out of the way as Deadshot shoots.  Deadshot misses and hits a waiter instead.  RIP Waiter #1.  Oh, Deadshot shoots an old man too.

As the auction erupts into chaos, Ollie grabs Thea and Moira and tells Diggle to get them to safety.  As Deadshot shoots a woman totally oblivious to the gundire, Oliver dashes into a stairwell and grabs his gear, which he left in a trashcan.  One grappling arrow later, Oliver confronts Deadshot.  As the two exchange arrows/bullets and Oliver shows off his jungle gym skills, Deadshot remarks that Oliver isn’t that different.  After all, Oliver’s amassed a pretty impressive body count over the last three episodes.  Oliver replies that he only kills for the good of others before shooting Deadshot IN THE EYE.  Or at least his eyepiece.  Maybe the arrow just knocked him out.

However, Deadshot’s not the only person who got hurt in the crossfire.  Diggle followed Ollie and got hit by one of the bullets.  That leads to a flashback that shows Oliver getting cut out of the net trap by Asian Arrow, who warns him (in Mandarin) that there are OTHERS ON THE ISLAND.  That’s so Lost season one! 

Anyways, Oliver has no choice but to take Diggle back to the Arrowcave and brew up an antidote.  The episode ends with Diggle waking up to Oliver standing over him in the Arrowcave.

So that was the third episode, folks.  Surprised that Oliver has ties to the Russian mob?  What about Moira’s parenting skills?  Did they improve over the course of the episode?  Are you sad to see that Deadshot is a one and done villain?  While I hope you all enjoyed this Arrow review, be sure to leave your comments below and come back tomorrow to check out my Arrow Annotations column, which talks about all the Easter Eggs left by the writers of the show.



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