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Your Top Creative Runs part 1

Written by rdrsfn82 on Tuesday, January 18 2011 and posted in Features
Ladies and gentlemen, freaks and geeks, friends, Romans, and countrymen... Lend me your ears. Well, lend rdrs your ears cuz this round of the Top Lists is his show.

But before we get the ball rolling, I just wanted to give you all a little heads up and such. First off, I wanted to apologize for this being so late. I have had a really shitty eight months offline and some extenuating circumstances prevented me from getting this to you sooner. In fact, that is one of the few reasons why it is late. Stuff that happened offline prevented me from getting this to you sooner (and caused me to be a real dicknose to a good many of you in the process, but that is another tale and post for another time.

The second of three reasons is sorta tied into the first one. Knowing my offline was kinda nuts I asked for help to write some stuff up. Also because even though I am comic research god, there are a few runs out there I have not read. So, I figured I could kill two birds with one stone and have others write stuff up. Well, like me they had real life get in the way and even though I sounded like a real ass to them, I fully understand and want to thank you all for putting the offer in.

Lastly, I tried something I didn't do with the list prior to this one: I opened it to more outside/offline people. I know, I know... This is your guys list but I needed a distraction to keep my mind off stuff and I thought it would work. And it did. A little to well to be honest lol. So, not only did I post the nomination list at my usual spots and asked my usual offline friends and family and coworkers and friends of friends, I asked the dude at the comic shop to post flyers for this and my email. And then my email got flooded. Like holy shit, Australia now has nothing on what my email looked like then.

Anywho, this is your Top 168 Creative Runs (plus the OPC, you can't forget the OPC) and after receiving over 1,000 lists, here are your results. All ties were broken using the Tie Breaker Rule and if any nomination of yours that does not appear on the list, please do not hold it against me. It was an honest mistake. Ask rdrs, I was still giving changes a week ago to this when I was finding last minute lists and realized I may have double counted some stuff. Meds, you gotta love them. So, before we start I want to thank everyone who did put the time in and help me with this. Also want to thank the ones who tried to but could not, your geeky hearts were in the right place.

Now, I am going to say one thing last thing about this list and I will use the same phrase I used to describe my family dinner on Christmas. If a shit storm and a cluster fuck had a baby, it would be this list.


Oh, one more thing..

Do it, Rockapella!

168. 2 points - Nightforce (Wolfman/Colan)nightforce

The first entry on the list to get more than one point, Nightforce was created by Marv Wolfman with art by Gene Colan. The series only ran for 14 issues and focused on a sorcerer named Baron Winters who brought together various magical characters and sent them out on missions, not totally unlike Tomb of Dracula which had the same creative team for much of its run, and even included a female descendant of Abraham Van Helsing just like the more famous book. DC hoped the title would catch on and last as long as Tomb did, but alas it wasn't meant to be.

167 3 points Quasar (Gruenwald)
quasar"Man, I loved this comic. Mark Gruenwald did a helluva job writing this series. To me Quasar was Marvel's version of Green Lantern without the Corps."

Quasar was created in 1978 but didn't get a solo series until 1989 when Mark Gruenwald was given the character and went on to create a classic 60 issue run over the next 5 years that showed him as a major power defending the universe time and again from major threats, while also playing a big role in events like Infinity Gauntlet, where he was seemingly killed, but actually transported to the New Universe, where he was resurrected by the Star Brand and brought that concept over to the main Marvel U. The series ended with Quasar faking his death and heading off to defend the universe from major threats in deep space.

165 3 points TIE Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. (Johns) - Power Company (Busiek)

The first tie of the list features two DC books that introduced new characters, but which have vastly different legacies.

Power Companypowercompany

First up is Power Company from 2002, a book spun out of the events of the Invasion crossover and written by Kurt Busiek. The book dealt with a team of heroes for hire, led by a former lawyer whose meta-human gene was activated during Invasion. After 14 issues, the book was canceled. While some of the characters have stuck around and been used in bit parts of books like Action Comics and Teen Titans, the characters never really caught on as big parts of the DCU.

Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.
"Geoff Johns finest"

Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. by Geoff Johns debuted in 1999 also had a short run (15 issues including a zero issue) and also spun out of an event (Zero Hour), however the character of Courtney Whitmore has since become a major player in the JSA books of the last 10 years. The book was a fun adventure featuring Courtney finding out that her step dad, Pat Dugan, used to be the sidekick to Sylvester Pemberton, better known as the Star Spangled Kid/Skyman, and then stealing some of his possessions and those of Pemberton to become a superhero mostly to irritate him. Dugan in turn built a robot suit to help her out and keep her safe. The series was the first by Johns and showed his care for the past as well as his desire to update those older concepts for the modern era, and led directly to him being made co-writer of JSA, which we'll see further up on the list.

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