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Your Top Creative Runs part 4

Written by rdrsfn82 on Wednesday, January 19 2011 and posted in Features
Day 2 starts off with only two entries, because you jerks had a three way tie in the next spot. A 90's book that eventually devolved into a mess and a run that took place in the middle of a big publishing mess for a big name character.

157. 9 points - Flash (Peyer)flash-peyer

Yes, technically this probably shouldn't be on the list as it wasn't a long enough run, but Bubba didn't notice that and when I did the write-up, I think it's a good time to discuss the miscues in regards to one of DC's marquee characters that ruined the book for a few years, by looking at a fairly successful (from a storytelling standpoint) run. So deal with it.

Join me, on a journey back to the year 2008. So the Flash title was in a bit of a tailspin. They tried pushing Bart as the new Flash, but that didn't take so it was canned and Bart was killed. Then they tried bringing back Mark Waid and Wally West returned as the title character, with kids that had been super aged and given super powers. This also didn't go over well and Waid left the book. So finally they announced that Tom Peyer, writer of many things and well known for his Hourman book that had a cult following, took this new status quo and tried to build a solid foundation. And he did a pretty good job introducing a new villain who could control people's minds and did so through news outlets and scare tactics (plus a chained up meta-human), but alas despite much fanfare surrounding his debut on the book, he was unceremoniously dumped after a short run and the book was soon canceled so Grant Morrison could bring back Barry Allen in Final Crisis, and Geoff Johns could take that character into his own ongoing, leaving Barry, Peyer, and the West family hanging about on the fringes of the DCU, trapped in creative limbo yet again. While the new Flash book is fun, DC really screwed up the whole Flash series once Johns left and never really seemed to have a plan. Despite a few writers that seemed to have an OK grasp on the character, nothing ever was given a chance to settle down and it's no wonder sales struggled as a result. At least they learned their lesson and didn't do the same thing to Teen Titans or JLA or JSA or......

156. 9 points X-Force (Nicieza)
xforce-niciezaIn 1991 Fabian Nicieza joined Rob Liefeld in sending off New Mutants and ushering in a new series called X-Force. The original line-up of the team included Boom Boom, Cable, Cannonball, Domino, Feral, Shatterstar and Warpath, with characters like Siryn, Rictor and Sunspot joining later on. This run also introduced characters like Deadpool to the Marvel U. With issue #12 Liefeld left the book and Nicieza stayed on the book until 1995. His run included tie ins with most of the major X-Men crossovers like X-Cutioner's Song, and Age of Apocalypse. While the book had tons of big action, it also dealt with serious themes like Siryn's alcoholism. Cable left the book for a while and went on to his own solo series, but returned to become leader again. Nicieza would return to Cable in a book that will show up later.


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