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Your Top Creative Runs part 9

Written by rdrsfn82 on Thursday, January 20 2011 and posted in Features
Today ends with one of my favorite horror comics, an indy book from the 80's, and a revamp that tried to fix one of the most messed up continuities of all time.

143. 17 points - Hawkman (Johns/Morales)hawkman-johns

In 2002, following on the heels of his popular JSA series (which shows up later) Geoff Johns was given a solo series for Hawkman. Originally co-written with James Robinson, Johns wrote all but one issue of the first 25, and talented artist Rags Morales drew all but four of those issues as well.

One of the main focuses of this run was trying to balance all of the various continuity issues in the past of this character brought on by his resurrections, alien connections, original origins, and whatnot. In both JSA and the Hawkman series, Johns attempted to explain all of this in a way that made sense, and he did. Then he left the book and the new team continued to tell good stories, until issue #50 when it was retitled Hawkgirl and turned into a steaming pile of crap.

141. 17 points - TIE Nexus (Baron/Rude) - Werewolf by Night (Moench/Perlin)

Nexus (Baron/Rude)
Created in 1981, Nexus was a series about a guy 500 years in the future who received superpowers from an alien, with the catch that he had to hunt down and kill a selected number of mass murders each year. The alien would send out psychic images of the last moments of the victims, and they would continue until Nexus had killed the offending party.

The series was published by First Comics for many years, and crossed over with their characters such as Grimjack, American Flagg, and whatnot, before ending the ongoing with #80 in 1991 when First Comics went out of business, at which point the series moved to Dark Horse, which led to crossovers with some DH characters like Madman, and continued as a series of mini-series, with Rude and Baron continuing the numbering as if the ongoing hadn't ended.

Werewolf by Night (Moench/Perlin)werewolfbynight

Doug Moench took over Werewolf by Night with issue #20, and Perlin joined him as artist with #26 (having previously done a couple of issues of the series before Moench took over. Perlin would stay on until #40, while Moench would stay on for three more issues. During their time together on the book, they created Moon Knight (who captured Jack thinking he was guilty of some murders, only to find out he was innocent and then they teamed up as heroes tend to do) told some great horror stories, and generally kicked ass.

Moench's stories played up the human nature of Jack Russell (one of my personal favorite aliases in comics), with his constant battle with his wild nature being a key role. Eventually Jack gained the ability to turn at will, though on the three nights of the full moon he was still a rampaging beast. Featuring guest stars like Man-Thing, Ghost Rider, Brother Voodoo, and Morbius, the book covered all of the major Marvel horror characters, and Perlin's art was top notch the whole way. If you ever get the chance, check it out. And also check out Moench's other Marvel works from this era like Moon Knight and especially Master of Kung Fu, two of the better series you people left off of this list.

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