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Frank And JoJo At The Comics: Batman #16

Frank And JoJo At The Comics: Batman #16

Frankenstein, Former Agent of S.H.A.D.E., and MoJo JoJo team up to review comics. This time, Batman #16 (Death Of The Family tie-in)


Mojo: So, Batman #16 has arrived to be read the moment I purchase it from the shop that has comic books. I have waited very long and been very patient in the way this comic since I knew that the Joker like I Mojo Jojo would craft such an elaborate and crafted death trap for his foe, the Batman. For the inclusion of a horse, men dressed up as Batmen and Jokers' dancing, medieval knights trying to subdue the Dark Knight who is also a detective, and the final layers all to weave perfectly. Yeeeesssss, how I enjoyed this necessarily overtly complex plan.

Frank: If Frank be honest, Frank no really understand this issue.  Who “good guy?” Frank thought it was supposed to be Batman, but why he fighting someone who has new face? Frank often replaces body parts, that no make Frank bad guy!  Frank begin to root for Joker in last issue when all Batman did was say same thing over and over and over again.  Frank get it!

Frank need monkey JoJo to explain what Joker doing and why he staple new face on.  Does Joker need sewing lessons?  Frank help! Frank glad horse die, horses bad! Joker Bad? Frank like pretty pictures!

Mojo: Frank how many times must I tell you the thing that must be told! The Joker has no face! For his face is the one he has again plastered to his face. If it was a new face he'd have an eye patch and a trendy 90s hairdo like a Mohawk or something. Regardless, it is his old face to which is currently on his face. Though I agree with you why he hasn't gotten a new face to face Batman with or how a man can run around with no face for an entire year and no one would notice?

Secondly, what is it with the body parts stitched together? Did you ghost write this issue thus somehow stay unemployed no longer?!

Frank: Frank always happy MoJo JoJo here to explain things to Frank! Frank no know why DC is all about the stitched body parts now that Frank fired.  Almost as if big corporation see employee with good idea and steal it! Corporations are people too!

Seriously, Frank liked Death Of The Family when it start - keeping an eye on Babs’ legs for Bride of Frank - but story move too slow, even for Frank! Frank want someone to do something, and not in tie-in, in real book! Frank read Detective Comics and Frank no know where Batman find the time to run around so much and do so little!  Batman need shut-up and fight clown man and clown man need to get someone to look at that face, something not right!

Mojo: OF COURSE SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT FOR IT IS NOT RIGHT TO BEGIN WITH! Save the completely overtly detailed plot, this book failed for doing what the greatest writer of this era, Brian Michael Bendis does day in and day out in every comic he writes. Complexly detailed panels with complexly detailed splash pages that last a complexly long period of times. If only this story arc lasted longer than four issues. In that regard Scott Snyder fails! FAILS in having splash pages and long more intricate details on Batman's profound thoughts for his arch nemesis. For that this comic fails! FAILS! For that I shall speak no more of this comic that has failed to deliver to me what it was promised to do.


Frank: like Frank say, he like Death Of The Family at first, but Batman #15 and #16 not good.  Frank give severed thumb down.

Mojo: The scale to which I shall rate this comic will be graded in the way that I MOJO JOJO deems fit. For the only way that I MOJO JOJO can deem this comic appropriate  is by giving it a grade of C. For the Joker is the only reason this comic succeeds in his web of complex traps to ensnare his arch foe who does nothing but walk into them and not complexly think how to get out of them. He just does. So yes I declare this comic subpar and average. Obviously this comic was not meant for my superior genius  intellect and for lowly minded simians who enjoy the most average of fare.


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