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Arrow Annotations - "Vertigo"

Written by ThanosCopter on Thursday, January 31 2013 and posted in Features
Arrow Annotations -

A look at some of the Easter eggs from last issue.

Wondering what tidbits and easter eggs from the Green Arrow comic books you missed in last night's episode of Arrow? Arrow Annotations is here to help, providing some additional notes and background info from last night’s episode. Arrow spoilers follow!

The Count – As mentioned last week, the Count is loosely based off of Green Arrow villain Count Vertigo.  In the comics, Vertigo is a member of the royal family of Vlatava living in exile.  While tinkering with an electronic device that helped to correct an inner ear defect, Vertigo learned that he could stimulate a sense of vertigo in others.  Vertigo quickly went up against the likes of Green Arrow and Black Canary and eventually joined groups such as the Suicide Squad and Injustice Society.  The Count’s popped coat collar is a reference to the large collar often worn by his comic book counterpart.

Vertigo has appeared in other DC television adaptations.  The character’s appeared in Batman: The Animated Series, The Batman and Young Justice, as well as a animated short featuring Green Arrow and Black Canary.  In the latter two instances, the character tries to assassinate his niece Perdita in order to take over the Vlatavian throne.

Thea’s Middle Name – Thea’s middle name is Dearden, a reference to Mia Dearden.  In the comics, Ollie saved the teenaged Mia from a life of prostitution and trained her in archery.  After the girl tested HIV positive, Ollie agreed to let her become his new sidekick.  Mia took up the Speedy moniker and eventually joined the Teen Titans and became romantically involved with Dodger, a thief who works with Green Arrow and his team.  Dearden previously appeared in an episode of Smallville.

McKenna Hall –  McKenna shares a name with Det. Melody McKenna, a Gotham City police detective who holds a grudge against Batgirl after her partner was killed by the new supervillain Mirror.

Anatoli Knyazev – Ollie’s Russian mob contact mentions Anatoli Knyazev, the leader of the Bratva.  In the comic’s Knyazev is better known as KGBeast, a one-armed ex-KGB operative turned hired hitman.  KGBeast was order to assassinate a number of American targets associated with the “Star Wars” missile defense program, all of whom were visiting Gotham City at the time.  Although Batman attempted to stop him, KGBeast managed to kill all but two.  Eventually, KGBeast was murdered while under the employ of the Penguin.  

Note: Due to inclement weather, I missed about ten minutes of the episode.  I'm planning on rewatching the episode tonight and will mention in any easter eggs that I missed in next week's article.

See you next week!

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