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Your Top Creative Runs part 11

Written by rdrsfn82 on Friday, January 21 2011 and posted in Features
One of my favorite artists, one of my favorite writers, and one of my favorite artists working as the writer.

136. 20 points - Flash (Broome/Infantino)flash-bi

Isn't that just the best cover? I love that cover more than just about any cover ever. Go look at Infantino's old Flash covers and be amazed at the awesomeness to be found so many times. There's too many to count that are classics and could easily have been the one for this entry.

John Broome and Carmine Infantino joined forces with issue #105 of The Flash in 1959 and over the next eight years defined Barry Allen as one of the best characters in comics at the time, and certainly one of the best drawn. Oh and they also had the first comic in which one of the Silver Age characters met their Golden Age counterparts when Barry met Jay Garrick in the classic story Flash of Two Worlds in issue #123. This of course led to many team ups of the JLA and JSA, and eventually the creation and destruction of the Multiverse that culminated in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

This freaking cover is so awesome that we didn't use that book! Oh and some kid named Wally West who became Kid Flash was introduced during this run, as was Iris West, Captain Cold, and many of the other Rogues. His style, depicting Flash as a red and yellow blur, became the way to depict his speed and is still used to this day. Infantino would return to the book in 1981 and do another 54 issues over the next 4 years. Oh and the success of this book led to DC revamping their other old characters into new versions, such as Green Lantern, and basically kick started the Silver Age.

135. 21 points - Brave and the Bold (Waid)
Mark Waid understands superheroes better than most writers, and in 2007 he was given the reigns to a revival of The Brave and the Bold, along with George Perez (more on him in a moment). Waid stayed on the book longer than Perez, leaving with #16. And over those 16 issues he told some of the craziest stories with some of the oddest pairings, the first arc following characters look for The Book of Destiny, a book that shows the destiny of everyone everywhere for all of time, as the title would suggest. This is done using the Challengers of the Unknown, a group of heroes that cheated death and aren't in the book.

Pairings usually carried over following a character looking for the book and moving on to a new adventure, such as Batman teaming with Blue Beetle, then getting transported to the era of the Legion of Superheroes at the end of the issue, setting up a team up with them or Supergirl and Hal Jordan teaming up, leading to Supergirl and Lobo in the next issue, The series moved on to new pairings, like the Wally West family meeting with the Doom Patrol to try and figure out a way to cure the aging issues for the kids, but generally dealt with issues that were timeless and didn't tie into the specific events of the then current DCU. If you get a chance to pick it up, it's a very fun series with some interesting pairings, great art, and Waid nails the unique voice of each character.

134. 21 points - Wonder Woman (Perez)wonderwoman-perez

George Perez, best known for his art, and was given the reigns to Wonder Woman following Crisis on Infinite Earths. Focusing on the mythological aspects of the character, Perez's run is considered one of the best of all time for the character. Perez, like the other creators given titles following the Crisis, was given the task of retelling the official origin of the character, and basically reintroducing her to the new continuity that did away with the multiple universes and versions of everyone.

Perez's new origin saw her created of the clay of the mystical island of Themyscira, her soul infused into the clay, and then blessed with superhuman powers by six Olympian deities. This recreated Wonder Woman was one of the strongest and most powerful heroes in a DCU that saw Superman and others drop their power levels from their pre-Crisis heights. Perez was on the book for 62 issues, and in that time saw Wonder Woman become an emissary for the Amazons into the outside world and saw characters like Steve Trevor recreated in totally different roles from their original pre-Crisis version. For example Trevor, the traditional love interest, is introduced as a significantly older character and not a love interest at all. Perez had Wonder Woman deal with trials by Zeus, time travel, demons, and revamped her rogues gallery giving them their new histories as well.


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