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Arrow Annotations - "The Odyssey"

Written by ThanosCopter on Thursday, February 14 2013 and posted in Features
Arrow Annotations -

A look at the easter eggs from last episode of Arrow.

Wondering what comic references you missed in last night's episode?  Luckily Arrow Annotations is here to help, providing some additional notes and background info from last night’s episode. Arrow spoilers follow!

Bill Wintergreen – Wintergreen, Slade Wilson’s ex-partner, has a long history with Deathstroke in the comics. Wintergreen and Wilson were in the army together, and was even Wilson’s best man at his wedding. After Wintergreen was captured in the Vietnam War, it was Slade who rescued him against direct orders. Although Wilson was discharged, he earned Wintergreen’s lasting loyalty. After Wilson became Deathstroke, Wintergreen served as his conscience and support team. Wintergreen even became a father figure to Wilson’s daughter Rose.

Wintergreen was eventually killed by Deathstroke, who had been possessed by the spirit of his youngest son, Joey. The possessed Deathstroke ended up mounting Wintergreen’s head on a wall, surrounded by other animals he had killed.

Joey Wilson – Joey Wilson is better known to comic book fans as Jericho, Deathstroke’s son and occasional ally to the Teen Titans. When he was a child, one of his father’s enemies slit his throat after taking the boy hostage. While Joey was rendered mute from the injury, he later learned that he had the ability to possess anyone he made eye contact with, a result of genetic experimentation done on his father.

A while later, Joey helped rescue the Teen Titans from his father and ended up joining the team fulltime. Unfortunately, it was his membership with the Titans that cost him his life. Joey was possessed by a group of evil spirits and attempted to abduct the Titans in order to use their bodies as hosts for the souls. In the resulting battle, Joey’s spirit emerged and asked his father (who was helping the Titans against his son) to kill him.

Joey didn’t die, however, at least not fully. At the beginning of Geoff Johns’ Teen Titan series, it was revealed that Jericho possessed Deathstroke’s body . Jericho fought a new group of Teen Titans, trying to dissuade them from joining the team. While he briefly regains his sanity and his original body, he turns evil once again. After trying to assassinate several presidential candidates and kill the Teen Titans once again, he has his eyes gouged out.

Shado – In the comics, Shado has a long and tumultuous history with the comics. A Yakuza assassin, Shado comes into conflict with Green Arrow after she begins hunting a group of ex-soldiers that had disgraced her family. While the two began as adversaries, Shado teamed up with Green Arrow to rescue Black Canary and occasionally helped him when their goals coincided. In the comics, Shado has an elaborate dragon tattoo on her back.

During a mission in Hawaii, Oliver was accidentally shot by Shado in the chest. While Shado tended to his rooms, she (allegedly) raped Oliver and conceived a son with him. Although Shado named their child Robert, she refused to allow Ollie to have any role in their son’s life.

Sword to the eye – Wilson’s finishing blow to Wintergreen is a callback to Deathstroke only having one eye. Of course, in the comics, Wilson lost his eye after being shot by his wife.

Castaway – Oliver’s “stuck on an island with a friend named Wilson” is a reference to the Tom Hanks’ movie Castaway. Mind you, Hanks’ character wasn’t stuck on an island with a bunch of mercenaries and Wilson was a volleyball, but other than that Arrow and Castaway are practically identical.

And here's one I missed last week:

Faquet-Lemaitre Consulting - Dominique Faquet-Lemaitre is the name of a set designer on Arrow.  Willing to bet that's where that name came from.

See you all next week!


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