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Fantastic Four #5AU out WTF's DC's WTF Month Before It Begins.

Written by Juan Cena on Wednesday, March 27 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Fantastic Four #5AU out WTF's DC's WTF Month Before It Begins.

The Thing reveals a secret connected to the FF's past that could cause trouble in the future.

Source: Bleeding Cool

It’s not quite WTF month yet, but Marvel may have already out-WTFed DC even before it starts. In Fantastic Four #5AU (an Age of Ultron tie-in) The FF return to Earth to help join the other Marvel Heroes’ fight for survival against Ultron, and they leave Reed and Sue Richard’s kids, Franklin and Valeria, back in space for their protection. (What could possible go wrong with that?)

(SPOILER!  At this point you might want to stop reading now if you don’t want you reading enjoyment spoiled? Of course, we know better than that, do we? You’re just like any kid in Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory not named Charle, and we both know it.)

Before heading off, the team records messages for the kids. The one The Thing leaves the kids is the WTF moment, as he confesses about something that happened back in his and Reed’s college days involving their other college “buddy,” Victor Von Doom.


If you recall, Dr. Doom was conducting forbidden experiments in his dorm room trying to contact the netherworld. Or at least he was, until one of his experiments blew up in his face, scarring him for life. Inexplicably, Doom blamed Reed for the incident, resulting in years of trials and tribulations for the FF.  Did Big Ben just confess to being the one truly responsible for Dr. Doom’s facial scarring?  Could it be too much of a humdinger for the rest of the FF if they ever found out?

Another theory: It’s been suggested (Notably in What If? vol. 1 #6) that the Fantastic Four’s powers were manifestations of their personalities, with Ben Grimm’s transformation into the Thing a result of his presumably gruff (and yes, grim) demeanor. If he was responsible for the accident, could some lingering regret be responsible for his transformation into his rocky, monstrous form?

Maybe it’s too soon to see if this goes anywhere, but it does have a lot of implications to where writer Matt Fraction plans to head in the future.


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