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DC All Access Panel: WonderCon 2013

Written by IvCNuB4 on Friday, March 29 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

DC All Access Panel: WonderCon 2013

DC's speakers included Ann Nocenti, Scott Snyder, James Robinson, Bryan Q. Miller, John Cunningham

Source: DC Blog / CBR

The DC Comics All Access Panel kicked off WonderCon 2013 with teases and tidbits of upcoming DC plans (CBR has a full transcript).

Scott Snyder on Batman: Year One: "It's something we've been dying to do for a very long time.Year One really wouldn't be able to stand with the current New 52 continuity. I had an origin story that I had been playing with in my mind and if I ever got to do one this is what it would be. I'm crazy proud of it and nervous about it and I hope you enjoy it."

Snyder also spoke about Superman Unchained, his project with Jim Lee.  "It's meant to be a classic Superman story but done in a new way." Snyder also said that Lee was doing things on the book artistically "that I've never seen him do."  DC showed an image by Lee on the screen for a splash page of Superman Unchained. The page is actually four pages together that fold-out into a larger page. It's a two-sided, four-page fold-out in the book.

On Harper Row and her role in the Batman universe, Snyder claims that she was not designed or meant to become the new Robin. Instead, she gives a grounded perspective of Gotham, much like characters in Gotham Central did.

James Robinson on Earth 2:  We'll see the return of Captain Steel. Robinson is starting to put together all the pieces for a big event at the end of next year, promising "a killer surprise -- no pun intended -- coming up in issue #17".
- There's an issue coming up where we'll see the first [tease] of Doctor Mid-Night.
- Robinson is planning to expand the diversity of Earth 2 as well, with Captain Steel as a Filipino superhero.
- Mister Miracle and Barda will also be a part of the series in the future.

- A new Batman would be introduced in the upcoming annual issue. "Another big piece is this new Batman who will be a big part of  Earth 2 and a big part of the DC Universe," said Robinson. "He'll be around forever."
- Robinson teased that the Earth 2 Fury is not Donna Troy and when you see who her father is it will blow your mind !

- They also teased  "stay tuned" for other publications in the Earth 2 universe.


Cover to Earth 2 Annual #1


Earth 2 Annual #1 artwork preview


Ann Nocenti on Catwoman: "The hard part of this stuff is that everything is a secret," said Nocenti, praising the work of series artist Rafa Sandoval. "I think that his approach to action is layered with -- sometimes it feels 'Three Stooges,' sometimes it's brutal and heart-wrenching. A lot of fun I'm having is just feeding off what Rafa is doing and heading down roads I think will visually inspire him."

She also added that it is "so much fun to start with Catwoman writing Joker stories. This character is also a part of Geoff Johns' Justice League of America and the idea that you're going to put her on a team where she's suddenly doing heroics -- it's a little odd."
Nocenti also spoke about her new series Katana, saying that she's did her research by going back to Kurosawa films and the '70s Japanese films that she loved.
Bryan Q Miller on Smallville Season 11:  The upcoming arc brings Kara back to the Smallville world. A Booster Gold mishap lands Clark in the 30th Century, noting the arc would also bring the Legion back and change Kara's traditional miniskirt costume. "Plus, pants, because she flies around."
 A fan asked if the Doom Patrol would be making an appearance. John Cunningham (DC Markting) replied "sounds very interesting" and then would not say anything else on the matter.
Below are additional preview pages of artwork from Earth 2 Annual #1


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