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WonderCon 2013: James Robinson Spotlight

Written by IvCNuB4 on Saturday, March 30 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

WonderCon 2013: James Robinson Spotlight

Robinson discusses past, present and future projects

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James Robinson held a spotlight solo panel to talk about his career and answer fan questions. CBR and Bleeding Cool transcribed or reported on the panels, and we've gathered the best parts here.

When asked if he’ll return to Starman, he replied: “A great magician doesn't repeat his tricks. When you do something because you think you should, but not because you want to, it doesn't turn out well. I think I closed the door on Jack Knight”.

He added that there is a Starman on Earth 2: Ted Knight, an English astronomer.

Robinson also teased the big story coming up that involves Earth 2 meeting the heroes of the main DC Universe Earth.  The big event that's happening in 2014 is all these characters meeting each other. Robinson’s goal is to make sure the writers involved in the event are invested in the story, describing himself as "the point guy" for the event, and adding that Scott Snyder, Geoff Johns and Dan DiDio are also very involved.

"It was always my plan to make it Justice Society," he said of the Earth 2 heroes. "I think at a point where you have the heroes of Earth 2 meeting the main Earth, you have to have the Justice Society. As the book moves forward in the next five months, you're going to have more a sense of this team taking shape."

He’s especially proud of how he’s handled Jay Garrick. In issue #11, you'll see how integral he is. When Jay meets Barry Allen, you can see the differences in their personalities even if they're in shirts, or jeans and t-shirts.

Speaking on the designs of the Earth 2 cast, Robinson thinks that Jay Garrick's costume is one of his least favorites. "I cared greatly about how they looked. I've been far from happy with Jay Garrick, but I think Alan Scott's costume is quite good," he said. "For some reason, they were adamant about the costume for Jay Garrick. I hate the gold stripes up the leg. That drives me nuts."

Readers will see the original Trinity as well as the appearance of Earth 2's Green Arrow, known as Red Arrow, in issue #14, although it's a small appearance. His name will be Roy McQueen.

The death of Alan Scott’s partner, Sam, isn't quite completely dealt with yet. The mystery of why Sam was killed leads into the arc about Wildcat and Sam’s death leads into other storylines as well.

Robinson plans to bring Mister Miracle and Barda into the series, but he couldn't say much more about the possibility of more Fourth World characters in the future. The only thing he could say is that there are mainly New Genesis characters on the main prime. On Earth 2, it's mostly Apokolips villains and Mister Miracle and Barda. Some of the characters we're going to be seeing are Bedlam and Kanto.

Robinson plans to introduce both Hourman and Wildcat in the near future. Hourman is a bit further off than Wildcat. “Ted Grant” will appear in approximately issue 14 or 15 and we’ll see “Wildcat” issue #19.

Robinson teased two new villains called Solitaire and Rhapsody. Solitaire is a reinterpreted Gambler and Rhapsody is a reinterpretation of The Fiddler. Ultra Humanite is also on the table for a possible Earth 2 villain.


A fan question of whether Robinson might do stories for Marvel came up, and Robinson responded with his dream cast for a book. "If I was to do it, the characters I like at Marvel are the odd ones," he said. "If they offered me 'Secret Avengers,' it would be the Black Knight, Quicksilver, the original Human Torch, Black Bolt -- that's who I like. I think other people are doing much better jobs with [Thor and Iron Man] than I ever could."

When asked about Robinson's recent The Shade miniseries, the writer said a follow-up was unlikely. "'The Shade' series did not sell well. It came out the month after the launch of the New 52, it got no promotion and it definitely underperformed," said Robinson. "I was told that if things didn't improve, it would be cancelled at issue #8. I don't know that I could get them to let me do another 'Shade' series." Robinson said he did have an idea for another series that would feature both The Shade and Batman, but he was concentrating more on Earth 2.


Robinson ended by saying that he had more creator-owned work coming down the line. "At San Diego last year, we announced a book I was doing with J. Bone and I have two other ideas that I'm talking to pretty well-known artists about working with and they'd probably be at Image, too," he said, saying his project with J. Bone had been delayed because the artist had been offered Rocketeer. "You'll be seeing more creator-owned things from me."


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