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Best iPhone and iPod Touch Games of 2010

Written by GLX on Monday, January 31 2011 and posted in Features

GLX reveals his picks for the top 10 best iPhone/ iPod Touch games of 2010.

10. Spider-Man: Total Mayhem

An out-of-continuity Spider-Man game based on the Ultimate comics series, Spider-Man: Total Mayhem is an enjoyable action game. It's accessible and there's a decent amount of variety, but there are some typical Gameloft gameplay elements that keep the game from becoming a solid game. Still, it's definitely worth a look.

9. Rimelands: Hammer of Thor

Set in a alternative vision of the future, Rimelands: Hammer of Thor's combat is turn-based, but without any random enemy encounters. The effectiveness of attacks are based on rolls of the dice and equipment. With a unique combat system and solid graphics, Rimelands: Hammer of Thor deserves the #9 spot.

8. Zombie Infection

Though Zombie Infection is a blatant ripoff of the modern iterations of the Resident Evil series, I still had plenty of fun playing it. The graphics are easy on the eyes and the story feels like it would belong in a b-movie; which isn't a bad thing.

7. Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior

A great looking fighting game that lacks any 2 player action. Still, the single-player action is solid with the story mode being the main focus. It focuses on the early days of Bruce Lee's quest to become a great fighter. The story is b-movie material, but it works. There are 10 characters, but they have their own unique moves and body language.

6. Dracula III:  Path of the Dragon Parts 1, 2 and 3

Essentially, this is 1 full game divided in 3 parts. The story is set in 1920 Transylvania and follows Father Arno Moriani's investigation of a candidate for sainthood. His investigation leads him to a wild mystery. The writing is sharp and manages to be scary without using cheap tricks. Dracula is a menacing figure, despite the fact that he is only seen in a small portion of the game. Though there are a few tough spots, the game manages to be challenging; but not frustrating. With great graphics and sound, Dracula III: Parts 1- 3 definitely earns the #5 spot.

5. Motocross Challenge - 16 Bits

A game in the same vein as Excitebike, Motocross Challenge - 16 Bit is a short, but sweet piece of old-school fun.

4. Mirror's Edge

In a dystopian future, the government heavily monitors the activities of everyday citizens. Runners are the only way for people to deliver information and/ or items in private. You play a runner named Faith who must navigate her way through various obstacles to the end of the level. Beautifully presented, intuitive gameplay and a cool game world, Mirror's Edge is a winner. Just don't expect to be satisfied with the ending, though.

3. Pro Zombie Soccer

Despite the name of the game, Pro Zombie Soccer is an action in which you kill zombies with a soccer ball. It sounds bizarre, but that's one of the more tame aspects of the game. In fact, a lot of really odd elements make this stand out. The level design is sharp and unique; the story is hilarious and non-sensical. It's not a long game, but it's definitely a noteworthy game.

2. Broken Sword: Director's Cut

For most of the year, this was the game that I thought would be my game of the year. It's a point-and-click
adventure game that's challenging, but not frustrating to play. With an amazing story, wonderful presentation and raw charm, Broken Sword: Director's Cut is one of the best games on the app store.

1. Game Dev Story

This game came out of nowhere, for the win. Game Dev Story is a game about running a gaming company. It sounds silly, but it's really fun. There's salaries, budgets and random occurrences (for better or worse) to deal with in the game. The sales of your game are not just based on quality and marketing, but how many similar games you publish in a row. If you publish an action/ monster game 3 times in a row, the public will notice and your popularity will decrease. The game has noticeable flaws, but the heart and soul of the game is outstanding. It's original, it's addictive and it's my pick for iPhone/ iPod Touch game of the year.

Written or Contributed by: GLX

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