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Exclusive Interview with (Twitter) Bob Harras

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, May 02 2013 and posted in Features

Exclusive Interview with (Twitter) Bob Harras

In the wake of our blacklisting by DC Comics, we sat down for a one on one interview with @ThisIsBobHarras on Twitter.

When it was revealed last weekend that DC Comics would not grant access to their creators for The Outhouse unless we stopped making fun of DC in our articles, we were obviously hurt and offended. However, when we reached out to @ThisIsBobHarras on Twitter, we were pleased to find that he was more than willing to talk to us about DC Comics, the state of the industry, and his personal life philosophy and comic production strategy, which he calls The Churn.

Would you be wiling to go on the record with The Outhouse for an interview?

My concern is I don't want anything I have to say being misquoted or distorted for humor. Praise be The Churn! Would you help me spread The Churn's message of hope, creative restrictions, and IP compliance?

Of course! We have nothing but respect for The Churn. What is The Churn?

Our Spiritual Guidance! The giant, being of oak that descended on 1700 Broadway many a year ago! From it's mighty oak orifice, High Priest Dan stepped forth with The Churn's message... To be able to churn is some kind of feeling.

Do you think Marvel's refusal to adhere to the ways of The Churn is the reason they fail, month after month, to capture the number two spot on the sales charts?

Interesting question. Marvel may have won the war. But the battle isn't over. The Churn was lost to Marvel when they lost Bob.

With all the crossovers, editorial changes, and conflicting stories, do you still think the New 52 is new reader friendly?

Well what do you mean when you say Reader Friendly? For some, that means getting shivved in an alley. In some cultures, I mean.

You naysayers need to get it through your heads that the New 52 is permanent for now.

Do you think DC has an advantage over Marvel because they have twenty-seven executives steering the ship? Who's really in charge?

Jude, you think I don't see that you are trying to trap me?

Can you be trapped?

Well, obviously. I am human. A human can be trapped... just like a bear I guess... y'know in one of those things... Your leg gets stuck in it. You plea for mercy. You yell, "I just wanted my writing sample back, Bob," but he doesn't listen...  So you have to start gnawing your own leg off, all because you want your sample back. THAT could happen to me too I guess.


Okay, I'll humor you, Jude. Yes DC has twenty-seven execs. That may sound confusing but those execs travel as a herd, and they share the same desk, so no one is confused. These guys are in constant communication with each other. They are in a bubble.

The other thing is, contrary to what people think we don't underestimate Marvel. Marvel's just a lot better than we thought.

Do you think that by nearly destroying Marvel in the 1990s, you actually deserve credit for clearing the slate for their revival in the 2000s?

You know a lot of other factors were in play at Marvel before Bob left. I will not be Marvel's escape goat on that.

You want a decent opinion of my time at Marvel? Ask Al Milgrom.

In a bareknuckle pillow fight between you and Jim Shooter, who wins?

I feel like I would win that, but you're not going to get me to tweet that.

You're too smart for me.

Well, I am more intelligent than the average person.There are few people with such talent, so there are few able to judge.

What would it take for a creator that wasn't famous in the nineties to get into your rolodex?

If my rolodex had other people in it I WOULD call those people. There are other decades too. I don't think you get that.

What do you view as the biggest threat to The Churn in the industry today? Can anything stop The Churn? Would anyone want to?

I’m just happy that The Churn did not let me lose my teeth.

We're done for today, Jude. This an insulting exercise. Maybe tomorrow you can consider what I mean, instead of what I say?

Thanks for rescinding the blacklist and talking with us Bob. I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Whoa! Rescinding a blacklist, tiger? You were the man of the hour at that particular moment. Maybe we'll do it again - maybe.


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