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Character Spotlight: Bronze Tiger

Written by Zechs on Friday, May 31 2013 and posted in Features

Character Spotlight: Bronze Tiger

Before the character gets fully reintroduced into the New 52, take a look at the previous version!

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- Bronze Tiger-







Ben Turner was a man trying to escape his inner-demons and the sins of his past. He thought by tutoring under the legendary master O-Sensei that his demons would finally be quelled. Together with Richard Dragon, he worked for an organization who's liaison was a double agent for the League of Assassins under member Professor Ojo. After capturing Turner, Ojo brainwashed him, twisting him into the skilled assassin known as the Bronze Tiger.




Character Appeal:


One of the most skilled martial artists in the DCU, the Tiger is most known for his legendary victory over Batman which resulted in the death of the original Batwoman, Kate Kane. However, where the character truly shined was in the first volume of Suicide Squad. After being deprogrammed, he was serving his time as one of the few “good” members of the team. I won't spoil his character arc, other than it's yet again one of the reasons John Ostrander's run on the book is heralded by some as legendary and there lies the true appeal for the character.


Top Story-lines:



Richard Dragon: Kung Fu Fighter #1-5: Introduction to the character and his relationships with both O-Sensei and Richard Dragon. The latter would team with Turner to fight evil under the organization known as G.O.O.D. (Global Organization of Organized Defense).

DC Presents #39 – Betrayed by their liaison from G.O.O.D., Turner is kidnapped and brainwashed by Professor Ojo becoming the League's latest assassin, the Bronze Tiger. He then has a stalemate fight with friend and legendary DC martial artist Richard Dragon.



Detective Comics #485 – Sent along with other League of Assassins members, Bronze Tiger targets the original Batwoman, Kate Kane only to run into Batman. The two fight and surprisingly, the Bronze Tiger emerges the victor. With Batman, subdued he is left powerless to watch another League of Assassin member murder Kate Kane.


Detective Comics #489- The rematch, and even then Batman still cannot defeat the Bronze Tiger as the brawl between the two ends in a draw.


Legends #1-6 – Bronze Tiger is among the members of the new Task Force X aka Suicide Squad who assist Earth's heroes in battling Darkseid and his underling, Glorious Godfried.


Suicide Squad v. 1 #1-67 – It's hard to just cherry pick certain stories from this excellent series.  I'd just suggest you read the whole story for Tiger's journey in the book as he's a key player throughout the book's run. However here are some notable arcs during the course of the series:


Suicide Squad v. 1 #21 – A solo bonus tale involving the character.


Suicide Squad v. 1 #38, 40 – After a horrific mission on Apoklips, Turner snaps on his superiors and then takes a brief leave of absence with the team. We learn the extended origins of the character in these issues.



Suicide Squad v. 1 #65- The Bronze Tiger takes on his greatest foe.. himself.


Batgirl v. 1 #62, 67 – We learn that during his time brainwashed under the League of Assassins, Turner was one of the teachers of Batgirl Cassandra Cain, who in a later issue pays him a visit at his dojo. Turner learns of the hero and is quite proud that one of his students who learned the art to kill has transformed herself into a hero.


Checkmate #6-7 - Turner finds out Rick Flagg Jr. is still alive, but imprisoned, and breaks him out. Not long after, both are recruited by Amanda Waller to reform the Suicide Squad for a mission. Though the mission goes bad, both Flagg and Turner escape with their lives. They then continue to work for Waller.


Checkmate #18-19 – The Suicide Squad under Turner is exposed, leading to the end of Waller's tenure as The White Queen.




Suicide Squad v. 1 #67, Secret Six #17-18 - "Danse Macabre" a Blackest Night tie-in which the Six are pitted against Squad who've taken their former team-mate Deadshot back by force. In #17, the Bronze Tiger takes on Catman. Who wins? That be spoiling the fun.


The Bronze Tiger Can Even Beat Superman:



Well he's already beaten the Batman, who in the past has beaten Superman. So by that "rule", he already has.



Where the Character is Today:




The New 52 version of Turner recently appeared in Red Hood & the Outlaws #20 & appeared in the persona in Red Hood & the Outlaws Annual #1. For some reason (which hasn't been explained) he's now part actual tiger. This version also appears much more ruthless and far less heroic than his previous incarnation.


One more villain for DC's villains month and that villain will be the Wra... Wait Newsarama already did that? Well I guess it'll be the Bronze Tiger's partner in Red Hood & The Outlaws: Cheshire?! Nah, since the best version of that character was in Young Justice and the best comics of that involving the character were Secret Six.  The final spotlight should be on a DC Villain who truly deserves it. An obscurely awesome villain DC hasn't used in awhile. That's it! Lord Death Man hijacks the conclusion of DC Villain's Month!!

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