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The Venture Brothers 5.01: What Color is Your Cleansuit?

Written by Zechs on Monday, June 03 2013 and posted in Features

The Venture Brothers 5.01: What Color is Your Cleansuit?

Team Venture is BAAAAAAAAACK!!


Right out of the gates we continue were Season 4 left off. Every continuation and payoff from every single one. I truly mean it EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. It leaves Brock and most of SPHINX (save Gary aka the now former Henchman 21) M.I.A. for 99.9% of the episode. You'd think this would be a bad thing? NOPE. Rusty being Rusty backlogs a project he was supposed to do for his brother Jonahs Jr. So of course being this is Rusty, he assembles the best and brightest he can cheaply nab: namely nerdy college kids, Hank, Dean, Sgt. Hatred, plus Billy QuizBoy and Pete White since well they got nothing better to do. You already know this is going to end and going to be oh so hilarious to watch the disaster unfold.


I just want to get this out of the way: I SO HAVE MISSED THIS DAMN SHOW. Just the level of entertainment and jokes . I mean Archer fills the void, but I still crave more Gary. More Monarch. More Guild of Calamitous Intent. CONTINUITY PORN!! TWISTS! Plus some ray of light to hit poor Dean after what S4 did to him. Of course Brock Samson dealing unholy carnage to those poor evil souls who dared cross him.




Of course I was pleased, VERY PLEASED with all of this episode which gave me all of this and then some. Though, yes Brock is barely in it but with the inkling we got, it shows what his role will be. With him out of the picture (for now), the scene stealers of this episode were Billy QuizBoy and Pete White. It was actually surprising how everyone got their antics in this episode to shine.


Their one subplot I couldn't help but continue busting a gut at. Why? Billy and Pete's who get what they've always wanted even though suddenly now it appears they don't want it: an arch-nemesis in a foe we've seen briefly all throughout the series: Augustus St. Cloud. Who in turn gets his own subplot culminating in the quiz show to determine just who is the ultimate QuizBoy!! What happens is utter gold. Along with so much Sci-Fi nostalgia and a Japanese Albino. I want to collect one too now. I think collecting one will now be the rage for super-villains lackeys. *ahem* Back on target, every bit of dialogue in any scene with these any of these three characters was just utter gold. GOLD. It had me in literal stitches from the Batmobile to the Star Wars quotes to the quiz to THE FREAKING TARDIS IN THE BACKGROUND to the climax.



Speaking of ongoing subplots, we're right back into the thick of things with Dean's ongoing journey or discovering himself. I almost hope this thought process of Dean continues. Then again, just when the world smiles onto Dean and things come up rosy. That nasty gut punch has to occur, because he is a Venture it's their lot in life. I know there's no chance in hell, I hope some of the college newbies introduced in this episode (namely two) continue on throughout this season for whatever continues with Dean's subplot.


Likewise with Gary's which is equally fascinating since he was the other character who had life altering events in the Season 4 finale. With the Monarch semi-gone (yeah he so misses his bested and once most loyal henchman) in his life Gary is his own man. This episode we continued to see Gary flourish and become the action hero he always dreamed of becoming. I'm very curious to see were this path goes for him this season with all the SPHINX toys and eager to make a name for himself. Other than him wrongly choosing who deserves the Iron Throne: STANNIS BARATHEON is the correct answer not Dany.




Yet there is only one questions I have that this episode has left me with: WHY DOES HATRED STILL HAVE TITS?! Also what happened to the tattoos on his chest? Did the radiation or the Mrs. Monarch serum heal his skin? I DEMAND ANSWERS!!! ANSWERS THAT I SHALL HAVE NEXT WEEK! Not really, but I'm glad be able to say, NEW VENTURE BROTHERS NEXT WEEK! You've been missed and I'm glad you're back with a explosion of awesome. Hopefully I won't be as high on this show returning as I was for this review.


5 out of 5


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