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The Venture Brothers 5.02: Venture Libre

Written by Zechs on Monday, June 10 2013 and posted in Features

The Venture Brothers 5.02: Venture Libre

Aka Frankenstein Monsters' All Out Assault as THE BAT Begins.


Dr. Venture, Hank, and Sgt. Hatred venture into Central America to deal with one of the Doc's experiments that has gone he gave to the US Army that's now gone A.W.O.L. Of course things go South and it's up to.. Hank to save them? Yeah they're doomed.. or are they?! As the BAT enters the picture. Meanwhile, Dean has his hands full with an annoying ultra annoying super conservative Congresswoman.



I was expecting a fall in quality from last week's brilliance. That there was no way they could top the insanity of last week. I was wrong. So very wrong as the episode heralded the return of VentureStein (last seen WAAAAAAY back in Season 2's “¡Viva los Muertos!” and yes Franken“Shaggy” and Franken“Fred” are with him) and his quest to liberate all freaks of science in Central America (because for some reason mad scientists seem drawn to that region of the world). With Doc and Sgt. Hatred taken hostage by VentureStein and his misfits of Science. Dean downs a load of caffeinated beans and apparently they are like spinach to his Popeye. Enter at long last after five season of waiting... THE BAT.


VentureStein and Hank made this episode. From VentureStein's impassioned plea for the freaks of science to rise up and join U.R.G.H. (I'm sure a fellow reject monster now in the Outhouse's employ would join as well. Hmm.. note to Jude and Blue to not show DC's Frank this episode and to keep him under our leash). To what he did when he saw Hank again. Well, one cannot help, but have a big grin on their face. Likewise seeing the Easter Egg treasure trove of monsters that appeared during VentureStein's speech and at the end.



Said grin continued with Hank's antics in the episode as he literally was THE BAT. At first I was starting to wonder given what Pablick and Hammer were going with the Punisher War Journals Hank had at first. Those thoughts shifted, the moment he saw the Bat shaped idol an guaranteed epic moment of animated history went down.. for Hank returned as THE BAT. Boy did Hank do that name proud this episode. The homages were abound even with the god-like level of preptime: HE TURNED A DEAD GIANT CRAB into a Bat-mobile.


Actually the more I think about it. EVERYONE did their fair share of goodness this episode. Dean fixed, Sgt. Hatred was a great mom at the beginning, and Rusty well he fixed everything at the end (well save him getting that cushy US pension for all his troubles probably, but he helped VentureStein). In fact, everything about this episode was just one fun ride from beginning to end with so many great payoffs.



This was a truly fun episode. It was just a straight up tale that involved the core cast and it was awesome. Next week will be back to the side cast and the one a lot of people have been waiting for. Gary time as commander of SPHINX. I got a feeling we're back for a new streak of amazing episodes just like last season. This one had it all. Rusty being a mad scientist and also not giving a crap (one second he's “Kill them all and the next he's performing mad scientist duties at the end), some back-story on Hatred, Dean continues his character arc this season, and Hank becomes what he always wished to be in S1: a kick ass superhero. Along with a wickedly delicious dark payoff subplot. Add this all with VentureStein this was an amazing episode.



5 out of 5


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