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"Marvel Mondays" Sale On ComiXology Features Villain-centric stories Actually Worth Reading.

ComiXology's weekly "Marvel Mondays" $0.99 sale features titles bound to be better than anything DC comes up with for "Forever Evil."

Source: ComiXology

Marvel hasn’t quite made an official move to counter DC’s “Forever Evil” month. Still, today’s “Marvel Mondays” $0.99” sale on Comixology does about the same thing by actually providing books comics fans might want to read. Which is more than DC is doing with “Forever Evil.”

The most notable comics on sale today are Amazing Spider-Man #334-#339, which featured “The Return of the Sinister Six” story. Also on sale.  Dark Avengers #175-#183, Super-Villian Team-Up #1-5 (the M.O.D.O.K’s 11 storyline), Thunderbolts #169-#174, Vengance #1-6, and Villains for Hire #1-4.

Sadly the sale doesn’t include some great Marvel Villain-centric stories like Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1, which introduced the original Sinister Six, or the legendary Masters of Evil siege of the Avengers Mansion from Avengers  #273-277 (the pinnacle of the Roger Stern-John Buscema era on the title). Also not on sale is Thunderbolts #1-6, which is the beginning of Kurt Busiek legendary run on that title.  You can still pick those up for $1.99, which still isn’t too bad of a deal. Especially when you consider the $3.99 you’re going to have to shill out for the average “Forever Evil” book.

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