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The Venture Brothers 5.05: O.S.I. Love You

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, July 02 2013 and posted in Features

The Venture Brothers 5.05: O.S.I. Love You

We have continuing ongoing plot-lines incoming!


Brock Samson and O.S.I. have finally tracked down Monstroso and Molotov. Only problem is, it's Molotov and given they're both high Guild of Calamitous Intent ladder we're so gonna have more to the party than expected. Exactly, the wrong place and time for Venture Clan to visit O.S.I. hellacarrier.


Well unlike the previous episode, we're neck high thick into the season or even seasons long plot going on in the series currently. Yes, we get quick resolution to the Monstroso/Molotov subplot. Though as always with this show, just when one it's going one direction it takes an entire different path. Ever since last season with the departure of Treister we knew something fishy was going on within O.S.I. We knew why Hunter was picked by the former head to weed out what he assumed was the double agents. Well, we shockingly get that in this episode.



I'm kind shocked at the twists and turns this episode took. Again, just when I thought the show would go one way, it takes a three-sixty and goes a completely different direction. Okay the only predictable thing this episode had was Hank still was wearing the Baroness-homage's super suit. So given we have the Venture Brother's top femme fatale in the episode I knew there be resolution in that department. Boy there was.


Though there were THREE twists I think no viewer saw coming. One I'll take about, the other two I won't. I always thought it was neat that the leader of the Guild was David Bowie. Something seemed off with his first appearance in the show during the Season 2 finale and Season 4's “The Revenge Society”. The two Bowie's never made sense. Now we know the answer; David Bowie is not the Sovereign, but just the “face”. So truly is the Sovereign then? Well, we a crumb of additional info from Monstroso before the questions turn to the Council and the Investors.



We'll probably not see any addition information to this plot for awhile, but I find this subplot mighty interesting and adds even more focus to the past Season 4 episode plus the true fate of the Orb. Did the real Sovereign smash it? Is the real Sovereign closer than we think? Are they someone we've seen before? I believe the later answer is a yes, but I'd be curious to hear others thought on this new mystery.


As for the other two twists. Well, it's these twists that I love this show so much. This opens up some new situations, which I'm curious will go down. We finally know the extent of the Guild's hands in O.S.I. and we also now know just how frightening the Investors can be. It tickles me at times that Hammer and Publick can parody evil organizations one minute and then the next make them actually frighteningly scary.



This episode was a return to form, after last week's small filler. We're right back onto the path of the overall season arching plot and we're given some twists I think nobody ever expected. Though, they also didn't have action both Hank, Dean, Sgt. Hatred, and Rusty all got their little spotlights to shine. Though personally, I think H.E.L.P.eR stole the show with what he and Brock did. I so do miss Brock doing awesomely sick stunts and what he did in this one is quite up there. This episode had it all: insanely good one liners, more G.I. Joe homages (did I spy Paget Brewster's voice as O.S.I.'s “Scarlett?” and I was so laughing hard at "Roadblock" and "Snake-Eyes"), action, suspense, and a kicker of an ending. WHEN IS THE NEXT EPISODE ALREADY?! GIVE IT TOO ME!!!!


5 out of 5



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