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The Venture Brothers 5.06: Momma's Boys

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, July 09 2013 and posted in Features

The Venture Brothers 5.06: Momma's Boys

So many callbacks, so little time.


A prank by Dermott and Hank goes array suddenly Doctor Venture is running around paranoid because of it and drags Sgt. Hatred along on a wild ride. To rectify things, Dermott and Hank team-up with Gary. Dean meanwhile, runs into someone we haven't seen since Season 2; his and Hank's mother Myra.



So many subplots so little time. It amazes me sometimes how much subplot this show can throw at you in a space of an episode then near the end weave all of them together for such a damn fine payoff. Of course what this episode is much like another episode earlier this season was callbacks to last season's Any Which Way But Zeus with Hatred, Hank, and Dean “kidnapping” Doctor Venture with the later using his “Teddy”. So with Dermott and Hank use the doll, Doc thinks his blackmailer is in trouble and decides to save him.


What follows is this joke you know that going to keep getting better as Doctor Venture and Hatred continue this quest. Then sure enough, the pair are in a life threatening situation leaving to some great confessions and banter between the two. Then SURPRISE, the subplot ties into the A and B one with Hank and Dean.



Speaking of the pair it was absolutely hilarious seeing Hank, Dermott, and Gary trying to fix the situation by getting two of them committed (Gary fouls up and gets stuck in jail with H.E.L.P.eR). Gary slips back in his henchman attire (though modified) and shows off that maybe the Monarch was correct in the season premiere. Then again it was probably just an act, or was it? Hank on the other hand totally plays up the insanity and it's gut busting to watch.


Then there's poor Dean's subplot which leads him going to quite possibly the darkest place to him, his deranged mother Myra. I totally wasn't expecting to see this nut job again in the episode, though honestly the signs were there. Honestly, who else could Dean turn too learning what he has this past season along with Triana dumping him? He was never as tight with Brock like Hank was. So going to the one place he thinks is the safest turns out to be not, with Myra getting her fellow inmates and some guards to riot and lock the asylum down. The very same asylum that has Gary and Hank!



Again, the linkage of all the subplots was just great. I thought each would go in their separate direction, but nope. The various plots all spin together for a whopper of a finish: Dermott finds out he's the bastard kid of Doctor Venture. Even more, he seems down with it. Yeah Hank, Dean, and Doctor Venture were all wide eyed (I'm almost surprised we didn't get a foul mouthed response from the later only heightening the final ending credit).


The only problem I had with the episode was it just crammed in so much subplot, you could almost have an entire episode with each of them. I kind of wanted that actually. Still, though the episode was not overall spectacular, but not meh either it was still VERY good.Plus I can't hate an episode which homages and spoofs One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (or was it the O.S.I. homage of Spirit? Or both?! Either way I chuckled). .I'm just sad we only have two more new episodes of this season and it's OVER. Please let it not be another three year wait. I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!!




4 out of 5


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