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SDCC: Artist Alley Interview with Franchesco! on Heroes of Cosplay

Written by Angela Jones on Monday, July 29 2013 and posted in Features

SDCC: Artist Alley Interview with Franchesco! on Heroes of Cosplay

We had a chance for a mini-interview with artist Franchesco! to ask him about his work with Heroes of Cosplay, the new show from SyFy.

The Outhouse: How has San Diego been so far?

Franchesco!: San Diego has been a blast, it's great to be back.  They did a signing yesterday at Zenescope that was a lot of fun for the Art of Zenescope book.  It was a big heavy book with all the bells and whistles and the response from the fans has really warmed my heart. 


OH: Was that an exclusive for SDCC?

F!: Yes, but there will be regular versions available on Amazon as well.  But it was great to see how well received the book has been here at the signing.


OH: You also are involved with a new SyFy show on Cosplay coming out?

F!: Yeah, the syfy channel reached out and said they have a new show coming out that revolves around cosplayers and I love, love, love cosplayers.  They had seen some of my work online and contacted me through DeviantArt and said they wanted to have some artwork to portray contestants from the show.  It's a sort of contest/reality show/documentary called Heroes of Cosplay and it's just great to be involved with.  It will be premiering August 13th on SyFy, I hope everyone tunes in.


OH: Hopefully it will show cosplay for what it really is, how much art and form goes into it.  Having to get the character down, all the work on costuming and creation, you are becoming another person.

F!: I'm jealous I didn't think of description myself.  I agree so strongly.  Some of these costumes are so imaginative and creative and you never know what someone is going to want to portray.  One of the reasons I look forward to seeing the show is to see what they come up with.  They have some high level cosplayers on the show like Yaya Han, Riki LeCotey, Becky Young, Chloe Dykstra and more, so it should really show off just how amazing cosplay can be.


OH: Will work on the show impact any of your other work?

F!: That's interesting question because I'm not sure (laughs).  Only time will tell, but you know how they say be careful what you wish for, so now I'm involved and we'll see how it goes.  But I love it, so hopefully I can keep up with everything because these are all things I want to work on.



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