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Your Top Creative Runs OPC

Written by rdrsfn82 on Monday, February 14 2011 and posted in Features
Alright, it's here, the Top 10............................not really. It's time for the OPC. For any new comers, that's the One Point Club. This is for books that only received one 10th place vote. Rather than post them at the end of the list, we post them here. We will also be getting to a new group later today, but we'll show that later. {nomultithumb}

Justice League (Wein)jla-wein

#100 - #114

Dick Dillon drew most of the Justice League comics from #64 - #181, and for about a year Len Wein joined him on the book. The last few issues of the run feature 100 page bi-monthly stories with various other stories by other writers and artists like Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino. This era was focused on what was known as the Satellite Era due to the large team. Issues saw a focus on Red Tornado, Hawkman leaving the team (which even got a tear from his rival, Green Arrow), a battle with Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters (which as usual was a misunderstanding) and even a battle with the Shaggy Man. The run started with a three part story featuring the JSA and JLA teaming up to save the Seven Soldiers of Victory to celebrate the milestone 100th issue of the series. Despite being a short run it's well remembered for telling some fun stories and good use of the large cast of characters.

Jonah Hex (Palmotti/Grey)
#1 - present

jonahhexI'm pretty surprised this book didn't show up on the main list. People seem to really dig this book. Anyways, the writing team of Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti were given a chance to relaunch Jonah Hex with a new ongoing series.

Their approach was to take the character through a series of mostly done in one stories, along with a few multi-part stories. It also doesn't really have a long term artist, and instead has seen many many great artists come through the title during it's run, such as the great J.H. Williams III as seen on that cover.

The series is filled with violent action, classic Westerns, and then some more violence. It would have been a perfect tone for a movie, but instead they went with Wild Wild West 2.

Firestorm (Conway/Milgrom)firestorm
#1 - #5

Yeah, this was only a five issue run, well six if you count the final issue printed in Canceled Comics Cavalcade. In 1978, Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom created Firestorm, but later that year about two dozen books were suddenly canceled and that led to CCC, which featured a bunch of finished stories from various books that were canceled and was published as a two issue event during the summer time.

Conway added Firestorm to the JLA as a result of the cancellation. Anyways, this run was technically ineligible, as it was way too short, but it's a fun story, a fun character, and the whole giant cancellation thing was interesting, so it's here.

Atari Force (Conway/Lopez)
#1 - #12 (minus a couple of issues)
Another run that's technically too short. This was actually the second volume of the series and picked up about 25 years after the events of the first series.

The leader of the old team, Martin Champion, was convinced his old nemesis was still around, though everyone else thought he was dead and humanity was safe.

They were wrong, he was right, there was much fighting. People seem to really like this book, despite it's short lifespan and the fact it was a tie in with a video game console.

Books of Magick: Life During Wartime (Si Spencer/Neil Gaiman)
#1 - #15

Tim Hunter is a character that's been around for a while in a book titled Books of Magic. He was created by Neil Gaiman and was fine to be read by any age group, but in 2004 Gaiman and Si Spencer wanted to do a mature comics take on an alternate reality version of Hunter that featured lots of violence, nudity, and and other things that wouldn't be good for kids to read. So they gave it a much longer title. Anyways, Hunter is something like Harry Potter, but was around for about a decade longer. Anyways, this take on Hunter featured an older version of the character and he lived in a world where humans and magical creatures lived side by side. However, they are at war with one another, with a group of humans trying to kill a coalition of humans and magical beings. Hunter is worshiped as a god due to his amazing power, but he hates it and ends up creating a separate world where he can live without war and violence. Things obviously don't go as planned. I'd never heard of this particular run before, but it sounds pretty cool. I've always meant to check out some of the Books of Magic comics and this seems like it might be a good place to start.

X-Men Forever (Claremont)
vol 1 #1 - #24 vol 2 #1 - #24 and a couple of one shots and whatnot
In 2009 Chris Claremont was given a chance to write the X-Men picking up from where the story was when he quit the title when Jim Lee started. As a result he ignored continuity when needed (as far as other events that happened in other books), told the stories he wanted to tell, killed off who he wanted to kill, and had no editorial interference so he could do what he wanted without having to worry about how it effects others, One of the big changes was killing Wolverine. I'm sure this was Jude's vote.

There's the whole OPC, As big as this list was, the OPC was pretty short. We'll be doing another post today with some other stuff and get to the top 10 tomorrow.

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