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Your Top Creative Runs L.I.T.S. part 1

Written by rdrsfn82 on Friday, February 11 2011 and posted in Features
Hello all, it's me BubbaKanoosh. And I am here to admit I fucked up. I did something stupid and I am kicking myself for it. I made this project far too big and I lost control of it. At the time I thought the LCS idea was cool but after the fact when I received 1000+ lists it got a little nuts and some lists and titles got lost in the shit storm. So please, I am so, so sorry. I actually really do feel bad about this and I hope it doesn't turn you off future lists. {nomultithumb}
To help make it up to you, rdrs (who had done a kickass job on this list) came up with a new addition to the Top Lists and that is the Top L.I.T.S. What does that stand for? Well, Lost in the Shuffle! Some lists got lost all together, some titles and runs got mixed up into another run, and some runs that were awesome weren't voted for at all. So this section will fix that.

Again, I am really, really, really sorry. I have been beating myself up over this and rdrs has been telling me to calm the fuck down. He should be a motivational speaker, really. So, I hope you forgive me and do not get turned off future lists. I am going to stay away from the LCS idea for future lists. Well, maybe when my head and health are in a better place.

So yeah, enjoy folks!

Thanks for the nice intro and kind words Bubba! Hopefully we can get to a new list, as that would mean both some fun stuff and that you are feeling better, which would be even better news.

Anyways, we are going to do this in two parts. Part One, that you see here, will be focused on the screw ups by us. The books that got added together by accident and a couple of the missing lists are here. I know a few others had their lists misplaced, but I didn't get a chance to PM everyone I wanted to so we only have a couple of lists here.

So to start off, here's a couple of lists we know were lost. First up is Eli Katz, who had a great list filled with books that deserved the points.

1. Dave Sim, Cerebus (1-300)cerebus
An unmatched creative achievement. Period.

2. Gerry Conway, Amazing Spider-Man (119-149)
"The Night Gwen Stacy Died," "Death of the Green Goblin," "The Punisher Strikes Twice," "My Uncle ... My Enemy," "The Green Goblin Lives Again," "Gwen Stacy Is Alive and Well" ... simply put, the very best and the most important Spidey stories ever told. Gerry Conway teamed up with John Romita, Gil Kane, and Ross Andru to give us Marvel's most engrossing melodrama. This run can't be beat.

3. Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, Sleeper (seasons 1 and 2)
An absolutely flawless series. The most intelligent and suspenseful book about super humans I have ever read, and probably the best thing that Bru and Phillips have done together so far. Yes, better even than Criminal. This book was epic without being pretentious. It was unpredictable without being illogical.

4. Jim Steranko, Strange Tales (155-168)
The most visually exciting comic of the 1960s. Better even than Jack Kirby's art in Fantastic Four or Neal Adams' flawless work in X-Men and Batman. Steranko wrote and penciled the best S.H.I.E.L.D. book to date. It was high tech, it was epic, it was fun, it was crazy, it was psychedelic, it was nightmarish ... it was everything. The seven-issue arc that featured the Yellow Claw remains one of the most exciting and eye-popping stories ever told. Most famous of all is the quadruple-page spread in Strange Tales #167, where Nick Fury faces Claw in a dizzying battle.

5. Josh Dysart and Alberto Ponticelli, Unknown Soldier (1-25)
Smartest, best-researched comic book ever written. Dysart tackles complicated moral and political issues and incorporates them seamlessly into a gripping action comic. It's a damn shame that this book is ending after only 25 issues.

6. The Hernandez Brothers, Love and Rockets Vol. 1 (1-50)
Love this book. Love the characters. Love the way it handles the passage of time. Love the straightforward, clean drawings.

7. Frank Miller, Sin City
Basically, Raymond Chandler on super drugs. This is easily Miller's best and most distinctive work.

8. Dave Louapre and Dan Sweetman, Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children (1-30)
Just a wonderfully creative picture book for adults. Louapre wrote some demented stories with some very amusing one-liners. One of my favorites comes from the first issue: "If the clown has a natural enemy, it's bikers." And Sweetman's black-and-white drawings are outstanding. Sweetman is probably the most under appreciated artist to ever work in comics.

9. Len Wein, Incredible Hulk (179-220)
Fun stories, fun art. In his run on Hulk, Len Wein co-created Wolverine and wrote the best and most touching Hulk story of the 1970s, "The Jarella Saga." He also wrote some of the most thrilling issues in Hulk to date, using an awesome collection of villainous freaks and monsters to pump up the action: Abomination, Missing Link, Collector, Quintronic Man, Bi-Beast, Rhino, and so many others. Wein was lucky enough to work with two of Marvel's artistic giants, Herbe Trimpe and Sal Buscema. In fact, Buscema did some of his best work for Marvel in this period because Ernie Chan handled the inking duties and gave Buscema's panels a richness and texture that's missing in Sal's later work.

10. J. M. DeMatteis and Shawn McManus, Doctor Fate Vol. 2 ( 1-24, plus an annual).
Call this a sentimental favorite. Everyone praises DeMatteis for his work on Justice League, Captain America, Kraven's Last Hunt, and I .. Vampire. Yeah, those are all great stories. But I just loved the hell out of this book when it first came out twenty years ago. It had the right mix of humor, dread, and unpredictability. Even after the main character died, the book continued to build in awesome directions. This is a forgotten gem. And McManus gave this book a creepy, original look.

Sorry Eli.

As you can tell, a lot of those books missed the list. A couple got mixed in with other runs. We'll get to those later. I think the odd publishing of Sin City caused it to miss the list. Cerebus is a book that is highly revered and I'm surprised it didn't make the main list.

Next up is Mr. I Keep Changing My Name and Avatar Because I Live In Oklahoma And Don't Have Anything Better To Do. Here's Amlah. He starts off with a message for all of us.

"Dear fellow Outhousers and Top List voters, I am shocked and appalled that I was the only person to include half the books on my list. Take a break from the Big Two and diversify a bit you stupid hosers."

1 Jeff Smith, Bone 1-55
2 Terry Moore, Strangers in Paradise v1 1-3, v2 1-14, v3 1-90
3 Peter Bagge, Hate 1-30
4 Drew Hayes, I, Lusiphur/Poison Elves v1 1-20, v2 1-79
5 David Lapham, Stray Bullets 1-40
6 James Robinson, Starman 1-81
7 Warren Ellis and John Cassaday, Planetary 1-27
8 Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, Preacher 1-66
9 Greg Rucka, Queen & Country 1-32
10 Ed Brubaker, Captain America 1-50, 600-current
Sorry dude. And seriously, stop with the name changes.

He's right, half of those aren't on the list. I haven't even heard of like 3 of them. Anyways, it's a pretty great list and includes one book that will show up, a few we saw earlier on the list, and the rest we won't be seeing.

I was going to try and get a few more lists, but I just didn't get around to it. I knew we missed Stalzer's list as well, which included Criminal, another book like Sin City that was published in a way that probably led to people not thinking to vote for it. Sorry Stalzer.

Unfortunately, Bubba's computer died, so we can't go through and fix the various mistakes where runs were added in with the wrong things, so sorry about that. The following mistakes were made during the compiling of this list:

Busiek's Thunderbolts were added together with one of the other T-Bolts runs.thunderbolts-kb
Wein's Hulk was added in with a different Hulk run.

Doom 2099 was accidentally added in with Doom Patrol. That book only had a handful of votes, but it should have been on the main list.

Gru's Cap was added into Bru's Cap. The similar names and the same book caused the issue.

There's probably a few other screw ups as well.

Later today will be part 2, where I'll list some of the books that were not voted for by anyone. It will probably give an idea of what's actually in the top 10, but not the order. Anyways, we'll see that later. Sorry for the mistakes, hope you guys have had a good time anyways.

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