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Your Top Creative Runs L.I.T.S. part 2

Written by rdrsfn82 on Friday, February 11 2011 and posted in Features
So, here's the final entry for today. We've seen the screw ups by us, and now we'll see the screw ups by you, the voting public. These are the books that no one voted for. They didn't miss the list because of errors in counting, they might have had one or two votes on some missing lists, but for the most part, no one thought to vote for these books for various reasons. This entry will be broken down into three sections based on where on the list these books belonged. Now I know there's a lot of books listed that I think should be in the higher parts of the list, so obviously that means other books are far too high. I'll let you guys figure out for yourselves what should be moved to make room for these books.
Minor Mistakes (Books that should have been in the OPC or lower than 100 on the list):

Johns' Booster Gold - If his shitty second JSA made the list, there's no excuse not to include this superior book.

JMD's Spectre (the one with Hal as the Spectre) - A solid book that's better than a lot of the crap on this list.

Simone's Secret Six - Such a fun book.
Gerber's Daredevil - I didn't even know this existed, but apparently Gerber took Daredevil into a series of cosmic adventures. It sounds like something that would be insane.

Waid's Irredeemable - Another book worthy of at least a OPC spot or something low on the list.

Wood's DMZ - I really thought this book would not only be on the list, but would do pretty well. People seem to really like it.

The entire Milestone world, especially: Static - It was kind of a big deal back in the day, and well regarded. And ICON - Another well liked book that featured some great work.

Bedard's Negation - I've been told, despite not having an ending, that this is one of the best cosmic comics of all time.

Oliver/Moore The Exterminators - This book seemed to have a decent following during it's run.

Moore's Top 10 - I think this was a victim of an odd publishing schedule.

Moore's Marvelman - As big a deal as people make about this book, no one voted for it.

Moore's Tom Strong - I know at least one person loves this book and has started threads about it.

Bru/Phillips Criminal - A victim of odd publishing. It would have had a vote had Staltzer's list not been lost, but deserved to get more than one vote.criminal
Texeira's Ghost Rider - Best GR artist ever.

There's probably many more that belong in this section, but that's a good enough list for now.

Pretty Big Mistakes (Books that should be between 50 - 100)

Birds of Prey - Both the Simone run and the Dixon run should have been on the list and in this section.

Moore's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Odd publishing strikes again!

Smith's Green Arrow - Reintroduced Oliver Queen and told a kickass story.

Ennis' Hellblazer - Many people seem to think this run defined the title.

McFarlane's Spawn - For good or ill, it is an important comic in the history of the medium and deserves a spot on this list.

Moench's Moon Knight and Master of Kung Fu - Two great stories that hold up really well today. Both well worth tracking down.

Jenkins' Inhumans - I believe this was an ongoing that got changed to a mini due to sales, and should have been eligible.

JMD's X-Factor - Just missed my list. Following PAD's run, JMD took over and told some great stories, including the battle between Blob and Strong Guy and my favorite issue of the series, the one where Multiple Man dies.

Van Lente's Incredible Hercules - Chaos War wasn't the best sendoff, but everything up to that was excellent comics, lots of action, lots of crazy ideas, and lots of fun.

Generation Lost and 52 - The odd publishing, as well as the fact Generation Lost had just started when this list was due, bumped these from contention. However, both are among the best things DC has published in the last few years.
O'Neil's Question - Seriously, how did this not get any votes? Royal even did a write-up.

Question (O'Neal/Cowan)
When Dennis O'Neil got the assignment to revive Steve Ditko's The Question, he did the only thing he felt he could: he killed the character. Ditko's brand of Randian Objectivism didn't quite mesh well with O'Neil's more liberal tendencies, and since Ditko used The Question partially to express his views, O'Neil decided to completely remake the character through his own lens. O'Neil's vision of The Question is more entrenched in the shades of gray attendant with vigilante justice and urban blight, and the philosophical moralizing made the stories work on multiple levels.

Nocenti's Daredevil - Seriously? Dead to me. Great comic, and I nearly put it in the next group.

Kesel's Daredevil - Another great forgotten run. Brought back happy Matt, if only for a bit.

Dixon's Batman - This was good stuff.

Wolfman and Colan's Tomb of mother fucking Dracula

OK, I'm better. It's my fault for not voting for it,

There's probably a few more books people feel should be here, but again, that's enough for now.

The Absolute Fucking Travesties of Justice (Books that should have been at least in the top 50)

Swan's Superman - Greatest Superman artist ever? Maybe. Defined how to draw the character.

Finger and Kane's Batman and Shuster and Siegel's Superman - Literally defined who the characters are. Even if the stories don't all hold up, these books should be here.

Michelinie/Layton Iron Man - The book that made me a huge Iron Man fan. Demon in a Bottle, Armor Wars, Doom, Justin Hammer, the creation of Rhodes, and many other great moments. Two runs on the book together, some amazing stories, I have to believe this was mixed in with a different Iron Man run or something, but I don't see any proof of that. Great book and deserved a spot at about the #50 spot, if not higher.

Mignola's Hellboy and B.P.R.D. - Odd publishing or not, this run should be on the list. I didn't vote because I haven't read it, what's your excuses jerks?

The Walking Dead - I blame myself for this, but this really should be top 50 material. How it missed the list boggles my mind. In fact, it should probably be top 25 or damn close. One of the best books currently coming out and one of the best comics of the last 25 years.

Claremont and Cockrum's Uncanny X-Men - I know Claremont gets a lot of the credit, but Cockrum's art defined these new guys both with Len Wein on Giant Size X-Men and later with Claremont on the writing. All the other guys got credit, but not Cockrum. I think there's a chance this was just an error in tallying.
spiderman-gcAnd the biggest mistake on the list, IMO:

Gerry Conway's Amazing Spider-Man should be a top 25 book, at worst, and probably top 10. Stan Lee created Spidey and made him shine, but Conway told some of the best stories the character has ever had. The Night Gwen Stacy Died is one of the most important and well done comics of all time. The death of the Green Goblin in the next issue is right there as well. And that's just the start of his freaking run. Luke Cage hired to capture Spider-Man, the introduction of the Punisher, the reintroduction of Liz Allen, Man-Wolf, Dr Octopus trying to marry Aunt May, Molten Man, Harry as the Goblin, the start of the original clone saga, and many other cool things. Just a phenomenal run on an iconic character. The fact this didn't make the list is a fucking travesty of epic proportions.

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