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What is Lumpia, and Why Should You Give It Your Money TODAY?!

Written by J.M. Hunter on Monday, September 09 2013 and posted in Features

What is Lumpia, and Why Should You Give It Your Money TODAY?!

The Indy Hunter talks to director Patricio Ginelsa about Lumpia, Whilce Portacio, and the soon-to-be decided fate of a Lumpia sequel on Kickstarter!

After making the low budget but critically acclaimed home movie Lumpia in 2003, Patricio Ginelsa went on to a career as a successful director (find out more here), including directing music videos for the Black Eyed Peas. Now, ten years after Lumpia became a cult classic, the original cast is ready to make a sequel... but their Kickstarter ends TONIGHT at 11:59PM PST, and they have $17,000 left to go.

Surely, someone who reads this website is independently wealthy? No?! Well I guess we'd all better chip in then.

To convince you, we spoke with Pat Ginelsa in a last minute interview. 

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Pat.

Well TIME is my worst enemy right now, but anything for you J.M.!

Lumpia 2! As a fellow creator of Fillipino ancestry, I know of the powers of Lumpia and what it does at the company potlucks. But for our readers and film fans alike, what can you tell us about your latest Kickstarter effort to fund the movie Lumpia 2!

It's this crazy action comedy sequel to an "ultimate homemade movie" we made 10 years ago in Daly City, CA, my hometown. It's about this silent avenger hero who fights and delivers justice one LUMPIA at a time. Yes, his weapon of choice is a Filipino egg roll. It's THAT kind of a movie, and I don't even do drugs. In LUMPIA 2, he has to stop an escalating drug war between street gangs and a crime syndicate.

As a bit of back story do you mind telling the audience what Lumpia the food actually is so that they have the context?

It's the one Filipino dish that EVERYONE remembers and LOVES! It seems to have almost defined our culture. How many times have I told someone I'm Filipino and they respond "Love that LUMPIA!" We made it our motto and website. Check it-->

Now about the film again, how was the response to the first one?

A big surprise. You have to understand that LUMPIA was just a neighborhood project where I reunited my old friends and we shot a movie together for old times sake. This was our summer pastime when we grew up, and now that I was starting USC film school at the time, I thought it would be a kick to reunite the old gang. It took us 7 years to finish the movie, and once it came out, it became a cult favorite, toured film festivals, community screenings, and VARIETY even gave us a positive review. We had a 10th anniversary screening in Daly City last month, and it was completely sold out. After a decade, people still love the movie! Even though it's a Video 8 shot homemade movie, they seem to genuinely love the story.

This came onto our radar from a video on the Kickstarter featuring Whilce Portacio, fan favorite comic book creator across all cultures, Image founder, and creator of Wetworks. Whilce burst on the scene with his run on X-factor and later Uncanny X-men with the historic Jim Lee/Chris Claremont X-franchise re-launch of the 90's How'd you hook up with Whilce?

I'm a huge comic book nerd and Whilce became my personal favoritie when I found out he was Filipino. I grew up on his Punisher and X-Books line and later on Wetworks. I first met him when I approached him about doing a PSA to get the young Filipino American community to vote back in 2008. We shot this during Comic Con and we hit it off right away on set. We couldn't stop talking and geeking out. It was amazing! Here's the video -->

Who else has come out to support this effort, past and future?

PG: If you're talking about this GEEKING OUT WHILE EATING LUMPIA series, we had actor DANTE BASCO (known as RUFIO in HOOK and voice of Zuko in AVATAR LAST AIRBENDER). Second episode we had Filipino filmmaker QUARK HENARES. Not sure if others have done this, but creating this original content for the Kickstarter seemed fun as I love creating platforms to promote and educate other aspects of what I call Filipino American POP CULTURE through everyone's favorite egg roll...

What are some of the rewards one can expect for contributing to Lumpia 2?

Aside from the usual digital copy of the 1st and new movie, we're offering this VARIANT MOVIE POSTER that has Whilce Portacio drawing the LUMPIA characters. Seriously, as a HUGE nerd, that excites me to have my favorite mainstream comic book artist taking on my own creation. You can also name one of the characters in the movie as well as have a role. We could always use another THRILLA from SERRA MANILA which is our Executive Producer title.

So one of the Kickstarter prizes is that backers also get to go and eat lumpia at Whilce Portacio's house, right? We're just gonna make that claim, okay? Whilce won't mind, will he?

It sounds fun to do but I'm warning you, it's hard to talk while chewing on your LUMPIA. You can choke on that. You have to be a professional LUMPIA eater to tackle that challenge. Believe me, when you eat Lumpia at Whilce's house, we can go for HOURS geeking out! I had to force myself to leave.

With the infamous Miley Cyrus twerking incident, white celebrities aping black culture has become pretty passe. Do you think this is a void the Filipino community can fill? What are the most important aspects of Filipino culture white people should become familiar with so they can start imitating early?

To be honest with you, our culture has been colonized so much throughout history, we pretty much blend in. But if white people can imitate a good Filipino accent, I'll give them a part in LUMPIA 2.

In all seriousness. I sense there's a bit of crunch to this project, there's a day left to go. Would you be willing to say something extremely controversial to make this go viral? Or have we done it for you?

I'm already a controversial magnet after the FIRST LUMPIA movie. In one scene, we stuck a LUMPIA in someone's butt. Will that get you to watch the first movie or not back our sequel at all?

Lastly Pat, tell the people where they can find your kickstarter and any other places to contact you. We truly do wish you all the success and look forward to seeing more from you and the Lumpia crew in the future. It was a pleasure talking with you all.

PG: You can BACK THAT LUMPIA sequel at . Direct link to Kickstarter is:

As I write this, we need a big Hail Mary on our last day to make this happen! You have until Monday night 11:59pm PST Sept 9 to do so... 

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