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Character Spotlight: Jason Voorhees

Written by Zechs on Friday, September 13 2013 and posted in Features

Character Spotlight: Jason Voorhees

To survive today perhaps you need to read this spotlight entry.



-Jason Voorhees-






There's no proper way to write it all down since there's been various additions or continuity ignoring. Instead, I'll just let Part IV's intro speak for Jason's origin, which sums it up perfectly:




Character Appeal:



Jason is just an indestructible machine bend on slaying anything that moves. To top it off he's the MacGuyver of slashers. If there's an object around he WILL use it to slay anyone around him. At times when you have a real asshole type character it's just karmic justice to have them be right in Jason's cross-hairs.




Top Story-lines:



Jason vs. Leatherface #1-3: Topps delivers the first meeting of the two slashers. The story itself doesn't make a bit of sense given how non-cannon it is. The Hitchhiker, the Cook, and Chop-Top are all still alive even though they perished in the first two Texas Chainsaw films which took place in the late 70s and mid 80s along with Jason who was zombiefied in the mid 90s (if we're following the series of movies logic) and also is in his Jason Goes to Hell (1993) form. Yeah, this story hurts the head trying to figure out how the characters are all meeting on another. It's bad. It's horrible. The weakest of all the crossovers Jason has had.

Yet, I can't help but read it from beginning to end. It's just an awful story that's so bad, you can't help but continue to read. I only recommend this story for the strong willed. It has freaking Jason vs. Leatherface!!!


Friday the 13th Special, Friday the 13th : Bloodbath #1-3: Avatar Press's go with our favorite hockey masked slasher. A team of mercenaries are sent in to kill Jason who's up to his usual tricks preying on a group of teenagers who've camped out on Crystal Lake. After the carnage that erupts the lone survivor of the affair, has to deal with Jason and an even more well-armed batch of mercenaries.


The answers as to why mercenary teams are being sent out to Camp Blood is actually surprising and a hoot. The tale also features probably the best written “final survivor” of the bunch of comics in who uses her brains and beauty to outwit (and outlast) the mercs who're aching to do what no one has ever done: kill Jason Voorhees for good!


Jason X #1: A scientist believes she can harness Uber-Jason's cells to make a miracle cure and lures him to her compound on Earth 2. After the path of death and destruction, she begins to realize there are somethings you just cannot control. The tale is written by Chaos! Comics founder Brain Pullido and uses all the fun cliches one finds in the later half of Friday the 13th movies.



Friday the 13th: Jason vs. Jason X #1-2: Those who hungered for more after Jason X (2002) will be pleased with this one. A chunk of Jason that was still on board the remnants of the spaceship Grendel. A salvage team finds the wreck and decides to plunder it. They then accidentally restore the original Jason who immedtialy starts carving a path of death until he hits a pleasure cruise ship.


There he confronts Uber-Jason, who has hitched a ride onto the ship to slay those pesky humans who dare enjoy the pleasures of life. The battle between the two are bloody and there is a clear winner with between the two Jasons! The comic is just carnage candy and gives Uber-Jason probably the best foe for him to fight, his old self!


Friday the 13th: Pamela's Tale #1-2: Marc Andreyko serves up this unique story via the perspective of Pamela Voorhees. We watch events via her perspective and honestly you can't help but feel for the poor woman. Andreyko clearly shows a love for the series writing a compassionate well dimensioned tale of Pamela, but also reminding us the fiend she is to become. We see various hints of what she later becomes, but overall she was just looking out for her son Jason. This is a fantastic companion piece to read after watching the original Friday the 13th (1980).



Friday the 13th: The Abuser & the Abused #1: The story follows a teen named Maggie who has had a VERY rough life. She's causally abused by her drunk father and step-mother, and her boyfriend's is an equally bad piece of work. No one believes and shrugs off her cries for help. The build-up culminates until she snaps and takes her taking her boyfriend to Camp Crystal Lake. There she hopes to encounter and find a kindred spirit in Jason. The story has a Hack/Slash sort of style to it. It's hookey and predictable, but you just can't help but keep reading the story enthralled by it.


Friday the 13th: How I Spent My Summer Vacation #1-2: Jason finds a kindred spirit in a young deformed boy. The two hit it off as Jason protects the boy from a corrupt sheriff who wants to see both dead.


It's an interesting tale done by current Marvel superstar writer Jason Aaron who shows that there is some pathos to the legendary killer. The real meat and fun of the story though for me is the corrupt sheriff who's just a nice slimy foil for Jason, who only gotten the job because nobody else sane wants to police the grounds of Crystal Lake. Just a fun tale you'd expect from Aaron. Probably the second best story from the Wildstorm Era.



Friday the 13th #1-6: Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray is several short stories along with an a lingering one focusing on a survivor named Sally who's somehow survived a stay at Camp Crystal Lake while her friends aren't so fortunate.


Friday the 13th: Bad Land #1-2: Another tale hints that the land of Camp Crystal Lake has always been cursed as a tale hundred of years before Jason show an Native American and his family be butchered by ruthless poachers. Alas for the poachers, someone from said family doesn't stay soon dead. The twists and turns along with the establishment that maybe the land itself is the reason why Jason does what he does. An interesting tale that feels like a Friday the 13th movie. This probably the best Jason centric comic of the Wildstorm Era. As for the truly best though is the next entry.


Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash #1-6: Taking place after the 2003 movie Freddy vs. Jason, a certain S-Smart employee heads to Camp Crystal Lake to prevent Freddy from getting his clawed hand on the Necronomicon. The wild card in this tale is Jason; who's seeking the book at first for Freddy, but begins to show he has his own agenda. The three horror titans collide in what's probably one of the best crossovers in a long time and the best Jason story from Wildstrom.


Jason's best moments come when he arrives at an S-Mart and basically uses the various objects around to deal death to everyone around him. The other is when he looses his hand via Ash and sticks his machete in the stump. Fun for the whole family.


Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors #1-6: The sequel picks off were the previous left off with Jason entombed in ice with the Necronomicon. Unfortunately some sleezy Government Operatives want the unholy book for themselves. Wackiness ensues this time with the survivors of the two horror franchises along with Ash vs. Jason, Freddy (who planned for this all with some help), and a whole army of Deadites.


The book is a bit clustered with so many characters, but has several fun moments namely Tommy Jarvis once again taking on Jason. It's best to avoid the book, unless you really want to see the final appearance Jason and Freddy had in comics for now...


Jason Voorhees Could Beat Superman:



Okay unless Jason somehow coated himself in Kryptonite there's no way he can beat the Man of Steel.




Someone please do this idea of soaking Jason in Kryptonite fighting Superman. Come on DC do something right for once! You have freaking He-Man and his universe taking on DC. Have Jason & Freddy too! Then again, they'd probably cut the balls off the two slasher titans like they did Constantine. NEVERMIND!


Where the Character is Today:


Nowhere really which is tragic. The character rights might still owned by DC Comics (Wildstrom purchased them and after the Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors comic). So basically two horror icons have been given quite a nice rest in comics.




Hey IDW, Dynamite, Boom!, Arcadia, and other Indy comics. Balls in your courts bro to do the right thing and get this property back. On the plus side, next year we're appearing to get another Friday the 13th movie that has no relation to the crappy Micheal Bay produced 2009 remake.


So to make any of you remember that horrorfic remake here's classic Jason doing what he does best:




Have a happy Friday the 13th folks! The Cobra Commander Character Spotlight is a coming.


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