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Arrow Annotations - S02E01: City of Heroes

Written by ThanosCopter on Thursday, October 10 2013 and posted in Features

Arrow Annotations - S02E01: City of Heroes

Arrow Annotations is back! Check out the easter eggs from last episode!

Did you watch last night's episode of Arrow?  Are you wondering what connections the episode has with the comics?  Do you like Easter eggs (and not just the brightly colored kind?) Arrow Annotations is here to help, providing some additional notes and background info from last night’s episode. Arrow spoilers follow!

Stellmoor International - In the comics, Stellmoor International is run by one of Green Arrow's current adversaries, Komodo, who also has a secret history with Ollie's father Robert. As revealed in Jeff Lemire's Green Arrow run, Simon Lacroix was an employee of Queen Industries who Robert took a shine to, as he was everything Oliver wasn't. Lacroix became involved with Robert's quest to find an arrow totem associated with a mysterious group called the Outsiders, and eventually murdered Robert to find the arrow totem himself.

In the present day, Lacroix, now calling himself Komodo, takes over Queen Industries and kills its CEO while framing Ollie for his murder. Lacroix is also revealed to have adopted/kidnapped a girl named Eriko, who's the daughter of Robert Queen and Shado.

As an aside, Jeff Lemire's Green Arrow run is only six months old and is one of the best books published by DC today. There was a conscious effort to bring the series a little closer to the feel of Arrow and Diggle even made his first New 52 appearance in the most recent issue. It's well worth finding the back issues (they're available via Comixology) and giving them a read.

Bishopmobile - Walter Bishop's old station wagon makes an appearance on the streets of the Glades. While I missed it last year, this isn't the first time Bishop's car has appeared in Starling City, nor is it the only prop from Fringe to be recycled. A taxi cab with a Rewind Wire advertisement also appeared in Season 1.

Blood for Mayor - We'll cover him more next week, but yes the alderman Blood is a reference to Brother Blood, the Teen Titans villain.

Isabel Rochev - We covered her last year, but Isabel Rochev is "the Queen" in the comics, a recurring villain who took over Queen Industries after Oliver was exiled from Star City for his murder of the villain Prometheus. It's revealed that she had met Oliver's father while abroad and had fallen in love with him, and sought to restore Queen Industries to glory, which including killing Oliver, whom she felt failed Robert's memory. Her name appeared on Robert's list, which producers have said will be covered in a later episode.

Rochev is played by Summer Glau, who's appeared in tons of geeky shows, including Firefly, The Cape, Alphas, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles and Angel.

Bethany Snow - The TV reporter is named Bethany Snow. In the comics, she first appears as a secret member of the Church of Blood, who uses her position on television to spread propaganda against its enemies. She's also recently appeared as the lead backup of the Channel 52 feature that appears in the back of all of DC's comics.

Particle Accelerator in Central City - Snow mentions a particle accelerator being built in Central City, which should be completed by Christmas. I wonder what that could be used for...

STAR Labs - Oh, and that particle accelerator is being built at STAR Labs.  STAR Labs is a research company with labs spread across the globe that often assists superheroes in the DC Universe, and has been a presence in the DC universe since first appearing in the pages of Superman in 1971. 

Iron Heights - This isn't the first time Arrow's visited Iron Heights.

Adam Donner - Dylan Bruce's DA character is named after Richard Donner, the director of the 1978 Superman movie. According to this TVLine article, the Arrow crew went as far as to adopt Donner's mantra "Verisimilitude", which he used on the set of the Superman movie.

Dylan Bruce also appears in the BBC series Orphan Black as Paul Dierden.

Mayor Altman - Mayor Altman briefly appears as the mayor of Star City in the fourth volume of Green Arrow, shortly before Isabel Rochev's takeover of the city.

The Hoods - While not related to the copycat Hoods at all, this seems as good as a time as any to mention the Red Hood Gang, who's been terrorizing Gotham City in recent issues of Batman. Batman is currently written by Scott Synder with art by Greg Capullo and is another one of DC's finer offerings. 

Sarah Lance - In case you've forgotten, Sarah Lance, Laurel's sister, was killed on the Queen's yacht, as seen in the pilot episode of the show. OR DID SHE?????

Drop a Vertigo - Roy asks if Thea's been dropping Vertigo, a dangerous drug at the center of several episodes last season.

Roy's parents - In the comics, Roy's father, a park ranger, met his demise while saving people in a forest fire. After his death, Roy was taken in by a Native American tribe and was trained in the way of the bow.

52nd Street - Jeff Deveau's wife perished on the 52nd Street bridge. DC likes to use the number 52 a lot.

Black Canary - WHAAAAAAA? The Black Canary?! But that's not Laurel? We discussed last year that the Black Canary seems to be a family title. Maybe this Black Canary is a relative of Laurel's....

Eskrima sticks - Black Canary is wielding eskrima sticks, weapons commonly used by Nightwing. Ollie, Slade and Diggle all train with eskrima sticks from time to time as well.

Ken Rabehl - Rabehl's name appears on one of the gravestones of those killed in the earthquake. Rabehl was involved in the art departments for several films and TV shows, including Stargate SG-1, Painkiller Jane and Battlestar Galactica.

Ryan Doucette - Doucette's name also appears on a gravestone. Doucette is a producer's assistant on Arrow.

May 15, 2013 - The earthquake occurred on May 15, 2013, which coincidentally was when "Sacrifice" (last season's finale) aired.  

And that's all I found for this week.  Past installments of the column can be found here.  Thanks for reading!  


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