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American Horror Story - Coven: "Boy Parts"

Written by The Resident on Thursday, October 17 2013 and posted in Features

American Horror Story - Coven:

Secrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets are for everyone!

Source: American Horror Story - Coven

American Horror Story is only on the second episode, and already there are plenty of secrets to go around in this cast of powerful women.


Secret 1:


Misty Day, the witch burned at the stake in “Bitchcraft”, is not dead. Makes sense, since she has “the power of Resurgence” (in addition to a major girl crush on Stevie Nicks). She's using her second life apparating around the world where innocents are being killed or harmed. In the opening of the episode she resurrects a few crocodiles so they can avenge their deaths. Later, she finds a hysterical Zoe in a stolen car with her Kylestein. More on that in a moment.


Secret 2:


Fiona (Jessica Lange) is keeping Madame LaLaurie (Kathy Bates) prisoner in her room at Madame Robichaux's. This secret doesn't last long. As soon as Fiona leaves, Nan let's LaLaurie go because she thinks too loudly. Fiona later finds LaLaurie sitting in front of her old home contemplating the death of her children and her time in the ground. This scene was actually phenomenal in terms of acting. Ryan Murphy seems willing to slow down the plot if it gives Lange and Bates a chance to monologue.


Secret 3:


Fiona wants to know how LaLaurie is still alive 180 years after her supposed death. The answer, as the viewer could deduce, lies in the honeysuckle concoction supplied by Marie Laveau.



Fiona seeks out Marie, who is alive and well in her salon in the Ninth Ward. The Supreme asks not-so-nicely for Marie's secret, and she refuses to give it. There's some humor in this scene, but mostly it serviced what will likely be a season-long theme of the conflict between whites and blacks in America. Through their discussion we learn that within the magical community, this conflict dates even back to Salem. As the season progresses, I for one will be keeping an eye on Queenie (Gabourey Sibide) and how she fits into this struggle.


Fiona leaves Marie expecting that she will get what she wants. Little does she know that Marie has kept her bull-headed lover alive too. Did they freaking sew that thing to his head? I thought they just put it on him.


Secret 4:


In a heartening show of realism, the cops arrive at Robichaux's to interview Madison (Emma Roberts) and Zoe (Taissa Farmiga). They have footage of Zoe leaving the hospital where she murdered the jerkiest frat boy. She panics and confesses everything. Fiona arrives in a timely manner to exercise some mind control on the cops and salvage the situation. But then she lays the beat down on Madison and Zoe for not “closing ranks” and calls them weak.


Secret 5:


Good thing Madison has a hell of an ego. She's out to prove Fiona wrong (and maybe get a little revenge on Zoe for getting them into trouble). Madison and Zoe drive to the morgue where the frat boys' remains are housed – Madison thinks they can resurrect Kyle (Evan Peters) using an incantation she found, but his corpse is not exactly intact. Zoe is too horrified to think clearly, but Madison has the idea to take all the best “boy parts” and create the perfect man.


The ritual is unsuccessful, it seems, and Madison books it when the coroner arrives. Zoe is inside, however, saying sorry to Kyle's patchwork corpse. She manages to give him a kiss before the coroner finds her, a kiss of LIFE. Kyle is awake, but seemingly not all there. He kills the coroner and Zoe takes his car, freaking out as they drive into the city. That's when Misty appears and offers to help, using some herblore to heal Kyle up nice and neat. She's a little creepy in this scene, but Zoe is the only witch she's ever met so she's desperate to form a bond.


Secret 6:


That seems like a lot for one episode, doesn't it? But wait, there's one more! Cordelia Foxx (Sarah Paulson) is trying everything she can to have a baby. She apparently has a husband, Hank, and they're having difficulty conceiving. In light of the dying witch bloodlines, it's understandable that Cordelia would want to conceive. Hank knows his wife is a witch, and he urges her to use magic to help them have a baby.



At his urging, she turns to black magic. They have hot sex (literally, fire appears) and for a moment during the climax Cordelia's eyes turn black. If years of “Supernatural” have taught me anything, it's that completely black eyes are not a good thing. Chances it is a demon baby are high.


Did you get all that? Because I'm sure next week, as we experience the fall out of these secrets, will be just as intense.


Next week:


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