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p(RU)views featuring WIFE: X-Men: Gold #1

Written by GHERU on Wednesday, November 06 2013 and posted in Features

p(RU)views featuring WIFE: X-Men: Gold #1

Celebrate the X-Men's 50th anniversary with RU and WIFE!

Source: Marvel Press Release

RU and WIFE return to take a look at X-Men: Gold #1's "First Look" from Marvel.

X-Men: Gold #1

X-Men Gold Cassaday Variant

WIFE: I did not know that Goldust was The Wizard

RU: Ok, now your just being mean for means sake

WIFE: *shrug*

RU: I’m not one for these types of things, but Jean looks…chunky.

WIFE: Hmmm, yea, it’s right after Halloween, she was probably eating lots of candy. Cut her some slack.

X-Men: Gold #1 Coipel Cover

RU: The Fuck?

WIFE: Is this a bad 80s action movie poster?

RU: I don’t even understand Storm’s…anything

WIFE: Oh, this little zig-zaggy thing?

RU: All of it. The outfit, the hair, the pose.

WIFE: Is she Zuul?

WIFE: Do we have 8 pages of this?

RU: Claremont wrote part of it, be glad there are no words. We’d be here till Thanksgiving.

X-Men: Gold preview pg 1

WIFE: Speaking of Thanksgiving, I found a recipe for pumpkin flavored…

RU: No.

WIFE: But…

RU: No.

WIFE: Thhpt

RU: Is that directed at the art or me?

WIFE: What, the…what? That outfit can’t be weather appropriate.

RU: Storm, again!

WIFE: What’s wrong with her?

RU: Don’t get me started. I never got the love Storm gets.

WIFE: I love you

RU: That’s not what I meant…never mind, thanks.

RU: Is it me, or is the professor all like “Ohh, what a loon I am. Oh, what a loon I am.”

WIFE: Dude, again with the references no one will get.

RU: Like that Cyanide and Happiness link I sent you today?

WIFE: Yes, but without the charm.

RU: grrr

X-Men: Gold #1 preview pg 2

WIFE: Whoa, hello hand!

RU: Shitballs!

X-Men: Gold #1 preview pg 3

WIFE: Is she wearing a dragon?

RU: Yes, and Lockeed rules!

RU: Again, what the fuck is up with Storm?

WIFE: I want a dragon.

RU: You still owe me a puma!

WIFE: It’s on back order.

RU: For 15 years?!

X-Men: Gold #1 preview pg 4

RU: You want to take this one?

WIFE: No, go ahead, it’s all you.

RU: Ow! My nipple!

WIFE: Not where I thought you were going.

RU: What did you expect?

WIFE: Are they amused or horrified?

RU: Rogue looks like someone farted, Cyclops is laughing at the nipple shot, Kurt is giving us his best “O” face, Logan farted, and Storm, well who knows anymore?

WIFE: Yea…this book looks really bad

RU: Yea, anyone who preordered this is probably pretty mad right now!

WIFE: You preordered it didn’t you.

RU: Is there an “X” in the title?

X-Men: Gold #1 preview pg 5

WIFE: G-d dammit, only page 6. At least they finally made it to Oz to visit Goldust.

RU: At least Storm isn’t here.

WIFE: Did they all die? Why are they statues?

RU: Did Iceman die taking a dump?

WIFE: Does she have a penis?

RU: Wouldn’t surprise me, Jean Grey is the worst.

WIFE: How does having a penis make her the worst? Explain your theory.

RU: Even without the penis she’s a ginger.

WIFE: Not really explaining anything.

RU: Because shut-up!

WIFE: And there we go.

X-Men: Gold #1 preview pg 6


WIFE: This is pretty.

RU: Pretty stupid. All I took from this is that you will never forget the name of ooooohhhhhhhh Gooooldust!

WIFE: I’m not sure how I feel about that.

RU: I know it amuses the hell out of me that you get all these wrestling references.

WIFE: This book was dumb. Where’s Deadpool? That was fun.

RU: That’s my girl!  And, those of you who didn't already pre-order this can avoid it starting on 11/13/13


Celebrate The 50th Anniversary of the X-Men – Your First Look at X-MEN: GOLD #1!

This November, celebrate the milestone anniversary of the Children of the Atom as the X-Men turn 50 years old! Marvel is proud to present your first look at X-Men: Gold #1, featuring all-new stories by legendary creators from the 50 years of rich X-Men history!

“Over the last 50 years, the X-Men have changed people’s lives, myself included.” Says X-Men Senior Editor Nick Lowe.

“Through Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Kitty Pryde and the rest of the X-Men, the creators of these merry mutants taught us that it’s not only okay to be different, but that difference is to be celebrated! To honor the characters and the creators we wanted to do something special… hence X-MEN:GOLD!”

X-Men: Gold #1 features an all-new, feature length story by the legendary Chris Claremont and classic X-Artist Bob McLeod! Experience an untold, in-continuity story of the X-Men featuring Cyclops, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Kitty Pryde, and Rogue!

But that’s not all! X-Men: Gold #1 is also jam-packed with stories from all-star creators from the storied history of Marvel’s Mutants – including the first new X-Men story from Stan Lee in years! Stan is joined by Louise Simonson and Walt Simonson to bring you an exciting new tale of the original X-Men!

Also featuring new stories set throughout the history of the X-Men from all-star X-Creators Len Wein, Jorge Molina, Fabian Nicieza, Salvador Larroca, Roy Thomas and Pat Olliffe!

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of X-Men history when X-Men: Gold #1 hits print and digital this November!

X-MEN: GOLD #1 (SEP130754)
Variant Cover by JOHN CASSADAY
FOC – 10/21/13 On-Sale – 11/13/13


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