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“Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor” in 3D Review

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, November 26 2013 and posted in Features

“Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor” in 3D Review

Zechs attended the Fathom Event special screenings of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special: “The Day of the Doctor” in 3D. Sadly the review won't be written in 3D, just 2D.


Well, we've got the Television Review of the special and now you're about to read the 3D review of it. So I will courteous in saying before you read ANY further, SPOILERS.








THEN HERE COME THE DRUMS.. Er spoilery and review talk.



For the 3D experience of Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor viewers/fans were tried to some unique treats. Namely, the opening which I think should be a standard opening for cinema goers for all time now. I'm speaking of course of the Sontarans teaching the audience how to properly behave for a movie feature and also indulging in eating popcorn. The other opening special is a message from the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors on the whole 3D experience plus the later informing how spectacularly the 12D version of the 100th Anniversary episode will be!


Both segments are indeed chuckle worthy and a nice way to pad out the time before the main event, Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor in 3D. Now, I'm normally not one to go into this 3D hoopla. However, given that this is the rare chance to watch Doctor Who in a movie theater with fellow fans of the series like a Master drawing near to the source of those ever beating DRUMS, I cannot help myself. I had to do it.


That said, the 3D isn't bad at all. The spots that best popped out (literally) was the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) and his current companion Clara (Jenna Coleman) being transported Trafalgar Square, the Fall of Arcadia with all the various chaos leaping out with the War Doctor (John Hurt) smack in the middle of it all, the Black Archive (a die-hard fans dream to see so many Easter Eggs layered about), and of course the 3D Time-Lord paintings themselves.


Other parts didn't leap out to me as such: the Time Vortex that makes the Eleventh meet the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) or the parts to the story. In the end, I enjoyed it for what it was. The 3D wasn't necessary for me to fully enjoy the experience. The special itself and watching it on the big screen with fellow fans is more than enough worth the price of admission.


Honestly, how can any long-time fan not simply enjoy the special? It indulged in just every bit of fanservice a Doctor Who fan could ask for. From learning why Queen Elisabeth the First declared the Tenth Doctor as her “archenemy”, more of the big “Bad Wolf, FEZ!!!! (*ahem* sorry), the “quiet” moments (the three Doctors in the cell, anytime the War Doctor talked to the Moment, Clara talking to the War Doctor, Clara's plea, and the Fourth Doctor meeting the Eleventh), a regeneration sequence that could have been fantastic if they'd shown more CGI face or the actual actor reprise his role even for five seconds, three Doctors interacting, and well just about every Doctor (even the thirteenth) getting an appearance. I can't hate something that does that, nor can I even bring myself to nit-pick. Though when my mind processes how the Doctors save Gallifrey, YET keep the continuity going of the past. My smirk only grows wider because that's the sort of retcon that still pays gives regards to the past and also EMBRACES IT (which a certain comic company or movies that trek around and befuddle us with their timey wimey plot holes should watch and learn from the Master.. er Steven Moffat).


Still, there was one other treat given to the audience who attended the screenings, and that was a behind the scenes look on how the special was made narrated by: Colin Baker aka the Sixth Doctor (both the Baker boys and Tennant's first appearance in the prologue special were the most well received rousing a loud response from the audience. Smith not to be outdone, got the most chuckles from the audience).


Again, it's hard for me to even remotely hate something so geared to tickle every sense of my enjoyment of Doctor Who. It's also something that is a long time coming as the show continues to grown and thrive in other places besides Britain. I can only hope this is just the beginning for Doctor Who specials airing theatrically cause this was positively well to quote the Ninth Doctor, FANTASTIC!!


5 out of 5









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