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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic -Daring Don't

Written by Dr. Improbable and The Resident on Sunday, December 08 2013 and posted in Features

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic -Daring Don't

Ohmigawd fangirling

Source: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic S04E04

Hey you! Yeah, you, with the mundane, boring life filled with TPS reports and orderly queues. Have you ever really, really, really wished you could hang out with your favourite fictional characters? And possibly also go on their typical adventures with them? Well then you're a total weirdo, because the Resident and Doctor Improbable wouldn’t know anything about that.

But if you answered yes, then congratulations because you and Rainbow Dash have something in common. After months of anticipation and a near nervous breakdown, RD learns that A. K. Yearling, the author of the 'Daring Do' books she loves so much, has pushed back the release date of the next instalment of the series by another two months. RD freaks out, while Song of Ice and Fire fans everywhere feel no pity (and probably sympathize with the “I'm a bigger fan than you” argument Dashie and Twi have). Dashie decides they need to find A.K. and help her with day-to-day tasks to keep her from being distracted from writing. This is, of course, what every writer needs (Res sure could use some indentured servants... I mean fans).

However, upon reaching Ms. Yearling’s reclusive cottage, the friends find it trashed and the author missing. A.K. returns to find them in her ransacked living room, and immediately checks to make sure no one has stolen her large golden ring. She shoos away the Mane Six, but they notice the thug ponies that have raided the house. (That’s pretty hardcore for this show.) Before they can jump in to help A.K., they see her change wardrobe –into Daring Do! Oh, c’mon, I know they say to “write what you know” but that’s practically cheating. Daring Do fights off the thugs, but they get away with the gold ring. Since, y’know, the guardians of the Elements of Harmony and protectors of Canterlot didn’t think to help out in time.

Daring goes on a journey to retrieve the ring and the Mane Six deliberate on how best to help. Rainbow Dash and Twi have a baffling conversation about what will happen if Ahuizotl (totes looked that up) gets a hold of the ring. (Now I know what it’s like for people who don’t read SoIaF or Harry Potter.) Long story short: not good things. Twi wants to make a plan but Dashie …erm… dashes out to save Daring.

Dashie nearly screws up when her fangirling causes her to lose her shit, getting Daring Do captured and putting the ring right into Ahuizotl’s hand-tail. The girls finally catch up to her, only to find her head hung low with defeatism.

After Twi reminds her that she’s a pretty tough cookie herself, Dashie once again sets out to help her hero. Daring Do tries to resist Dashie’s assistance, but in the end, Rainbow Dash and the Mane Six come through for her, destroying the golden rings and thus Ahuizotl’s glorious pyramid. And best of all, once the next book comes out, RD gets an advance copy –and she’s even on the cover!

Please note that at no point in the entire journey did Twilight stop to wonder how Celestia forgot to mention that there exists in the realm a valley bound to magic rings ruled by a dog/monkey/Alien hybrid. Like… what kind of leader doesn’t stop to mention to her best student and presume successor that her favourite books series is actually non-fiction? What a jerk.

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