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WINNER - Most Maddening Moment of the Year - 2013

Written by Zechs on Sunday, January 05 2014 and posted in Features

WINNER - Most Maddening Moment of the Year - 2013

2013 gave us a lot to be mad about, but which moment in comics earned fanboy fury oh so much? Wonder no more!!

Geez! I thought 2012 was bad, nope 2013 was so much worse. So bad in fact that total votes for the poll numbered near 500, destroying the voting from 2013's Moment of the Year (which had over 300 votes). So yes this year heralded much rage. Which moment was the most maddening? Well let's look at the two runner's up. 

Coming in third place with 56 votes was a moment of 2013 that still made Comic Shop Owners shudder. Why yes, I speak of the spectacular DC 3Dnado.



DC's Taking a Loss on Every 3D Cover They Print

DC's 3D Disaster Continues

3D Cover Allocations Due to Lack of 3D Paper

3DNado Continues: Retailers Receiving as Little as 5% of Villains Month Orders (UPDATED)

DC Can't Even Meet Original 3Dnado Allocation Numbers

DC Fails to Credit Creators on Villain's Month Covers

DC Cancels and Re-solicits 2nd Print 3D Cover Sets

DC Claims Retailers LOOOOOVE 3Dnado

Dear DC: You Learned Nothing from Villain's Month

Diamond Sales Stats Show Villains Month 3Dnado Was Hugely Successful


and of course my personal favorite (because I wrote it duh):


The Incredible Melting Holographic Comic


Even now I'm still disappointed my 3D comic didn't have a taste for human flesh, and JUDE TERROR STILL HASN'T REIMBURSED ME FOR THAT HORRIBLE ABOMINATION TO THE NAME CYBORG.. SUPER.. *ahem* Sorry bad memories, moving along to our runner-up at 68 votes. Again, DC Comics rears it's head with another PR nightmare this time with: W. Haden Blackman and J.H. Williams III booted off of Batwoman by DC Editorial.





W. Haden Blackman and J.H. Williams III posted a fairwell message on Blackman's blog, announcing their departure from DC's Batwoman. The departure is attributed to editorial interference from DC.

J.H. Williams III Latest Victim of DC Editorial Interference

W. Haden Blackman and J. H. Williams III Walk Off Batwoman

Dan Didio Responds to Williams/Blackman Controversy

Dan Didio Doesn't Know Difference Between Batwomen

Marc Andreyko Takes Over Batwoman, Williams and Blackman's Run Not to Finish? Updated: It Won't.

A Sad J.H. Williams Reveals What Might Have Been for Batwoman


On the bright side, if there's anything good to say is that new writer Andreyko WILL finish  Blackman and Williams III run eventually on a future annual issue. Though, given it isn't by the two original creators is still a sting no doubt to fans (and the creators themselves).


And the winner of the Most Maddening Moment of 2013? One that just wants to make me want to say to all of you:



Isn't it obvious? The WINNER and Most Maddening Moment of 2013 is:



Cartoon Network Doesn't Renew Young Justice or Green Lantern: The Animated Series



Green Lantern: The Animated Series & Young Justice Cancelled

Cartoon Network and DC Comics Release Statement on Cancellation of Young Justice and Green Lantern

Weisman Comments on Young Justice's End

Green Lantern: The Animated Series Twelve Step Program

DC Offices Host Wild Shindig After Young Justice Finale (SPOILERS)


Can you blame fans for the hate on Cartoon Network for the act? This was just two months removed from the network pulling both shows and putting it on hiatus. Now, it's successor Beware the Batman is following in the same exact fate to the very letter. Not even the hope that attempted could sway fans hopes of bringing back the show.

Even a year later, the topic was brought about a heated disussion between Paul Dini on Kevin Smith's podcast. So the fact that this moment won really isn't a surprise at all to me. Even though I was a fan more of Green Lantern: The Animated Series (look I enjoy Young Justice, but I have issues with it. Still it's a fun series.) , the fact that both failed because of merchandising issues still make me ache for that red ring to accept me. Though it's doubtful change will ever come to the people who run Cartoon Network.

So there you have the moment that was most maddening in 2013. Will 2014 be kinder to us? Probably, not though who really knows? What this reporter does know is that we at the Outhouse will take note of it and be sure to either report it or poke fun at it. Until then... I leave you with the only way I can end this with my reactions to reading your fill-in votes and voting in general:


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