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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic -Three's a Crowd

Written by Dr. Improbable on Sunday, January 26 2014 and posted in Features

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic -Three's a Crowd

Discord’s got biological warfare on his side

Source: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Good news guys, this week’s episode is not going to send me into a tirade about true friendship and personal achievements! Rainbow Dash is still a jerk, though.

Twilight is very excited about the impending visit of her sister-in-law, Princess Cadence of the Crystal Kingdom. Fluttershy comes to Twi’s library to share her own excitement –she’s been invited to whatever Equestria’s version of an animal sanctuary is to observe rare and adorable creatures! Pinkie has the best news yet… a sale on used patio furniture! Girl knows how to party.

The Mane Six head to the train station to see Fluttershy off. Pinkie in particular is distraught, at least until she’s distracted by a red balloon (where were the other 98?!) Twilight frets that Cadence’s visit won’t go well, especially because, as Rarity notes, the last few times they’ve seen each other the fate of Equestria has hung in the balance. Before they know it, Cadence shows up (on the same track Fluttershy’s train went out on, although in the opposite direction…) and she and Twilight head off to see a Starswirl the Bearded exhibit, because learning is cool you guys.

Not five seconds later, a very blue (erm, cerulean) Discord appears, and informs Rarity, AJ, RD, and Pinkie that he’s ill. So ill that he even demands a fainting couch (lookin’ at you, Rarity). Apparently he was hoping Fluttershy would nurse him back to health, but he conveniently forgot about her trip out of town, which she had mentioned to him in her last letter to him. Since she’s gone, and the rest of the Mane Six are supposed to be his friends as well, he instead implores them for their help.

RD promptly bails (Element of Loyalty, my fat ass) and even Discord can’t handle the chaos that is Pinkie Pie. Before AJ and Rarity can get stuck taking care of him, he infects them with his blue flu. Discord has “no choice” but to interrupt Twilight and Cadence’s bonding sesh. Discord guilt-trips her into nursing him back to health in her house. We are treated to a delightful song laundry-listing his requests (seriously, if you watch no other part of this episode, watch that song because there are hilarious references all over the place.) Discord conveniently forgot to mention that there’s a magic flower at the edge of Equestria that will heal him, but the girls must travel far to obtain its petals. This puts even more of a damper on the girls’ day, but they agree to fetch it.

Upon finding the flower and struggling to uproot it, they are attacked by what looks like a colourful version of the Shai-Hulud. A battle goes down, but seeing as Cadence and Twilight can shoot magic lasers out of the tops of their heads, they defeat the worm pretty handily. They retrieve the flower and head back to find Discord –who, turns out, is perfectly healthy. He had been faking his flu to prove that Twilight was actually his friend, since she never writes or visits. So the whole journey to the edge of Equestria was a test of friendship. She passed! Twilight, naturally, is incensed that he ruined the day with Cadence. But Cadence interjects, saying that it was fun to go on an adventure, and sharing it with Twilight strengthened their friendship, rather than distracting from it. To prove there’s karma in Equestria, the Shai-Hulu sneezes on Discord, who actually gets sick this time.

Next week: Weird Al shows up to try to out-party Pinkie. I did not make that sentence up.


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