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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic -Pinkie Pride

Written by Dr. Improbable and The Resident on Sunday, February 02 2014 and posted in Features

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic -Pinkie Pride

Pinkamina's got a boyyyyfriendddd. (Sorta)

Source: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

This week on My Little Pony, we were introduced to another new character: Cheese Sandwich (voiced by Weird Al). He's a party pony with a fondness for ponchos and Stetsons (Stetsons are cool), possibly explained by his throwing a party in the great western expanse of Equestria. His “cheesy sense” tingles, and it's time to go to Ponyville because somewhere a pony needs him to throw a party. He's a certified party planner, after all (a title which I assume he got with an associate's degree from Equestria's equivalent of Greendale).

Meanwhile, in Ponyville, Pinkie sings an opening song about planning parties – very “Provincial Life” from Beauty and the Beast. She's gathering supplies for Rainbow Dash's birthday party- someone should tell her that mixing all the colours together is not how paint works- which is also the anniversary of RD moving to Ponyville from Cloudsdale. Hence, a super party is in order for RD’s birthdaversary, because Dashie is always a slave to her hubris. In the midst of the planning, Cheese Sandwich arrives to “help”. It's worth noting that he and Pinkie hype their parties like about-to-be-21-year-olds, only without any booze. Are parties without booze ever that fun? (That’s a rhetorical question, the answer is no.)

There's about to be some rivalry up in here, since everyone is carried away by their town’s new guest. Pinkie is left in the dirt, experiencing some serious FOMO. (Doc had to look that up due to not being a #youth- it means “fear of missing out.”) Of course Rainbow Dash is at the center of making her friend feel crappy, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LOYALTY DASHIE? Pinkie mopes at her house, but looks over the pictures of her previous parties and finds the courage to get back out there and plan the shit out of that party. She challenges Cheese to a goof-off (cue the Zoolander homage), which has its own rulebook (yes of course Twilight has a book on it). Rainbow Dash gets to judge the goof-off, which makes this decidedly not the best birthday ever. (P.S. who “headlines” parties? I thought that was only for concerts.)

As far as the goof-off is concerned, we’re treated to knowing what it would be like to live in the dystopian world where all the most powerful people had the power to defy the laws of physics at their whim, and their whims were… whimsical. Mice play baritone, cannons and bombs detonate with the herpes of crafts glitter, jokes are made about the Cheese standing alone, and fezzes are worn (fezzes are cool.) Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie pull out all the stops.

The goof-off escalates rather quickly, and when Pinkie realizes that Rainbow Dash isn't having fun she forfeits the competition, because at the end of the day Pinkie’s almost compulsive desire to see her friends have fun wins out over her drive to throw the best parties. Interestingly, this is the first time that girls have been separated by an attractive (?) male pony, who it turns out found his calling to plan parties when he attended one of Pinkie's soirees. He used to be really shy, but experiencing the type of bash that only Pinkamina could throw changed his life forever, and now I'm totally shipping these two (oh, Res, don’t be one of those people.) They decide to throw a party together, and it is the best one in the history of all Equestria! They swear on Camembert! Yes I appreciate that joke. So French.


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