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Arrow Annotations - S02E13: "Heir to the Demon"

Written by ThanosCopter on Thursday, February 06 2014 and posted in Features

Arrow Annotations - S02E13:

A look back at the comic book references and Easter eggs from last night's episode.

Did you watch last night's episode of Arrow? Are you wondering what connections the episode has with the comics? Do you like Easter eggs (and not just the brightly colored kind?) Arrow Annotations is here to help, providing some additional notes and background info from last night’s episode. Arrow spoilers follow!

[Note: Apologies if this week's column is a bit scant, I'm battling a flu and watched the episode while fighting a fever.  I didn't catch much at all this week.]

Nyssa Raatko - Nyssa Raatko is a relatively recent addition to the DC universe, having been introduced in the Batman: Death of the Maidens miniseries back in 2003.  Nyssa was born in 18th Century Russia, the result of a tryst between Ra's al Ghul and a local woman.  As a young woman, Nyssa tracked Ra's al Ghul down and was inducted into the League of Assassins as Ra's' right hand.  However, Nyssa eventually became disillusioned with the League's plans and distanced herself from the organization, although she did continue to use a Lazarus Pit to extend her life significantly.  

Nyssa came into conflict with Ra's after he refused to help her or her family escape from a concentration camp during World War II.  Her family perished, and she was rendered infertile despite healing her injuries using a Lazarus Pit.  After her last living heir died, Nyssa captured and brainwashed her half-sister Talia in order to kill Ra's, while simultaneously planning to assassinate Superman.  While Batman managed to save Superman, he failed to stop Nyssa from killing Ra's, which led to her and Talia taking control of the League of Assassins.  Nyssa was killed by a brainwashed Cassandra Cain (the second Batgirl) after Infinite Crisis in an attempt to take over the League of Assassins for herself. 

Nyssa was created by Greg Rucka and Klaus Janson.  She was played by Katrina Law, whose best known for her role in Starz's Sparticus series, which also featured Manu Bennett. 

ARGUS - Nyssa's passport had been flagged by ARGUS, which seems to indicate that they're at least aware of the League of Assassins and their activities.  Whether this plays into later episodes remains to be seen.  

Tempest - Moira's Tempest account was first mentioned in "An Innocent Man". 

Nyssa and Sarah's First Meeting in Starling - When Nyssa "drops in" on Sarah, she uses a similar technique to the one used by Sarah in "Broken Dolls".  

Other Assassin - The assassin who poisoned Laurel and kidnapped Dinah was played by Shaker Paleja.  Paleja previously had a bit role in last season's "Damaged".  He's also had bit roles in Smallville and The Tomorrow People.  

Tibetan Pitviper Venom - The tibetan pitviper is part of a genus of vipers who possess the "100 pace venom", which is said to kill a person after taking one hundred steps.  I'm fairly certain that Sarah took more than 100 steps, but don't quote me on it.  Interestingly enough, the World Health Organization has yet to identify an effective antivenom to the pitviper's poison, so Ollie's miracle plant seems to be pretty rare.

And that's it for this week.  We'll see you all after the Olympics. 




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