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My Little Pony- Friendship is Magic: Twilight Time

Written by Dr. Improbable on Monday, February 24 2014 and posted in Features

My Little Pony- Friendship is Magic: Twilight Time

More acronyms than your average science paper!

Source: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

It seems that Sweetie Belle lacks the magic skills that her big sister has perfected, as she struggles to move even a single lightweight broom. Why is Twilight teaching her this stuff and not Rarity? I know she works mostly with fabrics but still. Scootaloo is also attempting a re-reverse engineering project, with similar progress levels. Apple Bloom is failing to brew a potion to make a tree grow. The CMC, as usual, is trying to learn new skills to find their cutie marks, but having no success.

Diamond Tiara, meanwhile, is getting attention for having an uncle with acrobatic skills. The CMC is tired of her and Silver Spoon getting attention for not actually accomplishing anything. To SB’s surprise, they invite her to meet up with them in Manehattan the next time Rarity goes- only Rarity hasn’t invited her darling little sister to go any time soon. Again, Rarity with the gold star. SB does “casually” mention that they hang out with Twilight now, which impresses the golddiggers because our favourite alicorn is a princess now, and princesses are cool. They beg for an invite, and the CMC agrees, enjoying the benefits of being the social elite.

All the fillies go to Twilight’s library. TwiSparks, being the good-natured but somewhat oblivious pony that she is encourages the CMC girls to practice their skills, which they somehow did not expect to have to perform in front of DT and SS. They cringe, knowing the spoilt rich girls will make fun of their lack of skill.

However, the next day proves them wrong; instead, now everyone in their class wants in on Twilight Time. The CMC, no doubt terrified by the metered chants of their peers, realise what a terrible idea this was. SB decides to exploit their newfound popularity, which in turn is exploited by DT and SS, who become the social calendar organisers.

The CMC invites TwiSparks to a meal to “thank” her for helping them. As she scarfs food, the girls’ classmates sneak paparazzi-esque photos of her. Twilight is still fairly oblivious, so when she confronts all the young fillies, she cheerily implies that the CMC are the deciders of “cool.”

Soon the CMC is dealing with the stresses of being popular. And how stressful! Lemonade stands! Hoof polishings! Bow bedazzlings! Exclusive pool parties! However, when they try to go to a private Twilight Time on their own, their classmates turn into something straight out of Children of the Corn. The CMC girls try to escape, but cannot, and instead bring their whole class with them to the library. Twilight isn’t mad though; she just wanted the CMC to know they had the option to keep the time for themselves. But sharing is friendship after all (you might say she’s being generous to all… RARITY!) and so TwiSparks opens up her time to everypony. More nachos, Spike!

Unfortunately Pip soon reveals that the CMC invited everyone not to learn, but to ogle the princess. Disappointed, Twilight sends everyone away, because Learning is the Greatest Magic of All and they didn’t want to Learn. However, the CMC is properly contrite, and they all apologise. Twilight gives them a second chance and they learn an important lesson about friendship: you should be friends with people for who they are, not what they are.


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