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The Top Ten Reasons You Should Watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Written by Doc Jon on Wednesday, March 26 2014 and posted in Features

The Top Ten Reasons You Should Watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Doc Jon throws us a curveball by actually liking a movie!

If you're reading this on the Outhouse then chances are you already have your tickets, a Big Gulp, and your Captain America underoos on. This article will do little either way to sway you, but what the hell, we have a quota to fill.

10: A.B.E.D. Yeah, this wasn't much of a cameo, and my wife and I seemed to be the only ones in the entire theater who got it, but I take my Community love wherever I can get it.

9: Because the Widow's Sting is actually used for the first time I can recall.

8: Because the Winter Soldier's soundtrack reminded me of both James Cameron's Terminator and Bill Bixby's the Incredible Hulk.

7. Because this is the best plot I've seen in a Marvel Movie so far. It's intricate, yet not overly convoluted. If it lacks for anything, it's that you want to learn more about this world. You want to know Widow's background, the Winter Soldier's past, Pierce and Fury, Bogota, everything.

6: Because of the ramifications. If you are a fan of the Marvel Movieverse then it is safe to say this is a must-see. This profoundly changes the Marvel Universe in a way that no other 'satellite' film has. "And nothing will ever be that same.." is apropos here.

5: Because the Black Widow is neither cheesecake nor window dressing in these proceedings. She is a fully realized character that is not there simply to lure in a male demographic.

4: Because Captain America finally becomes what he was always meant to be. In The First Avenger, the Captain was a bit of a GI Joe action hero. In the Avengers, he was a super-hero. In the Winter Soldier, he is a super soldier in every meaning of the word. They finally get him right in the realm of the action-flick.

3: Because of the shield. This goes hand in hand with point 4. The shield in this movie is a devastating weapon that they have thankfully not ruined in any of the previews I have seen. It is awesome to behold. I also saw the movie in 2D (not sure if this has a 3D incarnation) but there were no obvious 3D shots just for the hell of it.

2: Because the Winter Soldier is awesome. He is played to perfection here. Yes, he loves his manscara (that's trademarked by me), but he is bad-ass in a way that no other Marvel villain has pulled off. Where Loki is glib and menacing as a trickster, the Soldier is ruthless, silent, capable, and devastating. While I fear a Winter Soldier movie may be overkill for the general public, I would gladly pay to see more of this character.

1: Because Captain America doesn't pussy out like Superman. Learn from this DC, LEARN WELL. Captain America is unabashedly patriotic. He believes in the good of people, yet never preaches about it. He fights for truth, justice, and the American Way, and doesn't apologize for it. And it is absolutely refreshing to see. In the most recent Superman movies, we see a Superman who is almost ashamed to be the good guy. Not here. Cap is exactly what a guy wearing the American flag for a suit would be, the representative of the best of us.

I could go on because there are so many things I like about this movie, but I won't bore you. This is a fun movie. Great action. Great acting. Very good plot. And a ton of Easter Eggs for the fans. Do yourself a favor and check it out.


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