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C2E2 Interview: Chandra Free Talks God Machine 2, Star Trek: TNG, and Monsters

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, April 29 2014 and posted in Features

C2E2 Interview: Chandra Free Talks God Machine 2, Star Trek: TNG, and Monsters

Zechs interviews Chandra Free, writer/artist of the Indy graphic novel: "The God Machine".


Outhouse Ace Reporter Zechs convinced rising star cartoonist Chandra Free fame, to give him eight minutes of her time at C2E2 this weekend. Free's God Machine, which came out from Archaia Studios in 2010, is tough to find in comic shops. The print run has sold out, and not in the Big Two comics press release before the book is even in stores kind of way. Real people bought this. "It's out of print," Free explained. "The distributor doesn't have it. The publisher doesn't have it. Amazon doesn't have it. Its gone."

But don't worry! You can still snag a digital copy. "You can get volume one online right now through Drive Thru Comics, comiXology, and Graphicly," Free assured us, adding that "volume two will probably follow a very similar [path]. It should be available online."

"[In the second volume], we get to learn a lot about Guy and his past," Free teased.  "We get a glimpse, not necessarily of the the time he had with Sith, but him as a younger man. Like a little guy. Like a little hellraiser. We get to learn more about the gods and what they do. We've got a lot of gruesome stuff. Things that will pull at your heartstrings, and also a decapitation."

"Yup. I kill off a character," she added. "I don't know if it's truly a spoiler because you won't see it coming. Just be on the lookout for lovely bloodiness." The book is planned for sometime next year, if all goes well.

When not working on her own books, Free serves as art director at guerilla studio Blam Ventures.  "I'm always doing things for Blam. I'm the art director. We've got an upcoming book: Buck Rogers [that] I'm gonna be coordinating the artists for." (Chandra recommended that you check out our interview with Blam creative director Andrew Vaska for more on Buck Rogers.)

Okay, let's talk about Star Trek. "Scifi is near and dear to my heart," Free professed. "I loved Star Trek the Next Generation. It was my favorite Trek of all of them. A lot of people love Deep Space Nine. I think that show's great, but I have some problems with it. What I really like about Next Generation is the tales of morality and the different viewpoints. That one episode with David Ogden Stiers and Majel [Barrett-Roddenberry] as Lwaxana about euthenasia is so gripping. Even when you watch it today, you're like oh my god."

"I had a fangirl moment with John Delancy [who played Q on Star Trek: TNG]," Free continued, illustrating the comic convention circle of life. "I heard he was gonne be at Megacon and I snuck away from booth and borught a comic to give to him. I was gonna buy one of his little prints with a signature, but he pushed away the money and signed the thing and gave it to me. My inner 13 year old was just screaming."

If you meet Chandra at a con, you're welcome to ask for a sketch of anything. But we have it on good authority you should be asking for monsters. "I like coming up with monsters. Big creepy teeth, a spine, long limbs and claws. I just want people to commission me to do monsters all the time. I'd be in heaven. I love the monsters."

Look for The God Machine Vol. 2 next year. Learn more about Chandra Free at her website, or find her on Twitter and Facebook. Watch the video above for the full interview - we just snagged a few highlights.

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