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C2E2 Interview: Erik Burnham Talks Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary, Old Familiar Faces, and an Enemy Returning

Written by Zechs on Wednesday, May 07 2014 and posted in Features

C2E2 Interview: Erik Burnham Talks Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary, Old Familiar Faces, and an Enemy Returning

Zechs interviews Erik Burnham, writer of IDW's Ghostbusters ongoing about the series, the plethora of characters, the franchise's 30th Anniversary, and the return of an old foe.

So one of the most under-rated series out there right now is IDW's Ghostbusters by writer Erik Burnham and artist Dan Schoening. If you're a fan of the movie or two cartoons (The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters), you'll love this book with it's absolute love for the lore and the characters. Those curious the should look into Ghostbusters: Total Containment (available at Amazon) or look put the series on Comixology.

At C2E2, Zechs sat down with Burnham to talk about the series, its characters, and what looms in the future in the book [WRITER'S NOTE: I apologize to Mr. Burnham now for so not knowing Dana came back during 'Mass Hysteria'. I am a Clouseau to the very end.. besides in grammar.) :

Burnham tells us how he got the gig, starting with the Infestation crossover: "I sent them a sixteen issue pitch for an ongoing. Everything got approved. We did the sixteen issues, which is collected in the hardcover that we've got now. I took a break real quick for the Mars Attacks and Real Ghostbusters crossover, and then we started over with another volume."

Burnham combines all the aspects of the franchise to his work on the franchise. "We even got some stuff from the Sanctum of Slime video game."

The book is currently celebrating the 30th anniversary of the franchise with Mass Hysteria, in which the goddess, Tiamat, enters the fray. "Look what they did to gozer back in the movie," Burnham explains. "They shouldn't be able to do that. That's interesting to Tiamat, so she swoops in just to screw around with them a little bit."

Burnham goes into detail on why now was the best time to bring back long-missing characters like Dana Barrett (played by Sigourney Weaver in the two movies) and Louis Tully (played by Rick Moranis). As for why those characters are just showing up now and whether FBI Agent Melanie Ortiz was created specifically to fill the void of not using Dana, Burnham had this to say:  "There's been fan speculation that she was created as a stand-in for Dana. And a love interest for Peter. I actually never wrote that in the script in anyway. That's fan 'shipping'." But Sony finally allowed IDW to bring in Dana and Louis, provided they followed some rules. "We want to touch on everything from the movies, everything from the movie, that we can. Just a big fan love letter."

As for what the future holds in the world of the Ghostbusters? Well, an old foe will rear his head and it won't be Gozer. "We're going to put Vigo in it," Burnham revealed, "Dan put the cover out. Vigo is coming back in #18."

That's right folks! Vigo the Carpathian is coming back in Ghostbusters #18.  Now go hang his glorious paintings in your child's rooms! Go ahead do it!


Burnham couldn't decide who he liked to write best. "There's so many. Peter's the easiest for me to write. [...] The most fun to write is Egon. The dry sense of humor has been great. And Kylie's been surprisingly fun! They're fun in different ways."

Watch the video for a lot more! Issue #15 of Ghostbusters, featuring the return of Lois Tully, hit stories last week. #16 will be in stores later this month!

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