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Arrow Annotations - S02E23: "Unthinkable"

Written by ThanosCopter on Thursday, May 15 2014 and posted in Features

Arrow Annotations - S02E23:

A look back at all the Easter eggs from the finale of last night's episode.

Did you watch last night's episode of Arrow? Are you wondering what connections the episode has with the comics? Do you like Easter eggs (and not just the brightly colored kind?) Arrow Annotations is here to help, providing some additional notes and background info from last night’s episode. Arrow spoilers follow!

Meltzer Avenue - One of the police officers mentions that there are police stationed at Meltzer Avenue.  Brad Meltzer is a novelist and occasional comic book writer.  Meltzer wrote a six issue run on Green Arrow which pitted a recently resurrected Green Arrow against Solomon Grundy.  He also wrote Identity Crisis, which introduced the Green Arrow/Deathstroke rivalry, as well as a run on Justice League of America that saw Roy Harper take up the "Red Arrow" nickname. 

Drone's Arrival Time - An ARGUS tech tells Waller that the drone strike is 52 minutes from Starling City.  It wouldn't be an episode of Arrow without a reference to DC's favorite number.

ARGUS Tech - The ARGUS tech manning the drone is played by Allison Riley, who previously played an ARGUS tech officer in "Suicide Squad".  

Giordano Tunnel - Slade's army heads towards the Giordano Tunnel to escape Starling City.  Dick Giordano is a well-known DC editor and inker from the 1970s and 1980s.  He notably inked Neal Adams' pencils on the Green Lantern/Green Arrow series.  He also inked George Perez's pencils in the continuity rebooting Crisis on Infinite Earth series, and served as DC's executive editor during that time.  

Level 7 Clearance - Lyla and Diggle break into ARGUS's headquarters through an entrance marked "LEVEL 7 SECURITY".  This might be a little nod towards rival comic book show Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, which features "Level 7" as one of its many buzz-phrases. 

Easy Company - Slade's army takes down ARGUS's Easy Company in the Giordano Tunnel. Easy Company has been the subject of several war comics dating back to the late 1950s.  Easy Company is an American WWII battalion typically led in the field by Sergeant Frank Rock.  Most of Rock and Easy Company's adventures were drawn by industry legend Joe Kubert.  It should be noted that, after World War II, Rock went on to become one of the Joint Chiefs of Staff's for Lex Luthor's presidential administration, and also was involved with the Suicide Squad at one point. 

Waller mentions that Easy Company is led by Sergeant Gomez during their ill-fated battle with Slade's army.  Gomez is named after Suzanne Gomez, a CW publicist who works on Arrow publicity and marketing.  

The Wall - Deadshot refers to Amanda Waller as "The Wall" while Diggle and Lyla are breaking them out of their cells. Waller is often derogatorily referred to as The Wall by various characters in the comics. 

Torque - When Diggle frees Deadshot, he also frees several other prisoners, one of which is played by Michael Adamthwaite. Interestingly, Adamthwaite is listed as playing Torque in the episode.  In the comics, Torque was a corrupt Bludhaven cop and enemy of Nightwing, who has his neck snapped by the supervillain Blockbuster.  Thanks to a breakthrough in medical technology, Torque survived, although his head faced the wrong direction.  Afterwards, Torque waged a gang war in Bludhaven in an attempt to gain revenge against those who wronged him.

Adamthwaite, the actor who plays Torque, is a pretty prolific voice actor with a number of different credits to his name.  He voiced Colossus in X-Men: Evolution, Justin Hammer in Iron Man: Armored Adventures, and Namor in the Fantastic Four movies.  He also played Her'ak in Stargate SG-1.

Raven - Viv Leacock plays the other prisoner who Diggle and Lyla frees, who is named Raven in the credits.  While there's a well-known Teen Titan named Raven, that character is female, and Leacock is male, so I doubt that's who he is.  There are also several one-off villains named Raven, including an enemy of Robin, so maybe he's named after one of them.  

Nordic Pearl - Several people asked me if the Nordic Pearl, the boat that Nyssa and Sara leave on, is a comic book reference of some sort.  It is not.  It's an actual fishing vessel based out of Vancouver.  

Supermax - Diggle mentions that Lian Yu has been set up as a Supermax prison by ARGUS.  David Goyer, the screenwriter for the Dark Knight trilogy, penned a script for a DC Comics movie called Super Max way back in 2007.  The proposed movie saw Green Arrow escape from a Super Max prison with the help of several imprisoned supervillains.  Black Canary, the Riddler and Icicle were all confirmed to appear in the proposed script, which never came into fruition.

The Hong Kong Apartment - The apartment Oliver wakes up in Hong Kong is actually a rejiggered version of Laurel's apartment set. 

And that's it for this season!  And be sure to read Flash Facts, the new Easter egg column for The Flash, next fall! 


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