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The Kickstarter Pipeline - July 17, 2014

Written by Christian on Thursday, July 17 2014 and posted in Features

The Kickstarter Pipeline - July 17, 2014

A look at new, current and completed comics crowdfunding campaigns.

In 2013, comic Kickstarters generated nearly $12.5 million in pledges.  Comparatively speaking, that's a small chunk of change compared to the $402.3 million of sales Diamond reported last year, but I believe that more and more creators and fans are looking to Kickstarter as a source of new comics.  

The Kickstarter Pipeline is a periodic article that highlights new comic campaigns on Kickstarter, tracks ongoing campaigns, and keeps a tab on funded projects.  This is one part link drop, one part curated list, one part whatever the hell I want it to be.  I'll also try to include artwork and other stuff, and basically make this a list that's worth reading, as opposed to the tired, obligatory type of column that most Kickstarter articles are.  

This is not intended to be a inclusive, catch-all list.  As of this morning, there are 136 active comic Kickstarter campaigns, which is way too many for one person to cover. 

If you'd like to be featured on the Kickstarter Pipeline, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll take a look.  Also, feel free to contact me with updates about Kickstarters you've backed, whether you've received the finished product or are experiencing a delay of some sort. 

New Projects

Monsterwood by Jason Rosen and Steve Ellis - $14,500 goal (August 18 deadline)

Fantasy project by New England writer Rosen and Only Living Boy illustrator Steve Ellis.  Ellis is one of those unheralded talents in the comics industry, and any campaign he's involved with is one that seriously merits support.  Image above taken from Monsterwood's website

Failed Oasis by Joey Donaldson and Patibut - $1,000 goal (August 10 deadline)

Sci-fi project by Canadian writer Donaldson and Thai artist Patibut.  Failed Oasis was previously featured online at failedoasis.com, and proceeds from the Kickstarter will be used to fund a print version of the first issue. 

Enchantress - The Art of Dan Brereton by Dan Brereton and Steve Morger - $3,000 goal (August 13 deadline)

New collection of artwork by award winning illustrator Dan Brereton.  Brereton is best known for his creator-owned series Nocturnals.  Much of the art previewed on the Kickstarter campaign are pin-ups, and at least one is NSFW.

Salvagers #3 by Bob Sailey and George Acevado - $3,000 goal (August 13 deadline)

Third issue of a sci-fi comic focusing on deep space salvagers.  Salvagers #2 was previously funded via Kickstarter. 


Last Week of Funding

The Monsters of Jimmy Crumb by James Patrick and Jen Hickman - 132% of $4,000 goal (deadline July 18) 

64 page horror graphic novel about an 8 year old boy who can channel serial killers.  Comic is being published by 21 Pulp, a new imprint owned by Patrick and others.  Image above taken from Kickstarter page. 


In Need of Support

Knight's Legacy: Awakening of the Pen Ddraig by Heroic Tendencies Studio - 26% of $7,000 goal (deadline July 23)

48 page Arthurian graphic novel written by frequent Outhouse commenter Michael Sacal. 

Sum of Light #2 by Brian McCranie - 42% of $2,000 goal (July 24 Deadline)

Second issue of a Lovecraft inspired horror series.  First issue was successfully funded via Kickstarter in May 2013.  

Here We Go by James Young - 72% of $1,500 goal (July 25 Deadline)

Anthology of short stories written by James Young and illustrated by a number of artists including Joanna Estep, Michael Odom, and Anwar Madrigal. Campaign will be used to print comics, story and artwork already completed.  Very high quality artwork.  

Fiction Squad by Paul Jenkins and Ramon Bachs - 53% of $60,000 goal (July 25 Deadline)

Noir crime spinoff of Jenkins' Kickstarter funded Fairy Quest, with art by Ramon Bachs.  Boom! will print and distribute comic when completed.  

Mad World by Patch Silver and Ryk Brink - 15% of $5,000 goal (July 30 deadline)

Fantasy graphic novel about a teenage girl and an anthropomorphic crow wizard.  Art has an interesting quality to it.  

Frostlings by Patrick and Sally Block - 65% of $20,000 goal (July 31 deadline)

200+ page graphic novel written and drawn by Disney artists Patrick and Sally Block.  The Blocks are best known for their works on various "Ducks" comics, and have written/illustrated a number of Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck comics.  

I love, love, love the preview pages on this.  VERY high quality and worth a look.  

I interviewed Pat Block here

Faux Life #1 by Ethan Rappaport and Robert Baumer - 44% of $4,000 goal (July 31 deadline) 

Horror comic about a girl who can bring inanimate objects to life.  

Dollhouse by Ray Nadine - 75% of $6,350 goal (July 31 deadline)

Kickstarter campaign to fund a print collection of the Dollhouse webcomic. 

Not So Super Comics by Jacques Nyemb - 45% of $3,500 goal (August 1 Deadline)

Not So Super Comics is publishing three new comics using funds from campaign, to be released at NC Comic Con in November.  Artists include Joe Hunter, David DeGrand, Justin Wood and Kayla Miller.  Very diverse range of stories and art styles.  

The Deacon of Darkriver by Sandra Ros Bjornsdottir and Charles Kantz - 55% of $2,500 goal (August 2 deadline)

Comic adaptation of Icelandic "Djákninn á Myrká" folk tale.   Comic will be used to print both English and Icelandic copies of comic.  Bjorndottir is an Icelandic native and wrote and drew the comic.  Kantz is a San Francisco, CA based print designer. 

Storyville: The Prostitute Murders by Gary Reed and Wayne Reid - 18% of $6,500 goal (August 3 deadline)

Crime comic set in 1910 New Orleans during the dawn of Jazz.  Comic is written by Caliber Comics' publisher Gary Reed.  Kickstarter states that the book is being published under the Caliber Comics imprint.  

Under the Flesh by Gilbert Deltres and JL Giles - 47% of $3,500 goal (August 3 deadline)

Horror comic set in a world where a virus turns men into zombie-like cannibals.  

Modern Polaxis by Sutu - 60% of $9,000 goal (August 6 deadline)

Webby and NWA Award winning creator Sutu is creating a new "augmented reality comic book" which users can access via phone or computer app.  Modern Polaxis follows a paranoid time traveller evading those who he perceives are trying to prevent him from uncovering the truth.  Sutu and his work has been featured in a documentary that aired on Australia's ABC network. 

Monstrosity II edited by Phil McClorey and Brian Evinou- 56% of $4,000 goal (August 6 deadline)

Horror/sci-fi comic anthology featuring the work of over 20 creators, including Ryan Ferrier, J Bone, Alex Diochan, Anthony Del Col, Matthew Daley, Corey MacCallum, and Eric Kim.  

The Fictionist by Nathaniel Piper - 7% of $5,000 goal (August 7 deadline)

Surrealist comic about a NYC writer, his neighbors and his attempts to be published. 

Samurai Chef Vol. 2 by Nigel Twumasi and Lao K - 17% of £2,500 goal (August 8 deadline)

Comic featuring anthropomorphic animals competing in a high stakes cooking reality show.  Creative team works under the name "Mayamada".  Volume one was funded via IndieGoGo in 2012, and new Kickstarter campaign offers rewards featuring both volumes.

Fly the Colour Fantastica - 79% of $7,500 goal (August 8 Deadline)

Comic anthology celebrating colors featuring the work of 12 different Australian artists.  As the title suggests, preview pages contain very vibrant colors, and artwork seems to be of high quality.  Arts involved in the project include Eri Kashima, Vikki Ong, Tash Sim, Rebecca Jade and Sam Jacobin.

The Book of Dragons by Bronco Ink - 28% of $3,500 goal (August 8 deadline)

Comic adaptation of E. Nesbit's The Book of Dragons, originally published in 1900.  Bronco Ink has recruited a number of comics creators to work on the project, including A.C. Brown, Shawn Aldridge, Scott O. Brown, Marc Bryant, Thacher Cleveland, Jonathan Clode, Mal Jones, Charles Webb, Kathryn Frizzell, Lori Lapomardo, John Audrey Portilla, Russell Hossain, Amberin Huq, and Ricky-Marcel Pitcher.

The Horror Lovers by Valerie D'Orazio and Bobby Timony - 25% of $6,500 goal (August 9 deadline)

A screwball comedy/horror comics by former DC editor and comics journalist Val D'Orazio and Harvey Award nominated artist Bobby Timony.  The preview pages remind me of classic MAD Magazine comics, which makes sense since D'Orazio and Timony cited them as inspiration for the comic.  Image above taken from Kickstarter page. 

Laying Lincoln Down by Kurt Kennedy - 27% of $3,000 goal (deadline August 18)

Wicker Press graphic novel about Abraham Lincoln's funeral train.  Laying Lincoln Down was the 2012 Albert P. Weisman Award from Columbia College Chicago, which paid for the first 20 pages of comic.  Creative team seeks funding for final 20 pages of artwork.  A previous Kickstarter for $15,000 ended unsuccessfully in May ($1,815 raised).  

The Galaxy Girls by Shawn DePasquale and Sherard Jackson  - 29% of $11,000 goal (deadline August 22)

Sci-fi comic by television writer and comic book letterer Shawn DePasquale and artist Sherard Jackson.  I interviewed the creators here

A Soul Ablaze by Sean McDonald and Rachel Schwarting  - 5% of $7,000 goal (August 31 deadline)

Manga style comic by about a teenage boy who is thrust into a fantasy world and meets up with a squirrel-tailed female guardian.  Writer Sean McDonald is a Columbus, OH native.   

Ongoing Comics Patreon Campaigns

The Outhouse - $50.52 per month raised

Ongoing Patreon campaign to pay for server costs and staff.

Wait, What? Podcast - $331.27 per month raised

Ongoing Patreon campaign to help pay for server costs for their new website and additional content

Successfully Funded Campaigns 

The Will of Captain Crown: Book Two by Tristan Roulot & Patrick Hénaff - $13,616 funded

Second volume of a pirate adventure comic.  Captain Crown was originally published in Europe, and proceeds from the campaign are to reformat the comic for American readers and translate dialogue into English. Writer Roulot received a Joe Shuster Award nomination for the first volume of this comic. Image above taken from Kickstarter page. 

I had the opportunity to read the first volume of The Will of Captain Crown last weekend.  It's a fantastic read, filled with intrigue, adventure and betrayal.  I was impressed with both the strong artwork and the dynamic, twist-filled plot that avoided standard pirate tropes.  Both volumes are available as an award at the $50 pledge level, and I highly recommend it. 

I interviewed Roulot and Henaff here

Unsounded: Volume Two by Ashley Cope - $71,381 funded

Second volume of a fantasy-adventure webcomic.  

The Economics of Digital Comics by Todd Allen - $3,191 funded

Updated book about the economics of online and crowdfunded comics by Beat editor Todd Allen.  Interview with Todd Allen (by Jude Terror) can be found here.

1X by Charles Butler - $1,101 funded

Four short stories of various genres collected in 28 page comic.  I interviewed Butler here.  

P. Craig Russell Sketchbook Archives by Wayne Alan Harold - $29,619 funded

A 250 page hardcover sketchbook containing selected sketches by P. Craig Russell.  Sketches contain notes and commentary by the artist.  

Four Arms by Cardbord India - $3,555 funded

32 page macabre fable comic involving a multi-armed girl and a wolf in a forest.  Each illustration is 11 x 17. 

The Last West: Volume 2 by Evan Young & Lou Iovino - $7,545 funded

Second and final volume of an alternate history comic set in 1945.  

Where is Home Anthology by Vanessa Stefaniuk - $4,944 funded

Anthology of fifteen former Sheridan College artists.  Common theme is "home".  

Amiculus: A Secret History of Rome by Travis Horseman and  Giancarlo Caracuzzo - $10,513 funded

Speculative history comic by Columbus writer Travis Horseman.  I read the preview comic of Amiculus a few months ago, and found it to be well-paced and enjoyable.  Most of Amiculus' characters are based in history, and the comic is set in a very fascinating era of European history.  I interviewed Horseman here

Open Campaigns Already Funded

Golden Rules by Seth T Hahne - $1,200 goal 

18 page 5''x7'' humor comic about men's bathroom etiquette.  The preview pages made me chuckle several times. 

Dave Cockrum's Futurians Return by Aardwolf Publishing - $6,000 goal

Graphic novel based on superheroes created and drawn by deceased creator Dave Cockrum.  Featuring tributes to Cockrum by Jim Lee, Neil Gaiman, Bill Sienkiewicz and others.  Project was coordinated by Cockrum's widow, Paty. 

Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream anthology by Locust Moon Press - $50,000 goal

Anthology of comics inspired by Windsor McCay's Little Nemo newspaper strips.  Over 100 different artists contributed comics, including Paul Pope, Mike Allred, Dean Haspiel, JH Williams III, David Petersen, Cliff Chiang, John Cassaday, Craig Thompson, and Peter Bagge. 

Sherlock Holmes: A Scandal in Bohemia by Petr Kopl and Steve Emecz - £500 goal 

English translation of Petr Kopl's award winning Czech Sherlock Holmes comic adaptation.  Approximately 160 pages in length.  Absolutely astounding illustrations, and high praise from various European critics. 

Yellow Zine Issue 5 by Roman Muradov - $2,000 goal 

A new collection of comics by Society of Illustrator Gold Medal Award winning artist Roman Muradov.  Muradov's artwork was featured on NPR's 2014 calendar.  I contributed to this campaign. 

Recipe of the Dead #3 by Vera Greentea and Allison Strom - $7,500 goal

Third volume of a "Victorianpunk-mangaish-comic" about a baker who accidentally becomes embroiled in demonic summoning.   Strom's art looks very expressive and high quality.  

Steam Wars by Fred Perry - $,5,595 goal 

Steampunk adaptation of Star Wars, published by Antarctic Press.  Comic was previously published in five single issues, and is now being collected in a single trade.   First issue is available to read here

EPOCHS Issue #1 by Epochs Comic - $3,000 goal 

First issue of an ongoing comic, "encapsulating the charm and versatility of short stories taking place within a common universe."  Genres included in the comic range from noir to science fiction.

GrayHaven Comics Summer Bash - $1,000 goal 

Comics publisher GrayHaven Comics is raising funds to expand its business and increase its profile at recent comic conventions.  Some funds will also be used to print more comics in color.  

Mouse Guard: Swords and Strongholds by David Petersen and Luke Crane - $19,000 goal 

Mouse Guard creator David Petersen and board game creator Luke Crane are raising funds to produce a board game based off a game played by characters in Petersen's Mouse Guard series.  Game includes a wooden board, 8 mouse pieces and 30 cards.  

The Somber Crown by Lee Milewski - $2,000 goal 

Fantasy comic by Naples, FL artist Lee Milewski. Milewski previously funded a sci-fi comic in March 2014.  Art has an interesting quality to it.   

The Fitzroy by Dead Canary Comics - £3,500 goal 

Comic tie-in to Kickstarter funded movie "The Fitzroy".  Featuring comics by Will Kirkby, Will Robson, Steve Howard, Charlie Hodgson, Patrik Lindberg and Scott Cooper.

Roots: A Comic Travelogue by Tara Abbamondi -  $2,000 goal 

Illustrator Tara Abbamondi is raising funds to publish a comics travelogue about her upcoming trip to Ireland.  Funds will go towards printing costs.  

The True Death of Billy the Kid by Rick Geary - $5,000 goal 

A 60 page, historically accurate recounting of Western outlaw Billy the Kid's death.  Written and drawn by Eisner Award winning cartoonist Rick Geary.  

Awesome 'Possum by Flying Dodo Publications - $1,000 goal A natural science comic anthology containing the work of Angela Boyle, EJ Landsman, Ellen Van Wyk, Hatty Koemer, Jessica Hiede, Kami Koyamatsu, and Alyssa Suzumura.  All the artists are graduates of a natural science illustration program, and the previewed artwork looks fantastically detailed.  Image above taken from Kickstarter page. 






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