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The Kickstarter Pipeline - August 21, 2014

Written by Christian on Thursday, August 21 2014 and posted in Features

The Kickstarter Pipeline - August 21, 2014

A look at new, current and completed Kickstarter campaigns.

In 2013, comic Kickstarters generated nearly $12.5 million in pledges.  Comparatively speaking, that's a small chunk of change compared to the $402.3 million of sales Diamond reported last year, but I believe that more and more creators and fans are looking to Kickstarter as a source of new comics.  

The Kickstarter Pipeline is a periodic article that highlights new comic campaigns on Kickstarter, tracks ongoing campaigns, and keeps a tab on funded projects.  This is one part link drop, one part curated list, one part whatever the hell I want it to be.  I'll also try to include artwork and other stuff, and basically make this a list that's worth reading, as opposed to the tired, obligatory type of column that most Kickstarter articles are.  

This is not intended to be a inclusive, catch-all list.  As of this morning, there are 136 active comic Kickstarter campaigns, which is way too many for one person to cover. 

If you'd like to be featured on the Kickstarter Pipeline, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll take a look.  Also, feel free to contact me with updates about Kickstarters you've backed, whether you've received the finished product or are experiencing a delay of some sort. 

New Projects

Tales of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly by Eric Allard, Julie Ferron and Lydia F. Ferron - $2,500 goal (September 16th deadline)

Comic anthology collecting three stories: a Bluebeard historical tale by Julie Ferron, an adaptation of HP Lovecraft's The Unnamable by Eric Allard and an original story titled Bloop by Lydia Ferron.  All three artists seem very talented, and they plan on publishing the comic in time for a convention in Quebec City in October. Image above (by Eric Allred) taken from Kickstarter page.

Howard Lovecraft & the Three Kingdoms collection by Bruce Brown - $5,000 goal (September 19th deadline)

Arcana Studios is raising money to fund a hardcover collection of the Howard Lovecraft & Three Kingdoms series by Bruce Brown.

Infinity Pilot by Alex Ogle - $1,800 goal (September 22 deadline)

A 32 page full color comic featuring large robots continuously operated by a string of reincarnated pilots.

Paper Rocket Minicomics Fall Bundle - $700 goal (September 13 deadline)

Paper Rocket is raising funds to publish and distribute a fall bundle that includes a full length comic, Limp Wrist by Scout Wolfcave and Penina Gal, this year's edition of the Tiny Report: Micro-Press Yearbook by Robyn Chapman (cover by Chuck Forsman), and a print.  The bundle is worth supporting for the Yearbook alone, which contains a lot of useful knowledge and data about the micro-press scene.  If you're a small press creator, I highly recommend giving this Kickstarter a look.  The banner for this article (by Chuck Forsman) was taken from this Kickstarter page. 

Last Week of Funding

"Doxa Uber Alles" for Loser Comix #2


The Galaxy Girls by Shawn DePasquale and Sherard Jackson  - 44% of $11,000 goal (deadline August 22)

Sci-fi comic by television writer and comic book letterer Shawn DePasquale and artist Sherard Jackson.  I interviewed the creators here

Watson and Holmes: Volume 2 by New Paradigm Studios - 85% of $20,000 goal (deadline August 25)

New Paradigm is seeking Kickstarter funds to publish a second collection of Watson and Holmes, the Eisner Award nominated reimagining of the famed detective duo as black detectives living in Harlem.  This new collection collects stories by a number of creators, including Brandon Easton, N.Steven Harris, Lyndsay Faye, Eli Powell, Hannibal Tabu, and Steven Grant.  The first volume was quite good, and I decided to back this campaign in order to secure a copy of the second volume. 

The Soviet by Julia Alekseyeva - 195% of $2,000 goal (deadline August 23)

An autobiographical comic about the creator's grandmother, a Jewish secretary for the Soviet secret police.  Alekseyeva will use the Kickstarter fund to produce the final chapter of the comic and prepare a book pitch for various comic publishers.  

Mabigon by Vinton T. Heuck and Byron Penaranda - 103% of $4,800 goal (August 23rd deadline)

A fantasy swords & magic comic.  Both Heuck and Penaranda work mainly in the cartoon industry, and have a number of impressive credits to their name, including Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and several other cartoons that you've probably heard of.  Heuck also was the writer of the Dave Bullock illustrated Deadman comic that appeared in Wednesday Comics. 

Loser Comix #2 by Richard Van Ingram - 100% of $1,000 goal (August 23rd deadline)

The second installment of Loser Comix, an indie anthology distributed largely in San Antonio.  Van Ingram plans to distribute copies of the comics to "non-traditional" stores, including tattoo parlors, record shops, and used book stores. I've seen other local comic creators have success with this type of sales strategy, and I hope he finds equal success.  Image above taken from Kickstarter page. 

Solitary by CW Cooke and Nando Souzamotta - 175% of $3,500 goal (deadline August 25)

A superhero prison story about an wrongfully imprisoned man who discovers he has superpowers after afailed execution.  Devil's Due Publishing will publish the comic if the Kickstarter is successful.  The Outhouse interviewed Cooke here.

In Need of Support

Leonardo Ito's Colors.

Push by Jay O'Leary - 11% of $3,000 goal (August 31 deadline)

Comic about a robot with the ability to wipe his own memories.  Very trippy and surrealist artwork.

Pumpkinface: Origins by Graeme Buchan and Antonio Brandao - 79% of £2,250 goal (September 1 deadline)

Horror series set in early 20th century Britain. Buchan previously used Kickstarter to fund his Creepy Scarlett horror series.  

The Most Dangerous Game by James Mascia (adapted from Richard Connell) - 51% of $2,500 goal (September 5 deadline)

Sci-fi adaptation of The Most Dangerous Game.  Writer/illustrator Mascia is a high school English teacher, which is not at all surprising given that the last time I read The Most Dangerous Game was in high school.  

The Story of Pope John XXIII by Joe Sinnott - 92% of $8,500 goal (September 8 deadline)

A comic biography of the recently canonized John XXIII, who initiated the Second Vatican Counsel that brought sweeping changes to the church in the mid 20th century.  The story was originally published in Treasure Chest in the 1960s. Sinnott is a legendary inker who worked on a number of classic Silver Age comics for Marvel.  Image above taken from Kickstarter page.

Mega Fauna by Cloudscape Comics - 45% of $4,700 goal (September 9 deadline)

Comic anthology of short stories featuring various types of animals, both real and fictional.  Anthology is published by the Cloudscape Comics anthology, which seeks to promote the work of creators living in British Columbia, Canada.  Mega Fauna features the work of over 35 BC creators. 

Sherbet by Michael Vincent Bramley - 38% of $8,000 goal (September 10 deadline)

Collection of old and new stories featuring Bramley's Sherbet character, a gender-bent lesbian version of Sherlock Holmes that operates in a futuristic London.

Stalker: Donning the Mask by Bradley Potts and Trevor Von Eeden -73% of $1,500 goal (September 11 deadline)

Potts is raising funds to collect the first four issues of Stalker, a generational superhero comic.  All four issues are already published, and the new graphic novel will feature the title character's first appearance in a 1995 self-published comic. 

Boston Metaphysical Society #5 by Madeleine Holly-Rosing and Emily Hu - 25% of $7,500 goal (September 12 deadline)

Fifth chapter of an alternate history steampunk comic featuring a collection of historical figures and fictional characters and their fight against an extradimensional entity who has committed a rash of murders in later 19th century Boston. Publication of the fourth chapter was previously funded via Kickstarter, and Holly-Rosing has noted that artwork for the entire series has already been paid for out of pocket.  The full series to date can be read online at

The Wormworld Saga - Volume 1 by Daniel Lieske - 72% of $12,000 goal (September 16 deadline)

English hardcover collection of the German webcomic The Wormworld Saga.  Tokyopop's German branch will handle the printing and shipping of the comics to the United States.  In the Kickstarter campaign, Lieske mentioned that he's had trouble finding an American publisher to distribute the collections despite the book's success in Europe, and is turning to Kickstarter as a viable alternative. 

Red Angel Dragnet by Eric Palicki and Anna Wieszczyk - 32% of $6,500 goal (September 20 deadline)

An 88 page graphic novel about a demon hunting bookseller based out of Chicago.  Bookseller also happens to be host to a demon in his own body.  Palicki is a well known Columbus, OH creator, and Wieszczyk was most recently the artist of Interesting Drug, an Archiaia graphic novel that was pretty enjoyable, in large part due to the art. A 22 page comic collecting the first chapter was funded via Kickstarter in March 2013.  

Ongoing Comics Patreon Campaigns

The Outhouse - $218 per month raised

Ongoing Patreon campaign to pay for server costs and staff.

Wait, What? Podcast - $344 per month raised

Ongoing Patreon campaign to help pay for server costs for their new website and additional content

Comics Beat - $671 per month raised

Ongoing Patreon campaign to support The Comics Beat, a comic book website run by Heidi MacDonald.  

Rachel Deering - $547 per month raised

Ongoing Patreon campaign to support horror writer and editor Rachel Deering.

Successfully Funded Campaigns 

HP Lovecraft Versus Aleister Crowley by Montgomery Borror - $2,500 raised

Speculative fiction comic imagining Lovecraft and Crowley as rival wizards. Borror previously illustrated the horror graphic novel The Curse of Venus Aversa.  

Action Johnson by Nic J Shaw - $4,012 raised

Kickstarter campaign to fund a print collection of Action Johnson series, written by Shaw and illustrated by a variety of artists.  Many of the comics can currently been found on the Action Johnson website.  

Mr. A by Steve Ditko and Robin Snyder - $6,411 raised

A new story by legendary creator Steve Ditko starring Mr. A, a Ditko creation who first appeared in Wally Wood's witzend.   According to the Kickstarter, Mr. A deals with Randian theories of justice as well as the "Law of Identity."   

The Chairs' Hiatus by Matthew Bogart - $7,951 raised

Matthew Bogart is publishing a two-color hardcover edition of The Chairs' Hiatus, a 96 page comic about The Chairs, a two person band featuring best friends Mary and Nel.  The art is very high quality and the first 20 pages or so of the story is enjoyable to read.  The full story can be read online for free here.  Image above taken from Kickstarter page.

Open Campaigns Already Funded

Flesh of White #3 by Erica Heflin and Amanda Rachels - $2,000 goal (deadline August 27)

A horror series about a Tanzanian mother and her young boy, who has albinism.  The pair are hunted by a witch doctor from a neighboring town, who believe the boy's flesh can be used to resurrect the dead.  According to the Kickstarter campaign, the series is heavily influenced by the plight of real albinos in Tanzania.  Published by Inverse Press. 

Widdershins: Piece of Cake by Kate Ashwin - £3,500 goal (August 27 deadline)

Fourth collection of the Widdershins webcomic. Volumes 2 and 3 were also funded via Kickstarter.

Squarriors: Teeth and Nail by Ashley Witter and Ash Maczko - $12,500 goal (August 28 deadline)

Comic featuring squirrel warriors in a post-apocalyptic world.  Unlike animal starring fantasy series like Redwall or Mouse Guard, Squarriors seems much more inclined to play up the bloody parts of fighting.  Squarriors will be published by Devil's Due Publishing. 

My Japanese Husband Thinks I'm Crazy by Grace Buchele Mineta - $6,485 goal (deadline August 30)

Autobiographical comic about a Texas illustrator who moves to Japan with her husband, a Japanese "salaryman".  Some of the comics have already been published on Mineta's blog.  The bulk of the funds from the Kickstarter campaign will be used to ship the comics internationally. 

Johnny Canuck collection edited by Rachel Richey - $23,000 goal (August 31 deadline)

A complete collection of the 1940s Johnny Canuck comic strips.  Collection will include a biography of Johnny Canuck's creator Leo Bachle and art by a number of prominent Canadian artists. 

Valor Anthology - $20,000 goal (August 30 deadline)

A comic anthology collecting fantasy stories featuring female protagonists.  Most of the creators involved with the anthology are female.   Creators involved with the anthology include Angelica Maria Lopez, Annie Stoll, Tim Ferrera, Elena Barbarich and Ash Barnes, Emily Hann, Jayd Ait-Kaci, Alex Singer, Joanne Webster, Justin Lanjil, Kadi Fedoruk, Laura Neubert, Meaghan Carter, Megan Kearney, Michelle "Misha" Krivanek, Morgan Beem, Nicole Chartrand, Ran Brown, Cory Brown, and Sara Goetter.

Shamsee: A Fistful of Lunars by Tristan J Tarwater and Adrian Ricker - $2,000 goal (August 31 deadline)

Comic series about an especially unfortunate thief.  Shamsee: A Fistful of Lunars is set in Tarwater's The Valley of Ten Crescents fantasy series.  

Fight Frogs by Jimmy Giegerich - $2,100 goal (September 1 deadline)

36 page comic about three mutated frogs living in a post-apocalyptical world.  The comic is a homage to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and similar anthropomorphic animal teams.  The artwork for the comic is already finished and the final product will debut at SPX next month.  Banner image for this article taken from Kickstarter page.

Illegal by Jeremy Whitley and Heather Nunnelly - $6,000 goal (September 6 deadline)

A sci-fi/dystopian story focusing on illegal immigration and government surveillance issues.  

Deer Editor #1 by Ryan Lindsay and Sami Kivela - $1,000 goal (September 10 deadline)

48 page comic about a newspaper's crime editor who also happens to be a deer.  Both Lindsay and Kivela are established comics professionals, and the comic looks pretty fantastic. The project will be distributed digitally due to international shipping costs.  Stretch goals include a radio drama of the comic. 

Pariah, Missouri Book 2 by Andres Salazar and Jose Pescador - $6,000 goal (September 23 deadline)

A western/supernatural graphic novel.  The previous volume received praise from a number of media outlets, and the art looks to be very high quality.  Image above taken from Kickstarter page. 

Brok Windsor: The Complete Adventures edited by Hope Nicholson - $17,000 goal (September 29 deadline)

A complete collection of the 1940s Brok Windsor comic strips, written and drawn by Jon Stables. Nicholson previously collected the Nelvana comic strips.  The collection will also include articles and a biography of Stables, as well as art by a number of Canadian artists. 



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