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OP/ED: DC Does Something Right- The New 52 Debut of Cassandra Cain & Batgirl Legacy Restored.. Sort Of

Written by Zechs on Thursday, September 11 2014 and posted in Features

OP/ED: DC Does Something Right- The New 52 Debut of Cassandra Cain & Batgirl Legacy Restored.. Sort Of

Zechs talks about Batgirl: Future's End #1 and, in case you've been hiding under a rock, the return of a long-missed character, the introduction of a new one, and the restoration of a Legacy, sort of...

Three years.

Three long and agonizing years it has been since the last appearance of a certain character. A character who originally wasn't my favorite, but who grew on me slowly until I learned to love this character. I'm normally a villain person. I love reading about the bad guys. But there were two exceptions to that rule (three, but then no one believes me when I say Doctor Doom is now the greatest hero in the Marvel Universe. WHAAAT? He is.): Cassandra Cain and Tim Drake (and it became three eventually with Stephanie Brown).

Ironically, it was DC's own bewildering, arrogant antics (which I go into more detail on here)  with one that caused me to realize how much I enjoyed them. Instead of listening to criticism and giving fans what they wanted, they continued to troll, and it began to feel more like a slap in the face to the fans who enjoyed these characters then good-natured teasing.

Others fans had enough as well, and they displayed their vocal disappointment via their own blogs, websites, social media accounts. After being tricked by DC so many times, can you blame this particular fanbase for having a loud and angry response to the way DC has treated them? Here, you had a character in a comic who not only was female, but non-white at that. With a disability. Whose solo book ran for over seventy-issues. Then BAM, thrown under the rug like she was a D-Lister whose book didn't outlast half the Nu52 so far.

I could rant and rant forever on this subject, but you've heard enough of that. [when has that stopped you, Zechs? -editor] [Probably never sadly. - Zechs] It's time to talk about Batgirl: Future's End #1. Not with mockery, like last week. Instead, I'll get right to the point with this issue and its shocking revelation (which I did call some months ago):





Cassandra Cain is back at long last.

Not only that, but she and Stephanie Brown are restored to being Batgirls after the N5u2 slighted their legacies by making Barbara the only Batgirl (yet somehow four Robins was okay. Yes, I know one has now been redacted to a "Red" Robin, but screw it. To make any sense of New 52 Continuity in this universe, I go with "fan's interpretation. If you liked the stories, "IT STILL HAPPENED!" no matter what any current or future DC comic says).

Not only that, but we have another new Batgirl to boot: Tiffany Fox, another daughter of established supporting cast member: Lucius Fox. After this issue, I want to see more of this character.

There was even a moment with Barbara Gordon in this book that I waited for  for-freaking-ever. At least, I think it was forever. I'll admit, I may have glanced at her Nu52 book once or twice. I viewed it as flawed compared to previous Batgirl volumes by default, and it didn't help matters when people on this site posted panels that further irked me. Then, a month ago, the book won a moment of the week and I decided to give it a second chance. The final arc of the current run wasn't bad. It had elements that made me remember the fun Gail Simone that I enjoyed in Secret Six and Birds of Prey. But seeing Misfit made me think it was still missing something. That something was found in this issue: heart. The heart was all over the place, and for that, again, THANK YOU. I cannot say those two words enough to the entire creative team of this book for making my year. This issue was a gift-wrapped present from the creative team to fans of all the Batgirls, giving us fans something that we've SORELY missed in DC Comics of late.

The only question now is: what next?

The optimist in me wants to think that this means something more, and that, hopefully, DC will continue on this path of redemption, introducing Cass and Tiffany into the main DCU. That THIS TIME, DC FINALLY LEARNED from their mistakes and will treat these characters with respect from her on out. Come on. League of Batgirls? Who wouldn't buy that book? Just take my money! You already got $10 of it for the digital and hard copy, and you can just keep on taking it if you put these four characters together in an ongoing book.

On the other hand, there's my memory of DC's past behavior. Part of me wonders if this is the only bone we'll get for ANOTHER three years. If this is their "FINE HERE'S YOUR CASSANDRA CAIN APPEARANCE! PLUS HER & STEPHANIE BROWN BEING BATGIRLS! NOW SHUT UP ALREADY!" And then we return to our regularly scheduled neglect and derision. It is an alternative time-line, and not from the mainstream universe, after all. Will DC answer any uppity to fans who so WANT TO SEE THESE CHARACTERS with their previously established condescension and trolling. It's hard to ignore DC's history of treatment of underutilized but fan favorite characters (like Marvel seems to be handling in the opposite way with Hawkeye , Moon Knight, or Ms. Marvel) in favor of the characters management wants you to like.

God I hope I'm wrong. I want to be wrong, but history has taught me to be wary. But if there is one time II badly want to be proven wrong, THIS IS IT.

Until then, I will do what I always do: watch and report.

But for now, for this one time only, I will bask in this triumph and admit that DC has done something right for once. And I'm be happy to enjoy a DC comic once AGAIN with characters I truly missed.



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