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Behind the Crescent Moon #4

Written by Lee Newman on Wednesday, October 22 2014 and posted in Features

Behind the Crescent Moon #4

Your weekly look at the week that was last week in comics, the week of October 15, 2014.

Source: The Outhouser Review Team

What is this?

This is your weekly guide to last week's hard work from the review team. This article covers the week of October 15, 2014.


What's that name all about?

I'm a lifelong fan of comics. Evidently, I was hereditarily predisposed for this. My Grandfather grew up in the Depression. His single mom banned comics from the house. His brothers and he were undaunted though and figured out a way. Above the door of the family outhouse, in the rafters, the family kept the Sears Catalog and other unimportant paper made materials to use as toilet paper. Underneath these acceptable forms of trash, they kept their stash. Thus began a long history of reading the funny books on the can.


Shouldn't you be talking about the reviews?

Bite me. Group #452 – Q2: The Return of Quantum and Woody #1

Last week, the guys (and at this point, although I am soon to follow, guys = resident Alpha Flight Hopeful) read and reviewed the ultimate in revival books.  Either there are some rose colored glasses or a lack of living up to expectations.  I’ll chime in soon, if you read it, stop on by and let us know what you thought.

Review Group #453 – Arkham Manor #1

This week, I had the pick.  So I picked a $2.99 DC book about Batman’s extended world.  Swing on by and join the fun!

The Mice Templar IV Legend #14

Tim dug the latest issue in one of the best books (HINT: The only two are Mouse Guard and this one, both are worth your time)

Featuring a three-part back up from Michael Avon Oeming about the Norse entitled Hammer of the Gods, The Mice Templar IV Legend #14 enters its hiatus on a hell of a cliffhanger. The final five issues of Legend continue next March!

Dark Horse Presents #3

He also found himself fond of Dark Horse’s anthology series (and really why shouldn’t he):

Dark Horse Presents #3 is like watching the best of History, Discovery and Sci-Fi all rolled into one nice 48 page issue!


Sdsichero watched the new Kikaider movie (admittedly, I was very confused as I was like “I don’t remember a comic with that title coming out”), he found it lacking  compared to the original:

It's a bit tricky to review a movie that changes somewhat drastically some of the elements of a show that is a tradition. As a fan of the show, it is difficult to seperate it from comparison, so there will be a lot of that. The main question though is: was the movie good? I can only say that for me it was okay. It wasn't terrible, but it didn't rise to something that was great and I can't wholeheartedly recommend it (though if you are tokusatsu fan it will probably be more worthwhile).

Imperial #3

Paul found a meaningful comic about growing up:

So far, Imperial has been a book about coming to terms with how your life is shaping up and taking all of the curve balls that come with it. It doesn't mean that's how it's going to be forever, even it totally feels like it now.

Station 16

He also discovered that sometimes a great comic is all about the art:

From the beautiful colors of the barren backgrounds, to the downright creepy empty eye-socket Soviets, this book is well worth a repeated look at.  It's a great read for the season. If you want a quick thrill and some interesting soviet dreams, then you should grab this hardcover and read it under the covers (preferably with the thermostat set at around 40). 

Southern Bastards Volume 1: Here Was a Man

I was all kinds of impressed by the authentic feel of the two Jasons work, and it’s a crime book, so yeah:

Southern Bastards is written by a couple of Southern Bastards.  Maybe they shouldn’t have such a love hate relationship with their origins, maybe they just need to embrace it fully.

World Trigger Volume 1

David found a character worth talking about in this riff on Pacific Rim:

World Trigger as a whole didn't absolutely grab me and make me itch for more, but Yuma (and by extension, how other characters interact with him) is a very uncommon, stand-out hero, and that's something I'm impressed by. It may even be something worth reading for alone.

(Although to be fair if comics make him itch, maybe he should go see a doctor?)


Now I must apologize to Tim and Jude, part of our comics coverage involves spotlighting certain books and last week, I forgot to put in their contributions in that respect.  I have offered them a burnt goat offering, but they seemed to think I should just give you a double dose of their hard work this week:

Highlights for the week of 15 Oct 2014

Tim covered new Bat costumes, the millionth Deadpool and more for the week of the 15th.

Oct 8 2014 Highlights!

Tim remarks on several recent comics trends: price hikes, witches, and bad spelling.  (Plus there’s MORE!)

Say No to Five Dollar Comics: Five Comics to Buy for Less than Five Bucks on October 15, 2014

Jude doesn’t like the coming price of comics, but he does say yes to Anthropomorphic pigs, time lords, and inhumans!

Say No to Five Dollar Comics: Five Comics to Buy for Less than Five Bucks on October 8, 2014

Jude spotlights five more cheaper comic buys.  One benefit of not putting this in last week is that I get another chance to tell you all to buy Sabrina, it’s awesome!

These comics will still be available at better local comic shops and at Comixology!

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