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Supernatural- Paper Moon

Written by Dr. Improbable on Wednesday, October 29 2014 and posted in Features

Supernatural- Paper Moon

Paper Moon sounds like an indie song about people feeling feelings, which actually works pretty well here

Source: Supernatural

Hey guys, I’m sure you’re all bummed I didn’t recapitulate last week’s Supernatural. True story, I tried, but… nothing happened? Cas got his Grace back thanks to Crowley, Sam got his Dean back thanks to Cas, and some random evil-looking woman cackled about her dead bellhops at the end of the episode. So… back to square one.

The boys are now attempting to relax with some beers near a lake. (There’s a “No Hunting” sign posted and everything!) Or, as Dean puts it because he’s reached the co-dependence singularity, having some “we” time. As usual, they try to talk about their feelings and junk after all the demon stuff happened. As usual, it’s pretty boring and the same argument they’ve been having for ten seasons. As usual, they can’t sit still for five minutes and instead embark on a case.

The “Then” flashback before the episode tells us this is a pretty cut-and-dry werewolf situation. After stopping by the local precinct to get some details, the boys head to the biker bar were our “mysterious” monster was last seen slicing some guy open. A drunk tells them a spo0o0o0oky story and concludes that his friend/co-drinker was killed by a ghost, which is obviously idiotic.

Sam and Dean go investigatin’. Once, many moons ago, there was an episode filmed from the POV of the monster-fied victims of a werewolf. A house filled with co-eds at a college were all turned into werewolves that can change at will, and though the two boys died, Sam and Dean took pity on the girl and let her go, as she had not consumed a human heart (which I guess makes you go full wolfy). So yeah, Kate? Yeah, it’s her. Thanks recaps.

Anyway, they try trussing her up but it turns out she probably isn’t murdering people, as the sheriff calls in with a fresh kill. She escapes anyway, to save Sam from having to worry about Dean killing people/things again. Because they’re having another discussion about it in the car. Dean defends his actions, pointing out that he’d become a demon, to which his brother responds, “Oh, you were a demon, I didn’t realise that.” Jpad’s delivery kills me sometimes.

They track Kate to her shitty motel and see her leave her room, and try to follow her. But it’s not Kate. It’s some other blonde girl, who plays innocent at first, but turns out she’s also super werewolfy. Kate intervenes to save the boys; this chick is her sister. Hunter brothers and werewolf sisters? Stop trying to make bloodlines happen. It’s not gonna happen.

Over diner coffe, Kate explains that she turned her sister. But she still has not eaten any human hearts. She does yoga and eats chickens and shit instead. Kate explained that she was lost after they let her run off, so she stupidly visited her family. Soon after, Tasha, her sister, was in a car accident, and Kate turned her to save her. She had hoped they could  werewolf around together, but Tasha is out of control. Dean says not to worry, they’ve got a cure and everything is gonna be A-OK.

Back in the car to find Tasha and oh my god you guys just shut up. Dean was dead and then he wasn’t and that’s happened like two or three other times, there’s no need to rehash it Sam. Dean is also deeply embarrassed by his demon-y behaviour. I guess Crowley isn’t cool enough for him. But hey, Dean sort of says thank-you, which is… growth? Only took ten years!

They double-cross Kate, locking her in the car with Dean while Sam goes to get Tasha. But bad news, everyone is werewolves! And Kate got free and captured Dean! Hurrah!

There’s a good ol’ fashioned Mexican standoff, with Sam holding Tasha hostage and Kate holding Dean hostage and a bunch of spare werewolf dudes holding everyone hostage. Kate’s determined to stick with her sister, who is running this pack now. Tasha invites Kate to join, but first she has to eat some Winchester heart. Kate refuses, and the spare werewolves take the boys and beat them up in a different room. Tasha justifies what she has become, saying she was tired of being weak and scared. Kate nods sympathetically. Outside, Sam double knifes some guys and the boys are free. Inside, Kate knifes her sister. Thank you, Kate, for dealing with this the normal way, instead of getting all self-righteous like some people would.

They boys go in the room to find dead Tasha and escaped Kate. There’s some more talky-talk between the boys, about getting back to business and dealing with their guilt and feelings and the what have you. Kate rings them up in their car to say she’s going to try to be good, but that her sister wasn’t really her sister anymore, so Tasha had to die. God Kate, obviously you just weren’t co-dependent enough to fix her.

Well, there we have it. Sort of a filler episode, though it seems like they at least tried to draw parallels to the Winchesters’ struggles, but, as usual, our two hunky monster hunters are too dense/not introspective enough to see it. Maybe in another ten seasons they’ll figure it out?


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